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Deep nourishment for hair

5 signs of insufficient hair nutrition

insufficient hair nutrition

How do you know if your hair is not getting enough vitamins and minerals?

According to stylists, five signs indicate this:

Intense hair loss

Intense hair loss
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Normally, each person loses up to 100 hairs daily. However, when “a good half” of hair remains on the comb, and the bathroom floor is strewn with hair after styling, it’s time to sound the alarm!

Dry and brittle hair

Dry and brittle hair

If, despite careful care and the use of moisturizers, you still feel that your hair remains too dry and breaks easily, you should look for additional hair nutrition.

Lack of gloss

Lack of hair shine

Hair shine is the first sign of their health! Painful dullness of curls indicates that they lack vitamins and other beneficial trace elements.

Difficulties with styling

Hair styling difficulties

Someone’s hair is naturally easy to style, and someone cannot even collect it in a regular ponytail – before that, the hair is heavy and wayward. However, if your usual styling does not last longer than half an hour and you have already run to the mirror to correct your hairstyle, then the problem is insufficient hair nutrition.

Slow growth

Slow hair growth

Like children, hair stops growing unless it is provided with a regular “diet” rich in micro and macro elements. Slow hair growth is an important sign of malnutrition.

When is our hair especially in need of nutrition?

When hair needs nutrition

Hair always needs support, but experts point to several situations in which it is important to pay special attention to the intensive nutrition of the curls:

  • cold season,
  • beach vacation,
  • frequent styling using a hair dryer or iron,
  • regular hairstyles with a firm hold using hairpins, hairpins or elastic bands,

  • daily use of a large amount of styling products,
  • stressful situations: nervous overload, overwork, lack of sleep.

Hair nutrition at home

Hair nutrition at home

In addition to salon procedures for deep nutrition of our hair, there are ways that you can safely use at home.

We tell you what our stylists mean by this:

Proper food and healthy sleep

Proper food and healthy sleep

The easiest way to start taking care of your hair is to balance your own diet and rest routine. Do not get carried away by rigid diets that limit the intake of healthy fats and vitamins, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, sleep at least 8 hours a day and be less nervous.

Observing all these rules for a long period of time, you can restore your hair even without additional procedures and funds!

External hair nourishment

External hair nourishment

Very often, changes in diet and sleep patterns are not enough to restore hair quickly. In this case, you can connect external “artillery” and, without leaving your home, prepare simple nourishing hair masks from the ingredients at hand. These ingredients can be: coffee, olive oil, egg yolk, honey and kefir. Just remember that certain ingredients do not contain useful substances in a concentrated form, which means that the visible effect will not appear too soon, and the grooming procedures have to be carried out as often as possible – preferably every day.

And stylists do not approve of such procedures: you can always make a mistake with the dosage, or some components, instead of benefit, may cause you an allergic reaction. Therefore, do not rely on the Internet, but rather entrust your curls to professional tools.

Professional products for deep hair nourishment

means for deep hair nourishment

The most effective way to deeply nourish and restore hair is to use professional products in your daily care.

Multifunctional spray Miracle Creator, Matrix

A unique remedy that can replace several things necessary for hair restoration at once. Spray Miracle creator reliably protects curls from the negative effects of hair dryers and ironing, enhances shine, nourishes and moisturizes – a complete combo for daily care. Work “on all fronts” is carried out using special ingredients: soybean and almond oils, lactic acid and wood sugar.

“The scent is just a bomb – coconut with a hint of vanilla. It’s tasty, but you can’t eat – remember this, dear readers. Miracle Creator smoothes hair so that it shines great and does not weigh down at all. At the same time, there are a lot of useful functions in the bottle. For example, protection from the effects of temperature, that is, you can then calmly dry your hair with a hairdryer, walk with an iron. Another trick – split ends will become completely invisible, the spray glues the section together. In general, when you don’t know what to buy, but you want everything at once, buy it, apply it – and you will be completely delighted, 100%. “

Karina Kotova
Stylist, technologist Matrix

L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair range for damaged hair

There is everything for a comprehensive and deep hair restoration. The SalonSecret experts suggest starting with a nourishing shampoo enriched with lactic acid, which is well known for its moisturizing properties.

“In addition, lactic acid is able to strengthen the barrier properties of the hair, strengthen its shaft and restore the lost intercellular connections.”

Alexey Nagorsky

Alexey Nagorsky
Stylist, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel

The main hero of the treatment will be a mask with a creamy texture – wheat protein and golden quinoa extract in its composition will quickly cope with the most serious injuries.

“This mask is a must-have for those who often blow-dry or iron their hair.”

Alexey Nagorsky

Alexey Nagorsky
Stylist, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel

Treat yourself or a loved one with the Absolut Repair “Gorgeous Recovery” New Year’s kit! The set includes extra-volume shampoo (500 ml) and everyone’s favorite – a cream mask.

Leave-in smoothing cream Liss Unlimited, L’Oréal Professionnel

“Due to the high content of vitamin B6 and zinc, the cream maintains the necessary hydrobalance inside the hair, copes with dryness and split ends.”

Alexey Nagorsky

Alexey Nagorsky
Stylist, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel

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