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Mythic Oil

Benefits and composition of the L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil line

composition of the line Mythic Oil

L’Oréal Professionnel stylist in France Magali de Geyter considers oil to be an integral part of salon hair care. Our skin also secretes oil, or sebum, which nourishes, protects and maintains healthy hair. But the sebum is not always distributed along the entire length: after all, we usually wash it off, barely noticing it. That is why it is necessary to compensate for his losses!

Magali de Geyter notes: “My absolute favorite when working with clients – L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil… This is a complete line in which each product contains a unique component and is aimed at a specific result. “

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Oils are a very autumn story. The first cold weather forces us to seek refuge in cozy blankets, warm scarves and, of course, in a nourishing treatment that will take care of the beauty and health of our hair. Gamma Mythic oil just like that. And its warm sophisticated aroma will warm you on long dark evenings, like a delicate cashmere blanket.

The range includes natural oils with miraculous properties:

  • Argan oil – its benefits for hair are beyond doubt. It is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids to smooth strands, protect the ends from splitting and UV radiation, deeply nourish and prevent dryness along the length.
  • Almond oil – reduces brittleness and shine.
  • Ginger oil – fights against dullness and damage to the hair without weighing it down.

What properties make the gamut Mythic oil desired on the vanity table and bathroom shelf?

Recovery and nutrition

Mythic oil

“These are the main benefits of hair oil”, – explains Magali de Geyter… Fatty acids in oils are able to replace natural hair lipids that support its structure. With a lack of lipids, the ends begin to split, which is why oils play a key role in restoring hair that is prone to fragility and brittleness.

Hair nourishing agents can be added even while “treating” severe breakage. Lifeless, damaged by bad weather, frequent bleaching and heat styling, hair with the products of this range will again become elastic and well-groomed.

Girls with thin hair lacking volume will need Mythic Oil Shampoo, a lightweight formula. Ginger oil, combined with osmanthus extract in its composition, softens strands and restores their healthy shine.

Deep nourishment and instant smoothing will be provided by the Mythic Oil mask, also designed specifically for fine hair. After it, the process of combing becomes comfortable and easy, the natural shine of the hair is enhanced.

For owners of dense, coarse, dry or very damaged hair, saturated regenerating formulas with argan oil and myrrh extract are more suitable – this is a separate line Mythic oilinspired by the Indian ritual of oil wraps. The shampoo works gently, softens and makes the strands obedient.

Mythic Oil mask for dense hair intensively nourishes and moisturizes, smoothes well, gives the hair a salon shine.

Regardless of the structure of the curls, apply a couple of drops of nourishing Mythic Oil to the length and ends after washing, with protective and reconstructing properties. It does not make it heavier and does not conceal the root volume, which is very rare for oil products.

How to apply oils in the course of restoring beauty rituals – on wet or dry hair? For pure base oils, there is a strict rule: only wet, otherwise the strands will become more substantial. But with butter Mythic oil everything is simpler: the composition both moisturizes and nourishes at the same time. Choose the application method to your liking.

Hair styling oil

Mythic Oil how to use

The oil’s ability to deal with frizzy hair and its overall smoothing effect makes it great for styling. You can use it before blow-drying to remove tangles and soften strands, or after for a shine. You can add a drop to another styling product, such as mousse or gel, to make your hair pliable and give it a healthy shine.

The nourishing oil of Mythic Oil will tackle even the most unruly hair thanks to the emollient properties of Argan Oil.

How to use styling oil

Mythic Oil oil

So, you are already seriously thinking about purchasing wizard oil from L’Oréal Professionnel? It’s time to learn how to use it correctly!

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Lightly dry washed hair with a towel and spread the oil.
  2. For complete absorption, just wait 1 minute.
  3. Then dry and style your hair.
  4. To finish, you can apply oil all over for a silky finish, or just over the ends for a crisp outline.

Stylists prefer to consume the contents of a weighty glass bottle a little at a time. Two taps are enough, then rub the oil in your palms and only then apply to your hair.

Shine & Shine with Mythic Oil

Professional hair oil

The oil reflects light, so the hair looks radiant and the shade is rich. If that’s what you want, Mythic Oil Universal Hair Cream is indispensable, that shine of a thousand stars and mirror-like smoothness in one tube. With almond and argan oil, it copes with dullness effortlessly.

Just choose the method of use that suits your hair best. You can apply the cream for a couple of minutes before washing to protect the ends from drying out. Or after shampoo – instead of the usual conditioner. And the cream can also replace thermal protection before styling. Either way, your hair will shine like you’ve just done glossing or lamination at the salon.

How to use a shine oil?

How to use a shine oil

If you prefer liquid shine to your cream, follow our step-by-step guide for an easy way to use Mythic Oil at home:

  1. After shampooing, while the hair is still damp, spread 2-3 servings of the oil through the hair, starting from the cheekbones.
  2. Dry the strands naturally or with a hairdryer. In the latter case, direct the air flow from top to bottom, smoothing the cuticle – the outer layer of the hair.
  3. You can additionally help frizzy hair – go over the strands with a styler (only when they are completely dry, and preferably with a gentle thermal device, for example, a steam one).

  4. Finally, take another 1-2 servings of oil, warm in the palms of your hands and apply to hair with an emphasis on the ends.

Oil care for hair shine is relevant at any time of the year, especially in wet off-season weather. It will prevent frizz and frizz as well as powerful styling.

Professional balanced formulas, enriched with oils, are the equivalent of your favorite blanket: comfortable, caring, priceless. Enjoy it and keep your hair soft, vibrant, smooth and silky in any weather.

Photo: @lorealpro

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