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how to tame unruly hair

Is there a problem: how to know if you have unruly hair

unruly hair

Before we talk about what to do and from which side to approach unruly hair, we suggest taking a short test and finding out if you really have such hair.

Check the items you agree with.

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Your hair:

  • curly or curly (porous);
  • do not keep styling;
  • stick out in all directions and push;
  • prone to electrification;
  • confused;
  • devoid of natural shine;
  • graying.

If five or more points are about you, it’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge of our experts.

Stylist and creative partner Kérastase Irina Egorova notes that eight out of ten women characterize their hair as naughty, often confusing the type (which is given by nature once and for all) and the temporary condition of the hair.

“First of all, unruly hair is dry hair, which is why a tendency to accumulate static electricity, frizz and other problems appear. Wavy and curly strands are especially bad at retaining moisture, so they need to be regularly moisturized and nourished. Their nature cannot be changed, but with proper care they look very impressive and do not cause inconvenience. But straight hair can also become unruly due to weather conditions, neglect of thermal protection when styling, or for other reasons. In this case, you should adhere to the same care recommendations that are relevant for naturally porous hair. ”

Irina Egorova

Irina Egorova
Stylist, creative partner of Kérastase

Reasons for a riot, or why hair gets unruly

why does hair get naughty

Experts name the following among the main reasons:

  1. Improper care.
  2. Aggressive environmental impact.
  3. Fanatical fascination with styling appliances and their misuse.
  4. Heredity.
  5. Malnutrition with a lack of vitamins, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids.

Choosing care for unruly hair

Store shelves are full of brightly colored bottles, and beauty salons offer a range of services that promise to discipline and restore hair. Is it difficult to decide? Let’s figure it out together with our experts.

Shampoos for unruly hair

By itself, shampoo for capricious hair should only gently cleanse and not dry out. The composition only welcomes moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, butylene glycol, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera) and oils.

What products do SalonSecret experts recommend?

Great shampoo Hydrasource, and a bonus to it – a conditioner with aloe extract. Together they raise the moisture level of the hair 15 times from the very first wash, which automatically disciplines the hair. Our experts agree that this Christmas set is a stylish and versatile professional-grade gift. And they already want the same for themselves!

In this shampoo, a delicate cleansing formula is enhanced with glycerin and oil emulsion. Hair becomes smooth and elastic, and the curl becomes neat!

Facilitates combing, smoothes and prevents moisture loss. If your hair is frizzy, take note. Experts recommend this tool for you!

Thanks to its delicate formula, it is suitable for colored hair and after keratin straightening. Smoothes and protects against frizz in humid climates!

Washable care is the main helper for unruly hair

In addition to the conditioning ingredients already known to us, rinse-off express products should contain substances that seal moisture in the hair web (oils, silicones) and restore their structure (proteins, keratin and ceramides).

Train your hair with love – if this conditioner had a motto, it would sound like that. Babassu oil in the composition takes care of porous hair, all too familiar with frequent coloring, heat styling and keratin straightening.

A nourishing product with coconut oil and white clay to intensely moisturize even the driest hair.

Hair becomes silky, moisturized and strong – all thanks to the formula with ceramide and amino acid to replenish broken bonds in the hairline.

Conditioner with natural soybean oil repairs porous, dry, sensitive and brittle hair day after day. Smooth and manageable strands made easy! Special Oil Renew will appeal to girls with repeatedly discolored strands and fans of perm. Do not forget that the sun’s rays act very similarly, so after relaxing in the southern edges of the gamma Oil Renew will be more than appropriate.

Maximum nutrition: masks for unruly hair

Masks differ from conditioners and balms in a concentrated, rich formula. But the ingredients-rescuers here will be the same: moisturizers, oil substances and “bricks” for the damaged hair structure.

What products do professional stylists recommend?

A neat hairstyle and smooth curls without puffing every day – with this mask Frizz Dismiss copes quickly, and with prolonged action. Its formula is enriched with prakaxi oil and aquatoril, thanks to which humid air from a serious problem for any girl (and for any man) turns from a bitter enemy into what it really is – a neutral and pleasant atmospheric phenomenon in its own way.

Restores lipid balance and protects against frizz. Due to the polymers in the composition, it makes hair incredibly smooth and flowing!

Creates the effect of polished, smooth hair and makes styling easier. Protects from moisture with pro-keratin and Moluccan tree oil.

This melting mask with a very economical consumption intensively moisturizes with glycerin and aloe juice and nourishes the hair, restoring its obedience and health.

Ambulance for every day – indelible care

Most of all, owners of long and medium length hair who live in a humid or, on the contrary, too dry climate, need leave-in products. In general, in winter and summer, it is very difficult without them, especially if you have an extremely headstrong head of hair.

Both sprays are designed to discipline unruly hair, but they work a little differently. In a yellow bottle – light oil with an antistatic effect. It moisturizes, removes electrification (oh, those hats!), Protects against negative environmental influences and guarantees neat styling. The red bottle will smooth out, straighten hair and prevent it from frizzing and curling in high humidity conditions.

Salon care rushes to the rescue

Salon care

The best solution for unmanageable hair from professionals is keratin straightening. But, as it turned out, thoughtlessly deciding on this procedure is also not worth it.

“Filling the porous hair structure with keratin gives the strands perfect smoothness and healthy shine. But this procedure is indicated only and exclusively for owners of unruly porous hair. If you have them just dryish and slightly fluffy, it is better to refuse keratin in favor of salon care on the recommendation of your master. ”

Irina Egorova

Irina Egorova
Stylist, creative partner of Kérastase

Styling secrets: how to style unruly hair?

“Training” hair takes a lot of time, so multifunctional styling products are our everything. We’ve found products that are designed specifically for recalcitrant hair, perfect for straightening with an iron, creating crisp waves with a curling iron, or simple smoothing with a brush and hairdryer. And most importantly, they noticeably speed up the morning preparations!

Here are the remedies our experts recommend.

Curly unruly hair will pacify this gel. Curls with it turn out to be Hollywood-clear, without puffing.

Professional finishing spray will protect from ultraviolet radiation and from wet weather. He fixes reliably – stylists trust him with the most daring images. If you love braids, bunches, malvinkas or smooth tails, take a look at this product and the entire Tecni.Art styling range.

The spray will replace several styling products, because in one application it removes frizz, gives a flexible hold and high protection against thermal effects.

Haircuts for unmanageable hair that do not require styling

Not ready to wake up early to do some magic on your hair? Just for the practical woman, we present examples of three versatile and stylish haircuts that will let you forget about styling. They only play into the hands of the creative mess, characteristic of unruly hair.

The general rules are as follows: abandoning short bangs in favor of elongated ones, layering and banning straight lines.

Here are the preferred haircuts:

Home Care Secrets for Unruly Hair

Secrets of Care for Unruly Hair

We learned from our experts professional life hacks for the care of unruly hair.

  1. If frequent washing makes your hair drier, replace your regular shampoo with a dry one a couple of times a week.
  2. A pea of ​​washable balm is enough for even the most unruly hair in the world!
  3. After applying the nourishing masks, cover your head with a bathing cap and relax in a well-heated bath for half an hour. So the nutrients will penetrate deeper under the hair cuticle.
  4. Use a light leave-in treatment regularly to hydrate and protect your hair without weighing it down!
  5. After washing, it is better to blot your hair with a soft towel, rather than squeezing or, even worse, rubbing!
  6. It is advisable to apply oils only on damp hair and in small quantities, otherwise there is a risk of overdrying the strands even more.
  7. If it is impossible to refuse a hair dryer, use the concentrator attachment and dry in the direction of hair growth: from roots to ends.
  8. Replace your regular comb with a silicone or carbon comb to reduce electrification.

“Regular care and thermal protection when styling is the foundation of home care. Of course, it will not restore unruly hair, but it will perfectly support the effect of salon care. Once a month, it is recommended to refresh your haircut, carry out procedures for deep nourishment of the hair with your stylist. If necessary, once every two to three months, keratin straightening is permissible. With the right care, you will love your hair and it will reciprocate. ”

Irina Egorova

Irina Egorova
Stylist, creative partner of Kérastase

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