Products for shine and smoothness of hair – TOP-6 of the best professional products

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effective products for shine and smoothness of hair

Smoothness & Shine Products: How Do They Work?

Products for smooth and shiny hair

The most important property of any product for hair shine is a victory over hair scales sticking out in different directions. When the scales are not smoothed, the hair cannot reflect light and, accordingly, it will not shine either.

Another ingredient in such products is shimmering particles: they remain on the hair after drying and work like cut diamonds reflecting light.

Types of professional hair shine products

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SalonSecret stylists assure that it is faster (and better!) To achieve shine with professional tools. Let’s dwell on them in more detail.

Glow painting

Dyed curls often do not shine as intensely as we would like, so to get extra shine, it is important to choose not only high-quality professional paint, but also pay attention to the rulers created to enhance the glow effect.

For example, the Majirel Glow series of dyes from L’Oreal Professionnel appeared precisely due to the trend for the most natural and radiant hair shades.

Important! Majirel Glow dyes are not originally added to the base so that the salon technician can select the perfect base tone and mix it with an ultra-shiny shade.

Sprays for hair shine

Sprays for hair shine

Leave-in treatments in spray format are incredibly popular today, primarily due to their ease of use. The composition is applied to clean, damp or dry hair and is not washed off: you can style, leave your hair to dry on its own, or, when applied to dry curls, just refresh your hair.

This option is suitable for girls with straight hair, since such sprays slightly dry the curls, working with the surface of the hair. For those who regularly color their hair, it is also better to use a deeper remedy for smoothness and shine.

Hair Shine Oil

Hair Shine Oil

Oil is a relatively new format for making hair smooth and shiny: it is applied quite conveniently and, most often, it does not have to be washed off.

Ideal for those who have curls who tend to fluff up and stop reflecting light: oils discipline curls, smooth the surface of the hair and allow color to sparkle with amazing shine.

Mask for smooth and shiny hair

Mask for smooth and shiny hair

The most basic and effective way to make your hair shine and shine is considered a nourishing mask, which acts on the hair along its entire length and intensively smoothes the scales.

After the mask, the curls become heavy and smooth, as in advertising, but this option is unlikely to please those who continually encounter difficulties in styling, when the curls do not want to stick to the created structure. In this case, it is better to choose a lighter product: spray or oil.

Shine rules: what to do to make your hair shine?

to make your hair shine

To make the effect of the remedy as noticeable as possible, you should adhere to several simple rules for their use.

  • After the mask for shine and smoothness, refrain from using a hair dryer, styler or iron to ensure that the sealed hair structure remains intact.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply a fairly noticeable amount of oil to make your hair shine: modern oil-based leave-in products don’t weigh hair down.
  • Spray hair shine spray from a distance of at least 20 centimeters to avoid sticking curls and distribute the spray evenly over the entire length of the hair.
  • Carry a mini-package of your favorite smoothing and shiny hair product for a refreshing look at any crucial moment.

Glossing – salon ritual for shine and shine of hair

Ask your hair care professional to make your hair smooth and shiny. In the arsenal of professionals there are many complexes of means that can transform curls in a matter of minutes!

Glossing can be an excellent solution – this is a ritual to enhance shine or create amazing gloss on the hair. Brand name Redken offers the ideal product for this professional procedure – Shades EQ Gloss, paint-gloss without ammonia.

“They say Shades EQ is a dye that thinks it’s a conditioner. A caring complex consisting of a dye and a pH corresponding to the pH of the conditioner gives the hair incredible shine. The curls seem to glow from the inside. “

Alexander Reshetov
Stylist, Redken Artist

In the dye palette, colorists value both quality and a wide selection of tones from sophisticated natural to creative, all of which add a dazzling shine.

You can repeat the glossing as needed when you feel it’s time to freshen up your hair color. In the case when the shade of the curls already suits you, but you want to add an expressive radiance to the hairstyle, the procedure is carried out using Shades EQ Crystal Clear – it does not have a color pigment in its composition, but gives shine in the same way as other dyes in this series. Let’s add that the glossing is shown for both the previously dyed and natural strands. Dullness, frizz, flat expressionless color, porous hair – the procedure will help in each of these cases.

For fans of professional cosmetics Matrix we advise you to use a similar service with dye Color Sync or The Clear shade gives curls a truly mirror-like shine. At the same time, the existing shade also remains unchanged, and the beauty ritual itself takes less than an hour. The effect lasts for about a month. The dyes involved in this procedure are very mild, so do not be afraid to repeat the procedure at least every month.

At home, after glossing, care for the strands as you would after dyeing without ammonia. Sulfate free shampoo will cleanse the scalp and hair from dust and excess sebum, without damaging their newly acquired protective layer. From indelible agents, heat-protective oil-shine is suitable Redken glow dry

Using professional hair shine products at home

professional products for shine and smoothness of hair

If the visit to the salon is still postponed, here’s how to make your hair shine at home.

  • Start with a nourishing mask that should be applied all over your hair and scalp. Leave the mask longer to allow it to be absorbed properly and take effect.
  • Rinse off the mask with cool or warm (but not hot!) Water so as not to ruffle the newly smoothed hair scales.
  • Use a leave-in spray or oil to enhance the effect of the mask before styling or naturally drying your hair.
  • After hair is dry, apply a little shine and smoothness to your fingers to gently trail over the ends of the strands to complete the look.
  • Top 6 Best Shine & Smoothness From The SalonSecret Experts

    Now here are the best SalonSecret editorial products that will literally make your hair shine!

    Majirel Glow L’Oréal Professionnel dye range

    The main difference between dyes Majirel glow is their unique ability to simultaneously lighten and neutralize the main coloring pigment, which instantly makes the coloring four times more iridescent than usual. Colored curls reflect light up to 50% better, which helps them look flawless!

    The multifunctional leave-in spray is suitable for all hair types and solves several problems at once: softens and smoothes hair, seals the ends, protects the hair surface from thermal effects and, of course, makes curls shine like under hundreds of spotlights!

    It is applied to clean, damp hair, does not weigh down the curls and does not interfere with styling. The main feature of the spray is its ability to envelop the hair along its entire length with an invisible veil, protecting it from dryness and moisture loss, and also giving shine to even the most tired hair!

    The oil can be used both as an emergency shine and as a unique heat protectant that also speeds up the styling process by absorbing excess moisture! Does not weigh hair down, giving it the most natural soft shine.

    Designed specifically for dry and lifeless hair, Hydrasource mask optimizes moisture balance to restore healthy-looking and shine to curls. It is recommended to apply the mask to clean, damp hair and hold for at least 5 minutes.

    The leave-in treatment with Argan oil gives hair an incredible hypnotic glow. A pleasant bonus is an exquisite and delicate aroma with oriental notes that will accompany you throughout the day.

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