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Scalp care: why is it important for hair health?

Rules and tips for scalp care

Rules and tips for scalp care

Hair stylist from Kérastase David Lucas emphasizes that the scalp directly affects hair health: “It is in her that the fate of every hair is decided. To have beautiful hair, you need to have healthy skin underneath. “

If the skin is in poor condition, the hair does not receive the required amount of nutrients, which leads to fragility and permanent dryness.

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For residents of megalopolises, the scalp is most often exposed to harsh external conditions. As many as 80% of skin damage is associated with aggressive external influences, and only the remaining 20% ​​are related to heredity. In addition, the overwhelming majority of the population suffers from high environmental pollution exceeding WHO standards.

Usually due to sebum (that is, the secretion secreted by the sebaceous glands. – Ed.) harmful substances settle on the surface of the scalp, interacting with it and causing irritation. All this creates an unhealthy environment for the hair. “Contaminated” sebum clogs the follicles, or hair follicles, blocking the access of oxygen, and this makes the hair more vulnerable.

“The scalp is the soil for our hair. If something is wrong with her, then it contributes to poor hair growth or even hair loss! “

Svetlana Stepina
L’Oréal Professionnel stylist

Why is improper scalp care dangerous?

Why is improper scalp care dangerous?

Ignoring the peculiarities of the skin type, the use of low-quality cosmetics, the abuse of dyes and styling, too high a water temperature when washing the head and air when drying with a hairdryer – all this can provoke not only unpleasant sensations, but also lead to more serious consequences.

Improper scalp care can:

  1. cause dryness and constant itching;
  2. provoke, on the contrary, excessive fat content and even acne;
  3. Increase the level of dandruff fungus
  4. weaken hair follicles and cause hair loss;
  5. aggravate serious diseases such as psoriasis and seborrhea, which require immediate medical attention and treatment.

Professional scalp care in three steps

After the founder’s statement Kérastase François Dahl on how clear skin gives rise to beautiful hair, the first personalized line was created Fusio-Scrub for deep cleansing, detoxification and revitalization of the scalp. In addition, on the basis of this range, a salon procedure of the same name appeared, during which a scrub individually selected according to the type of scalp and hair, as well as an essential oil selected taking into account your mood and emotional state, is used. After leaving Fusio-Scrub the skin begins to breathe again, the hair softens and gains radiance and volume from the very roots.

Which scrub to choose? Everything is very simple: gentle Apaisant developed for sensitive skin, and Energisant – for those prone to fat content. We will tell you more about this below, but for now let’s return to the salon SPA. This is how professional scalp care works Fusio-Scrub:

  • Step 1: the specialist mixes a drop of essential oil Kérastase Fusio-Scrub (relaxing sandalwood, stimulating ginger or refreshing peppermint oil) with a deep cleansing or delicate scrub Kérastase Fusio-Scrub
  • Step 2: the scrub is applied to the scalp followed by a massage that enhances the effect of the active ingredients. This step alone removes up to 3 times more impurities and dead cells from the pores than a regular bath shampoo. At the same time, this is an aromatherapy session – the procedure has a beneficial effect not only on the scalp, but also on your emotional state.
  • Step 3: after the scrub has been thoroughly washed off with water, you can start styling or simply dry your hair.

As a result, strands become softer, more voluminous, lighter and more radiant. Our experts, who have already tried the procedure, note that the scrub refreshes the scalp for a long time.

Oily scalp: what to do?

Oily scalp: what to do?

Oily skin type is considered perhaps the most problematic. If your hair tends to be oily, there are a few rules to follow.

  • Try to dry your hair only naturally, without using a hairdryer. If you cannot do without a hair dryer, dry your hair at a low temperature and be sure to use thermal protection.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water – just like drying with a hot stream of air, this leads to too active work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Frequent and intense brushing of the hair aggravates the problem of oily scalp. Be sure to get yourself a separate comb (preferably made of wood) and clean it regularly.
  • Frequent staining and / or staining with low-quality dyes harms any hair, and especially with oily skin.
  • Shampoo and mask should contain ingredients that regulate sebum production. Among them are salicylic acid, clay, ceramides, zinc, mint and lemon extracts.
  • Never apply conditioner or conditioner to the hair roots. This leads to clogged pores and greasy hair.
  • As an express measure, use dry shampoo – this sos-remedy instantly restores hair to a fresh look, absorbing excess sebum.

Pure Resource deeply, but at the same time, delicately cleanses the scalp, gives hair freshness and smells nice of herbs.

Sea salt, vitamin B6 and salicylic acid in the scrub effectively remove loose cells and styling residues, provide excellent scalp care, visible volume at the roots and healthy shine. After Energisant subsequent care (conditioner or mask) shows a deeper effect.

The shampoo perfectly removes sebum residues, noticeably refreshes and invigorates. The proven combination of peppermint and menthol provides cooling and antiseptic effects.

Finish shampoo is suitable for natural and colored hair, prolongs styling and works as an absorbent – literally draws out excess sebum and impurities.

How to care for dry scalp?

How to care for dry scalp?

Dry scalp is characterized by itching, feeling of tightness, brittleness and strong electrification of the hair. How to restore the balance of the epidermis? Here are some tips.

  • When blow-drying your hair, do not blow air at the roots.
  • Hard tap water dries out your skin. To soften it, you can install a filter or a special shower head.
  • The same applies to dry indoor air, especially during the heating season in winter. Installing a humidifier may solve the problem.
  • For hair and scalp care, give preference to sulfate-free products.
  • Nutrition is key for this type of skin care, so the shampoo, mask and balm should contain natural oils, ceramides, proteins, panthenol or allantoin.

The scrub has a comfortable gel consistency and includes jojoba seeds, sweet orange peel and madecassoside – a soothing compound that allows you to gently cleanse your scalp. The invigorating scent of tangerine with hints of ambergris gives a charge of freshness for the whole day.

Inside the bottle – a protein complex for intensive nutrition and natural argan oil with omega-6 soften hair, restoring shine and silkiness to it – all for the “fresh from the salon” effect.

This shampoo contains neither silicones, nor parabens, nor synthetic colors, which are contraindicated for dry scalp. The hair is nourished and nourished by honey and quinoa.

Healing ampoules quickly eliminate itching, flaking and irritation of the sensitive scalp. The full course is designed for 4 weeks of use.

The basics of normal scalp care

The basics of normal scalp care

A normal scalp type means no scalp or hair problems. Few can boast of such a state of hair. But if you are lucky and you have a normal scalp, to maintain its balance, it is enough to regularly care for your hair with the help of professional beauty products.

After this mask, dyed hair becomes much softer and more manageable, and their color is richer. The formula is developed according to vegan standards: no animal ingredients, sulfates, parabens, silicones.

This shampoo alone is enough to achieve structured, crisp curls. It perfectly cleanses the hair and prepares it for the next stage – styling. Suitable for both men and women.

The serum can be applied both along the entire length to improve the general condition of the hair, or separately on the scalp. Light massage with Fortifiant improves blood circulation, thereby strengthening the hair roots. The composition of the product contains aminexil, caffeine and ginger root – these substances provide firming care, tone the scalp, and prevent hair loss.

Salon treatments to improve scalp health

Scalp care can be more than just home care. SalonSecret salons have at least two more procedures that are worth paying attention to.

Glycolic Scalp Peeling

Glycolic Scalp Peeling

To improve the condition of the epidermis and hair in general, stylists recommend doing a professional peeling in the salon once a month. This procedure gently renews the scalp, cleanses it of dead skin cells and settled particles of styling products.

“Scalp peeling is a deeper cleansing of the surface layer. It promotes the renewal of epidermal cells, improves blood circulation, and this, in turn, enriches the bulb with oxygen and nutrients. “

Svetlana Stepina
L’Oréal Professionnel stylist

And if you have a sensitive scalp, it is better to replace peeling with soothing procedures, which include washing with a professional shampoo. Sensi balance… Its formula is enriched with sorbitol derivatives, thanks to which the discomfort of dryness disappears.



This salon procedure begins with a specialist diagnosing the condition of your hair and scalp. Then from the arsenal Matrix or Biolage… you are selected a detox mix of products, the action of which is aimed at solving a specific problem, be it dryness and flaking, or, conversely, excessive fat content.

Photo: @davidlucasparis

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