Professional hair oil: rating of the best products

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Spa home professional hair oils

What is hair oil for?

What is hair oil for?

Oil plays a huge role in hair care both in itself and as an important element of hair cosmetics: it is used to protect against dryness, discipline, hydration, shine and elasticity of strands. For example, a mask with oils in a home ritual becomes the main source of beneficial nutrients, and also traps moisture in the hair shaft, preventing moisture evaporation.

It is especially good to use oil in winter, when the hair is electrified, and in the off-season. Just a couple of drops will easily put your hair in order and allow you to pacify naughty and fluffy strands. And in summer, oil treatment will soften the strands after exposure to the sun and sea water.

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And on the border of the seasons, in the fall, when the strands require more nutrition, professional hair oil becomes the main character of care. It protects hair from low temperatures and envelops the atmosphere of home comfort, wherever you are.

Curiously, professional formulas with oils do not necessarily make it heavier: even thin hair will like the right product.

Review of the best professional oils and care products in the Mythic Oil range

Professional oil products are the safest option for your home spa ritual. You do not need to mix the ingredients yourself and look for the ideal proportion, balanced and effective formulas have already been developed by professional brands.

Today we invite you to get acquainted with the range Mythic oil from L’Oréal Professionnelperfect for home care.

Shampoo with oils

Shampoo Mythic oil contains natural osmanthus extract and ginger oil. For fine to normal hair, this gentle cleanser will give you a silky, healthy glow.

Suitable for thick hair Mythic oil with natural argan oil and myrrh extract. It gently cleanses, moisturizes and makes hair more manageable.

Balms and conditioners

Some oil products work equally well on all hair types: for example, universal cream Mythic Oil 3 in 1… Thick texture, argan and almond oils – all in the best traditions of antique care. The ancient secrets of a mirror-like shine of hair in a new form not only nourish, but also protect the hair. Use the product in different ways:

  • as an express mask for a couple of minutes before applying shampoo;
  • as a conditioner balm;
  • as thermal protection and styling before using hot appliances.


Mythic Oil Mask for normal to fine hair – the genius of nutrition and hydration. This concentrated care is especially suitable for those who expect smooth and disciplined strands from leaving. Thanks to the tonic ginger oil in the composition, the hair gains shine and vitality.

Thick, porous and unruly hair will restore Mythic Oil nourishing mask… It will help with combing and ideally prepare the hair for styling. Its star ingredients are Argan Oil with Vitamin E and Myrrh Extract.

Leave-in care oil

This hit L’Oréal Professionnel everyone knows! Mythic Oil Nourishing with argan oil is a multifunctional product designed to nourish and give shine to hair. One tap is enough to enjoy a mirror-like glow. This portion is enough for all the hair.

How to choose the right hair oil?

Oils are different, each has its own purpose and characteristics. Choose your ideal oil based on the following criteria.


Hair oil composition

Most often, oils are divided into base, industrial and essential oils. Basic (coconut, argan, avocado, shea, olive, castor, almond and others) are sometimes applied in their pure form, but they act only in the outer layer of the skin and hair, without penetrating deeper. Essential volatile and highly concentrated oils are, for example, tea tree oil or lavender oil. For application as cosmetics, they must be diluted.

Essential volatile and highly concentrated hair oils

Industrial oils are ready-made mixtures of one or more oils with additional components: moisturizing, aimed at balancing the formula and facilitating the penetration of nutrients into the hair. In industrial formulas, oils are also completely natural (of plant origin), and can be mineral or silicone based. The latter do not need to be afraid, they almost do not weigh hair down and are easily washed off.

Generally, most hair oils are not suitable for use on the scalp. Their nourishing texture can be comedogenic and cause breakouts. There are, of course, exceptions. You can find out about one of them in this article.


Purpose of hair oil

There are oils that are aimed at improving nutrition and hair growth. For example, castor and burdock oils are often used to help hair grow faster and healthier.

Important! SalonSecret experts often come across the results of home care based on pure base and essential oils and remind you that they should not be applied to the scalp.

Another type of oil is designed to soften, form a protective film around the hair and moisturize dry and damaged strands. Such cosmetic products are applied away from the roots and with an emphasis on the tips, which suffer from unfavorable external factors in the first place. The most nutritious options are macadamia oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil.

Hair type and structure

Hair type and structure

It is important for owners of dry and damaged hair to use not only shampoos and masks with oils, but also leave-in care, and on a regular basis. This applies primarily to porous, curly and unruly strands, for which the number one task is to restore the lipid protection of the hair shaft, which will prevent moisture evaporation.

Immediately after dyeing, oils can play a bad joke with the strands due to their specific ability to wash out artificial pigment. But, as always, there are nuances! It all depends on the formula and concentration: you need products marked “for colored hair”. In them, oils work to enhance the brightness of the color and radiance of the strands.

Hair Oil Rules & Home Spa Secrets

How to use hair oils

In the world of oils, things are not so simple. Do not rush to apply the first available product to your hair, but we will share the basic rules of oil care: how much to apply, on which zones, how often, which oils and to whom.

Any oil will work for normal hair. If you are growing strands and want to prevent split ends, then the mask with oils in the composition can be used twice a week.

Contact of oils with scalp is undesirable. For oily seborrhea, dermatitis and dandruff caused by fungus, oils should be handled with care. Apply them only to the ends, protecting your hair from drying out.

Good relaxing treatments can and should be beneficial. Detailed spa treatment for girls with porous and dry hair stylist of Kérastase Irina Egorova… After shampoo, apply a professional mask, stepping back a little from the roots, comb the hair thoroughly with a comb, then rinse the product and apply an indelible care to damp, wrung-out hair, which also provides thermal protection during styling. The ritual can be completed with a scalp serum to stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

relaxing hair care

Clean oils are too “heavy”. They are felt on the strands for a long time and attract dust particles. To avoid this problem, add oil to your regular cosmetics, and ideally choose super nutritious professional formulas (for example Mythic Oil Nourishing). Ready-made cosmetics have additional components that do not weigh down the curls, but take care of their structure and protect against aggressive environmental influences.

It is best to use the oil as a spray. It is easier to dose it so as not to overdo it with the amount. Always apply the product first on your palms, rub, and then lightly run your hands over the hair from top to bottom.

spray oil

It is said that constant oil treatment makes hair oily. The point is the number and features of use. When applying leave-in oil for nourishment and shine, stylists advise you to retreat from the roots at least 5 centimeters so that there is no effect of oily hair. You can use these products regularly, every day and as needed (in winter, for example, when your hair dries more strongly, a small bottle of oil in your bag will become an indispensable element of express care).

Almost all oils are best used on damp hair. Some of the product will evaporate during drying, but the effect will remain.

The consistency and density of oil care is a very individual matter. Your stylist will help you find the perfect product, accurately identifying the type and condition of your hair.

Consistency and thickness of oil care

Express Spa will come to the rescue! If there is no time for a meditative relaxing treatment, apply an oil product to the length before washing your hair, wait 20 minutes, and then wash it off with your usual shampoo.

Oiled heat protectants are a good idea for brittle, dry, and damaged strands. During styling, such thermal protection not only protects against high temperatures, but also restores lipid protection on the hair surface.

With the Mythic Oil range, home treatments become a true spa experience! What helps you relax in the bathroom?

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