how to quickly restore hair and renew color

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Problem: damaged, brittle and dry hair

brittle hair

Unfriendly paint for home dyeing, abuse of thermal devices, hard tap water, polluted air of a metropolis – in general, almost anything can make them so. A powerful professional treatment that transforms hair and restores its salon shine.

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“When you meet with the master, explain to him that you are upset with the quality of the hair. These magic words are enough: the stylist himself will determine the degree of damage and hair structure, select the best products and do everything as quickly as possible. It can be a procedure with a Total Treat mask or toning – it also instantly improves the quality of the hair, you won’t even have time to get bored. “

Karina Kotova
Stylist, technologist Matrix

Express reconstruction from Matrix

The procedure is carried out on the basis of a mask Total Treat… In five minutes, it regenerates hair, transforming it into a silk, shiny cloth. The service can be done together with a haircut or coloring. We promise you will leave the salon with smooth and supple, deliciously soft hair.

Time: 5 minutes

Steam therapy from L’Oréal Professionnel

You probably know and love the scale Absolut Repair… She changes, renews, but always remains one of the most beloved by professional stylists. In steam therapy, this range plays an important role, and everything goes like this:

  1. The hairdresser applies concentrates to the client’s hair Power mix
  2. After that, the hair is washed shampoo Absolut Repair
  3. Now you need to apply Absolut Repair mask with a golden texture – it repairs damaged areas and nourishes the hair. You do not need to wash off the mask at this stage. The master dries the hair with a hairdryer until it dries completely.
  4. The master works out each strand styler Steampod 3.0 – this is the latest and most advanced version of this thermal device. Thus, the restoring components of the mask are heat-set in the hair structure.
  5. Finally, you can wash off the mask. Finally, the master will spray the entire length Absolut Repair 10 in 1, and on the tips – protective serum from the same range.
  6. Drying and styling complete the procedure.

Steam therapy does not weigh down fine hair, smoothes strands well, restores the lipid layer on the surface and allows you to deliver the care components deeper than the cuticle layer. In the process of care, a deep restoration of the structure occurs, the hair matter is revived. Therefore, steam therapy will be especially relevant for those who have not had the opportunity to meet with their hairdresser for a long time.

Time: 30-40 minutes

Problem: regrown root zone, the color is almost washed off

Professional dyes of natural shades will return the brightness to the hair qualitatively and quickly.

Deep restoration of color from L’Oréal Professionnel

This procedure is especially relevant for artificial brown-haired women and brunettes. It includes preliminary staining with nuances selected by the master Dialight… The second stage is dyeing Inoa or Majirel… The color will be long-lasting, deep and rich.

No free hour for the salon, and regrown roots are depressing? The master will cope with the problem in 15 minutes. Accelerated method of camouflaging roots – spray Touch up… His palette contains four natural shades from black to blonde.

Time: about an hour

Total Blond by Matrix

What should the owners of an artificial blonde do if the roots have already grown by almost 5 cm? You will have to sit in your stylist’s chair a little longer, but the result will pleasantly surprise you. You need to do one thing – choose a shade. In palettes Matrix there is a sophisticated beige, Scandinavian blondes with a pearl, pearl or ash nuance, cold ash and natural light blond. Any tone will fall evenly from root to tip.

Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Problem: Hair is damaged by self-coloring at home


Is the color uneven and blotchy and the tips dry? Try familiar procedures with new technologies, thanks to which the process is significantly accelerated.

“The artisans now have many different techniques in their arsenal to meet any customer need. And even if in recent months there was some interesting home experiment with, let’s say, an unexpected result, the master will find a way out, suggest the right solution and create the color of your dreams! “

Elena Komissarova
L’Oréal Professionnel technologist

Home color correction from Matrix

Of course, you cannot do without clarification, because if you skip this step, any professional dye will give a completely different shade that was planned. And you are unlikely to like it. After lightening or bleaching, the hair is tinted in any color. The coating can be dense or very light, with a beautiful color nuance.

Time: 1 hour 35 minutes

L’Oréal Professionnel Gentle Color Recovery

This method effectively neutralizes the consequences of a failed home experiment. The master uses a special pickling agent that needs to be kept for only 20 minutes, and then re-stains. Everything is easy and simple. And don’t worry about the pros slanting your hair. Firstly, they, too, were once amateurs and probably painted at home with the most deplorable results. And secondly, professionals are always tactful and will only allow themselves to express condolences. Then they will do everything to make your hair beautiful again.

Time: about an hour

Problem: An unwanted subtone appeared

This nuisance will sooner or later affect any blond and all cold brown-haired people. Run into the salon for literally half an hour so that the master neutralizes the warm nuance with concentrated products with pigments in the composition.

“When a client only has time for a haircut, but at the same time she is upset by the warm undertone that has emerged on her hair, I use pigmented masks. For brown-haired women – Dark Envy, and for blondes – Brass Off or So Silver. They are more concentrated than home care. But at home, the resulting cold tone can already be maintained. shampoos and conditioners from these scales ”.

Karina Kotova
Stylist, technologist Matrix

Problem: balayazh has lost its appearance, tired of monochromatic staining


Usually, balayage highlighting on long hair takes about five hours. The master collects thin strands all over his head, you discuss the latest events while the exposure time is running, and after that you need to tint each strand, sometimes in two or three different shades. Too long? Now everything can be done in less than two hours.

Balayage update from L’Oréal Professionnel

Your master will handle it faster than you expected. In the accelerated mode, the balayage is done as follows: only the overgrown root zone is clarified, after which a dye is applied to the entire length Dialight… The shine will be amazing, and most importantly, your balayage looks like new.

When toning Dialight two shades are used – this is how a relief multifaceted coloring in the La French style is obtained. The colorist will help you choose the tones, and we advise you to try the eye-catching and noble combinations of cold and neutral shades (beige + ash or pearlescent and sand).

Time: up to 2 hours

By the way, express highlighting can also be done on plain hair. The secret of the colorist’s speed is that the lightening pattern only affects the outer layer of the hair.

“In summer, I especially want a relief tone, play of sun rays in my hair, highlights. You don’t have to sit in the salon for hours to get this effect. Some dyeing techniques affect only 8-10 strands, and the image is fresh, well-groomed and stylish. So just trust your colorist and everything will be great. “

Karina Kotova
Stylist, technologist Matrix

These are not all express techniques from your stylist’s stock of professional solutions. But you can be 100% sure – your hair will become well-groomed and beautiful again. What are you going to do in the salon first: color correction or intensive care?

Beauty and safety are synonymous! For express treatments, we recommend contacting accredited beauty salons. The closest one can be found in two clicks in the SalonSecret locator. These salons will provide you with a high-level service in compliance with all hygiene standards: masters wear masks and uniforms, instruments are disinfected after each client, work areas are kept perfectly clean.

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