TOP 10 best remedies for hair loss in women

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hair loss remedies

Hair loss is a common story, because normally every person loses up to a hundred hairs a day. If there is a suspicious amount of hair left on the comb or pillow, this is a reason to closely monitor the health of the scalp and hair in general.

If the problem of hair loss has reached a serious scale, we can talk about alopecia – a pathological condition that leads to baldness. Here it is important to connect heavy artillery – a professional remedy for hair loss. Which one and which will be the best and most effective – SalonSecret experts tell in a new article.

Why do women lose hair?

why hair falls out
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There are a huge number of factors that provoke “hair loss”, ranging from unbalanced nutrition and ending with hormonal changes. To find the right care, you need to know the enemy “by sight”. Here are the main reasons that affect hair loss in women (and men).

  • Severe stress

Long-term stress translates emotional stress into physiological stress, and stress hormones come into play. Cortisol and dexamethasone inhibit the work of hair follicles, as a result of which their nutrition is disrupted, hair stops growing and then falls out. But there is good news: as soon as the nervous system returns to normal, the hair follicles also resume their work.

  • Improper nutrition

By wrong, we mean unbalanced in nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements. It is noticed that the lack of protein and iron is especially reflected in the condition of the hair and the strength of the hair follicles.

Remember: do not self-medicate! Check with your GP before eating meat or buying vitamin supplements at the pharmacy.

A couple of months after giving birth, many girls notice the thinning of the strands. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, the life of the hair increases, and they practically do not fall out. After childbirth, the level of estrogen returns to normal, and everything that should have, but did not fall out earlier, now falls out. In addition, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth (especially those who are breastfeeding) often have iron deficiency, which also affects the density of the hair.

  • Diseases of the thyroid gland

Hair falls out both against the background of a decrease in the activity of the thyroid gland, and, conversely, in the case of excessive production of hormones. In the first case, the blood circulation of the scalp is disturbed, in the second, its dehydration occurs. If you suspect you have an endocrine disorder, see your doctor. After conducting laboratory tests, you will be selected for adequate medication.

  • Skin diseases

A fungal infection or dermatitis on the scalp leads to weakening of the hair follicles and subsequent alopecia. In this case, the problem will have to be solved comprehensively, eliminating the root cause, and not dealing only with the cosmetic side of the issue.

Types of cosmetics for hair loss

types of hair loss remedies

Consider the most popular formats for thickening and strengthening hair.


shampoo for hair loss

Anti-hair loss shampoo copes with several tasks at once. First, it frees the scalp from keratinized scales. Secondly, it has disinfecting properties. And thirdly, it nourishes the skin and hair with useful substances. The main action of the shampoo is aimed primarily at cleansing the hair and scalp, so you should not rely only on it in the fight against hair loss. However, a special shampoo is an important step in preparation for applying more concentrated products.


hair loss mask

Anti-hair loss masks are applied from roots to ends, are rich in vitamins and usually contain ingredients to awaken hair follicles and increase blood circulation: garlic extract, red pepper extract, menthol or camphor. Thanks to this, the bulbs are more actively saturated with useful substances.


hair loss serum

Another homemade way to stop thinning hair is to use an indelible beauty product. The hair serum is distinguished by its ability to penetrate deeply into the hair structure and into the very roots, thereby stimulating active hair growth.


hair loss remedy in ampoules

Another example of intensive care is anti-baldness ampoules, the contents of which are rubbed into the scalp and the root zone with massage movements. Most often, they contain such beneficial nutritional ingredients as keratin, lactic acid, aminexil and arginine.

Review of the best professional remedies for hair loss

Consider the most worthy beauty products against hair loss according to the SalonSecret edition.


  • Fortifying shampoo-bath Genesis Hydra-Fortifiant, Kérastase
    Shampoo bath Kérastase Hydra-Fortifiant created for weak and prone to hair loss. It gently cleanses the curls, leaves a feeling of freshness for a long time and effectively solves the problem of fragility, thereby reducing the risk of falling out from chemical or physical influences.
  • Fortifying Shampoo Bath Genesis Nutri-Fortifiant, Kérastase
    This type of shampoo Genesis not only qualitatively cleans from dirt, but also deeply nourishes and softens the curls along the entire length – a pronounced effect is achieved even on very dry hair due to the content of edelweiss cells and ginger root. As a result, shedding caused by brittleness is reduced by 93.3%.
  • L’Oréal Professionnel Inforcer shampoo with biotin and vitamin B6, it strengthens the follicles and hair along its entire length, preventing breakage at the roots and splitting at the ends.
  • Shampoo bath Prévention, Kérastase: Silicone-free formula not only does not disturb the balance of the scalp, but also restores its healthy condition.

“Kérastase Prévention shampoo is one of my favorite products. Firstly, it is the basis in the program against hair loss and preparation for the use of Aminexil Force R ampoules. combine any Kérastase mask. For example, it can be Prévention anti-hair loss shampoo and a mask for colored hair, or Prévention shampoo and any restoration mask, etc. “

Natalia Mikhaleva
Stylist Kérastase


  • Firming thermo-care Genesis Défense, Kérastase
    Thermo-fluid Genesis Is a must-have if you want to reduce the stress level of already exhausted hair. A couple of clicks of spray – and the strands are protected from ultraviolet radiation, the effects of stylers, moisture, tangles and brittleness. Combine this treatment with scalp serum to stop thinning quickly Fortifiant… It contains aminexil, caffeine and ginger root. Thanks to these assets, after 3 weeks, the discomfort in the scalp will disappear, and after 6 weeks, the loss will be significantly reduced.
  • Biolage Fulldensity Spray recommended to increase the density and volume of thinned and thinned curls.
  • Care spray for hair loss Kérastase Stimuliste contains many effective ingredients against hair loss: aminexil, nicotinic acid, arginine and glycolipids.

“In addition to working to prevent hair loss, Stimuliste is easy to apply and does not stain hair. With regular use of this spray, there is one big, simply huge plus: hair growth is enhanced. That is, owners of long hair and those who want to see the increase in centimeters, can contribute to this due to the spray. “

Natalia Mikhaleva
Stylist Kérastase


  • Genesis Intensive Course, Kérastase
    After six weeks of regular use of ampoules Genesis from Kérastase the hateful “hair fall” stops, the curls heal from the inside and along the entire length, becoming much stronger, thicker and shinier. The formula contains assets that act directly on the follicles – aminexil in high concentration (1.5%) and the amino acid arginine, and the composition is enriched with ginger root to protect hair from aggressive environmental factors.
  • Biolage Scalp Sync ampoules contain a tonic with pro-aminexil, which thickens hair and reduces hair loss in one course of 6 weeks. The texture is light and comfortable, which is especially important, because the contents of the ampoules must be massaged over the partings and not washed off until the next shampooing.
  • Ampoules L’Oréal Professionnel Aminexil Advanced Scalp Equipped with a massage roller applicator to evenly distribute the composition over the skin and enhance blood circulation.

How to choose an effective hair loss treatment?

What you need to look for when choosing cosmetics that are designed to return lush hair? Let’s tell!


composition of remedies for hair loss

Particularly effective in the fight against “hair loss” are components such as:

  • plant stem cells (such as lilacs or apples);
  • hair growth stimulants with proven effectiveness – minoxidil, stemoxidin and aminexil;
  • ingredients that increase blood circulation in the scalp (red pepper, peppermint, menthol);
  • nutritious omega fatty acids;
  • biotin to increase the number of hair;
  • hair growth promoting vitamin PP (other names – vitamin B3, niacin, niacin);
  • keratin, which has a regenerating effect.

Release form

form of release of funds for hair loss

For the convenience of users, treatments for severe hair loss are available in various forms.

  • Spray it is convenient to apply to the scalp, directing to the problem area with “dormant” hair follicles and to the ends of the hair to increase their density.
  • Ampoules for hair density, they have the maximum concentration of useful components and differ in the consistency of the contents: the serum inside can be both viscous-oily and the lightest watery.
  • Washable care – shampoos, balms, masks – familiar to use, easily applied and distributed over the strands, strengthens the hair follicles and thickens the hair along the entire length.

Hair type

hair type when choosing a remedy for hair loss

The choice of a product for hair loss depends, among other things, on the type of hair.

  • Owners of hair prone to fat contentIt is better to choose light textures – oils can overload the hair.
  • Dry hair, on the other hand, requires nourishing oils.

Hair structure

hair structure when choosing a remedy for hair loss

If, when choosing a product, one is also guided by the structure of the hair, this will improve not only their health, but also their appearance.

  • Fine porous hair stylists recommend products with sealing properties – ceramides or biotin should be present in their composition. These components increase the thickness of the hair, but do not make it heavier.
  • For thick hair care with keratin is suitable – it makes hard strands more manageable and soft.
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