what is better to choose and how the procedures differ

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keratin or botox

Perfectly smooth, emitting a mirror shine, soft, like a silk cloth – many dream of such hair. It is quite possible to achieve the effect of curls “as in advertising”: at least two popular salon services can help with this – keratin straightening and botox for hair. SalonSecret experts find out which is better, keratin or botox, which of the two should you choose, and if there is any difference between them.

Keratin and botox: everything you need to know about these services


First, let’s find out what each of the services is. Both are aimed at transforming hair, but is there a difference and is there a big difference?

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Keratin straightening is a service aimed at smoothing, restoring and strengthening curls. Thanks to her, the hair turns into a sparkling smooth canvas. The keratin composition penetrates deep into the hair shaft and fills in the damaged areas. Result: manageable and shiny straight hair.

Hair Botox is a service that revitalizes and regenerates hair. The key action of Botox is to visually “rejuvenate” the curls. Hence the name: this procedure has nothing to do with botulinum toxin for injection.

There is a difference: how does keratin straightening differ from botox


Hair botox and keratin straightening look very similar at first glance. Some experts say that the difference between these manipulations lies only in the name. In fact, there are still differences. The SalonSecret editorial team made detailed comparisons and delved into the essence of each procedure.



During keratin straightening, a special composition is used. The exact formula may vary depending on the manufacturer’s brand. However, most often it is liquid keratin obtained from sheep wool, amino acids, silicones and aldehydes.

The Botox hair formula contains many beneficial substances: the amino acids of keratin, as well as oils, hyaluronic acid, collagen and plant extracts.

Application technique

application technique

Keratinization is as follows. The stylist thoroughly washes his hair using a deep cleansing shampoo – washes away the rest of the styling products, grease and dust. After the strands are dried with a hairdryer. The next step is to apply the keratin composition to the hair. The formula is distributed over the curls with a special brush, stepping back a little from the roots. After 30 minutes, the hair is dried with a hairdryer, and then straightened with an iron heated to 230 degrees. The use of thermal tools is a mandatory part of the procedure. It is the heat that helps seal the keratin inside the hair shaft.


The botox hair service also begins with shampooing and drying. The next step is to distribute the working serum along the entire length of the hair. Further, the technology requires exposure to heat. Usually the head is wrapped in plastic and exposed to hot air for about 10-15 minutes. After heating, the hair must be cooled, and the product must be washed off with cool water. The final step of the procedure is the treatment of the strands with an iron. As with keratin straightening, heat treatment helps seal the composition inside the hair.

Mechanism of action

Both keratin straightening and hair botox have a similar mechanism of action. The composition is applied to the strands and, under the influence of heat, penetrates into the hair, fills the damaged areas and gaps in the hair cuticle, and also creates a protective film on its surface. At the same time, during keratinization, disulfide bonds are destroyed, which has a significant effect on the structure of the curls.



The result is again similar: after both procedures, the curls become smooth, shiny, and also acquire strength and elasticity. In addition, after keratin restoration, hair becomes perfectly straight. The product used during the procedure smoothes and transforms unruly hair into a flowing waterfall, which looks especially impressive on long hair. Botox, on the other hand, does not change the hair structure and gives the effect of a natural healthy glow

The effect of keratin straightening lasts about four months. After Botox, the hair will return to its original shape faster – in about a month. However, with regular repetition of the procedure (every three months), the curls can keep the effect longer. The fact is that keratin and other ingredients of the applied formula tend to accumulate and improve the condition of the hair from procedure to procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages


The advantages are obvious: after the procedures, the hair becomes truly beautiful and well-groomed, smooth, shiny, dense – in a word, perfect. What about the cons? And they are!

The disadvantages of keratin recovery include:

  • duration of the procedure – about four hours;
  • during the action of the serum on the hair formaldehyde is released, which negatively affects the health of the curls and the integrity of their structure;
  • volume is lost, hair can get dirty faster;
  • after the effect of straightening wears off, hair becomes brittle and lifeless againif they were like this before the procedure, it is necessary to repeat the keratinization, and it is better to undergo a recovery course;
  • after the procedure difficult to do wavy styling: Use more styling products for curling.

The disadvantages of Botox for hair include:

  • the effect is relatively short-lived – from one to three months;
  • rich in natural substances the composition of the serum can cause an allergic reaction;
  • is not a cure: used to create external beauty, but not for deep healing;
  • not compatible with simultaneous biowave procedure

What is the best choice for hair: keratin or botox?

what's better

We learned the main nuances of the procedures. Now it remains to decide which one is right for you. Choose your option based on your hair type and needs.

Thin hair

Thin hair

Botox is suitable for all hair types, especially fine hair. If the procedure is performed correctly, the curls look denser and more voluminous, without weighting. In addition, some formulations of serums are able to fight hair loss and strengthen hair follicles.

Long hair

long hair

For hair below the shoulder blades, both botox and keratinization are suitable. Both treatments are aimed at eliminating frizz and creating a smooth, glossy hair surface.

Porous hair

porous hair

Coarse porous hair perfectly accept the keratin straightening procedure. Botox will be rather weak for this type of hair.

Wavy hair or bouncy curls

Wavy hair

Here again, one cannot do without keratinization, since it is this procedure that is aimed at destroying disulfide bridges and changing the structure of the hair.



For blondes, Botox hair treatment is ideal, as it is she who is able not only to give a luxurious shine, but also to neutralize unwanted copper shades.

Split ends

split ends

The Botox treatment seals split ends, making hair look healthier and more well-groomed.

Hair care after service


After these procedures, the hair looks luxurious, but this does not mean at all that you can neglect quality care. Mistakes made during shampooing and before styling can be costly! So what should the proper care look like after keratinization and botox?


When botox or keratinization is completed, the master probably recommends washing your hair every two to three days in order to allow the formulations to more firmly anchor in the hair structure. After this little respite, it’s worth purchasing a mild sulfate-free shampoo. Why Sulfate Free? The fact is that aggressive surfactants, and sulfates belong to this category, contribute to the leaching of keratin. Which shampoo to choose? Professional, of course! For example, for the care of straightened hair is suitable Liss Unlimited from L’Oréal Professionneland SalonSecret experts recommend shampoo for home cleansing after Botox hair treatment Fluidealiste from Kérastase

Air conditioning

It is not recommended to use conditioners, oils and masks after botox for hair. With keratin straightening, everything is not so strict: masks can help to loosen the hair cuticle and wash out keratin, but you can and even need to use a conditioner. True, the chosen option should be as light as possible and at the same time moisturize well. Washable line treatment is our choice Liss Unlimited from L’Oréal Professionnel

Special care

As we have already said, in order to prolong the effect of the procedures and not inadvertently negate all the efforts of your master, you do not need to use masks after keratinization and Botox.

But special care should not be neglected. In this case, sprays with thermal protective and moisturizing functions will come in handy. Our shortlist includes a multifunctional hair restoration spray Absolut Repair from L’Oréal Professionnel, lotion spray One united elixir from Redken with 25 (!) essential functions of ideal care for all hair types, as well as thermal care Défense from Kérastasewhich protects not only from damage, but also from moisture.

Despite the cosmetic rather than therapeutic effect, botox and hair keratinization have been popular among salon goers for many years. Are you familiar with these procedures? Tell us about your experience!

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