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Hair balm with keratin

A rinse-off or leave-in hair care is no less an important step in your daily beauty ritual than shampoo. If you decide to strengthen and transform your hair with keratin products, shampoo alone will definitely not be enough for you! In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about a keratin balm for hair, and help you choose the one that is right for you.

What is Keratin Hair Balm?

First, let’s figure out what the tool itself is. Hair balm with keratin is a care that contains amino acids, keratin (an element of the hair shaft structure) and substances that can mimic its functions. Most often, keratin balm is available in the texture of a thick cream or light milk.

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In addition, such a balm can be rinsed or leave-in, and also have additional specifications. For example, to carry out thermal protection while laying with hot tools.

Keratin balm, or conditioner, is ideal for all types of hair, but it is especially indicated for owners of damaged, unruly and dry curls, as well as for those who regularly undergo hair straightening. Hair looks dull, dry and brittle appeared, hair at the ends turned into “straw”, and daily combing has become a pain for you? So, it’s time to turn to keratin products for help. Shampoo, balm and mask – your program is minimum!

Advantages and disadvantages

The balm with keratin has very few disadvantages. For example, it can weigh down fine hair and cause it to lose its fresh look faster. However, this issue can be easily solved by choosing a product with a texture and composition that suits your hair. The secret is simple: girls with fine hair should not use products shown for, say, curly or dry strands.

products with keratin

The benefits of the keratin product are numerous. Let’s list them all.

  • Restores damaged hair from roots to tips.
  • Works quickly and clearly: the result can be seen after the first application.
  • Seals split ends
  • Qualitatively moisturizes strands
  • Returns healthy shine and softness hair.
  • Facilitates styling and combing.
  • Protects from the impact of negative environmental factors.
  • Suitable for daily care at home.
  • After application hair becomes more elastic and nourished.
  • Balm controls the formation of frizz and curls.
  • It has cumulative effect

How does keratin balm work?

The main purpose of the keratin balm is to moisturize and smooth the hair. And he copes with this task perfectly. How does he do it? The fact is that the composition of both rinsed and indelible products includes components such as keratin, amino acids, hydrolyzed plant proteins, and so on. All the most useful!

Keratin and its related compounds penetrate into the hair structure, restore damaged areas, and also envelop each hair and create a protective film on its surface. Thanks to keratin, the strands not only become shiny and silky, but also have protection from external influences, for example, curling irons or hair dryers.

Rating of the best professional keratin balms

Hair cosmetics with a pronounced and quickly achievable effect is not a myth, but a reality. The SalonSecret experts have compiled a list of the best, in their opinion, professional keratin balms that will return shine, elasticity and beauty to hair.

Liss Unlimited Rinse Off Treatment by L’Oréal Professionnel

Balm Liss Unlimited in the format of a classic air conditioner from the cult range L’Oréal Professionnel Contains Pro-Keratin Complex in its formula. It is he who is responsible for strengthening the structure of the hair, as well as for their softness and healthy glow. In addition, natural ingredients can be found in the composition: night primrose and kukui oils, which perfectly condition and discipline curls. Together with prokeratin shampoo, this balm works wonders: after application, the hair is very smooth, flowing and obedient. The product is suitable for straightened hair.

Treatment-cement for damaged hair Ciment Anti-Usure by Kérastase

Balm Ciment anti-usure has a delicate milky texture and is ideal for fine, weak and dry hair that needs restoration from the inside and outside. The product contains the protein prokeratin, which mimics the function of natural keratin and removes the hair from the inside out. Ceramides are responsible for the external effect – strengthening and restoration. Also in the list of ingredients is the herbal juice of myromanthus, whose properties help in the process of restoring the structure of the hair shaft. After the first application, the hair stops tangling, becomes soft, dense and flowing. The product is ideal for use as a sos-product in combination with shampoo and mask from the line Force Architecte from Kérastase

Keratine Thermique by Kérastase

This balm in the texture of milk belongs to the category of leave-in keratin balms, responsible for the restoration and protection during hot styling. Keratine Thermique protects hair from moisture, disciplines and smoothes hair along its entire length. Thermal sealing technology gives the hair shine and silkiness, and also greatly simplifies the styling process. The product contains the Morpho-Kératine keratin complex, which penetrates the hair structure and ensures its uniformity. In addition, the milk creates a protective layer and a hydrophobic film on the surface, which will undoubtedly appeal to the owners of curly and unruly hair who want to smooth and discipline the curls.

Finding out how to choose a keratin balm

In shops and beauty salons, an impressive number of all kinds of balms and conditioners with keratin are presented. How to choose the one that is right for you? Or are they basically no different from each other?

In fact, there are many differences, however, as well as selection criteria. And the main advice of SalonSecret stylists is, first of all, to focus on the individual characteristics of the hair and your specific needs. Plus, of course, do not forget that it is better to choose from an assortment of professional brands with a well-thought-out composition and results, as they say, is obvious. Rather, on the hair.

The correct keratin balm must contain both natural ingredients and “chemistry” with proven effectiveness. The beauty industry does not stand still, and therefore you should not be intimidated by unfamiliar, complex ingredients. The combination of these components gives very good nutrition to the strands. At the same time, the list of required components looks quite simple:

  • ceramides, they are ceramides,
  • vegetable oils and juices,
  • hydrolyzed wheat proteins,
  • keratin complex (each brand has its own recipe),
  • smoothing polymers and silicones (for porous hair),
  • xylose (for versions with thermal protection functions),
  • panthenol,
  • amino acids: glycine, cysteine, alanine, etc.


products with keratin

Typically keratin balm is used after shampooing to soften and restore hair. However, manufacturers are increasingly adding additional ingredients to their products, thereby expanding the functionality of the products. Depending on your needs, you can choose a balm to protect against damage during hot styling, to smooth the cuticles, to care for straightened hair, for a powerful regenerating effect. The main thing is to decide what result you would like to get.

Hair type

Hair type

Usually products with keratin, including hair balm, are suitable for all types of hair, except perhaps oily. On them, such formulas produce the opposite effect: instead of an even smooth head, owners of oily hair risk getting greasy tow. In general, for scalp with increased sebaceous secretion, it is better to choose specialized cosmetics for cleansing, care and restoration.

Keratin Balm works best on dry and normal damaged strands.

Hair structure

  Hair structure

Keratin balm can weigh down fine hair and make it lack volume. That is why it is worth choosing different types of products for different hair structures. For dry porous hair, saturated creams are more suitable, for thin dry hair – milk, and for thin normal hair – gel or watery textures.


Well, of course, before you go for a keratin balm, you should read the reviews on the selected, but not yet purchased, jars. Even one bad review can radically change the opinion of a product.

By the way, beauty bloggers and ordinary users usually give the highest marks to professional and luxury cosmetics. But do not forget that reviews are still subjective: what suits someone will not necessarily please you, and someone’s disappointment will become your magic wand.

Rules for using keratin balm

Rules for using keratin balm

Keratin balm most often refers to a conditioner that is used after shampooing. However, there are other options for this product: for example, a rinse-off treatment before shampooing or a leave-in treatment after washing and before styling. We will tell you about the nuances of using the classic conditioner balm. There is nothing revolutionary about this instruction:

  1. Wash your hair and dry your hair with a towel. Too wet strands simply will not accept care.
  2. Apply a dose of balm to the palm of your hand the size of a large pea, rub a little in your hands and distribute over the entire length of the hair, avoiding the roots.
  3. Usually the balm is easily applied to the hair and is quickly “eaten” by it, so we recommend adding a little more product and treat the ends separately
  4. Soak the balm for five minutes and wash off with warm water.
  5. At the end of the procedure rinse your hair with cool waterto close the hair cuticle.

Keratin balm is an indispensable step in your daily beauty routine, especially if your hair needs emergency restoration. Have you already appreciated the magical properties of keratin?

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