Which haircuts are easy to style (and which are not)

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A haircut, depending on the model, can make life easier or, on the contrary, make a woman spend several hours in front of a mirror trying to style her hair. Therefore, it is so important to correctly choose the shape of the hairstyle and think in advance how comfortable this or that haircut will be, whether it is suitable for every day.

What haircuts are easy to style

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In the morning, most modern girls do not have time for long styling. In some cases, even minimal drying with a hairdryer is an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, the last few years, the most trendy hairstyles and haircuts are considered to be the most unpretentious. These options either do not need styling at all, or require minimal manipulation.

These primarily include square on the shoulders… Convenience is that in this case there is no need to constantly monitor the length and waste time on a haircut. An extra couple of centimeters will not change the appearance in any way, because the hair will still be of medium length. In addition, such hair, in contrast to short haircuts, is a field for experiments. Depending on the occasion and desire, they can be curled, straightened, braided, brushed or left in their natural form. In any case, it will look neat and stylish.

Another simple but trendy option is “French haircut”… Lucky variety square on a legbut with a lot of volume. It is enough to simply dry this haircut with a hairdryer, while due to the short hair length, such manipulation will not take much time.

Cascade – a versatile haircut for those who love natural messiness. A girl with this haircut looks like she didn’t make much effort to maintain her hair style. Hair of different lengths add volume to the face, so a hairdryer, hairspray and bouffants are not needed. At the same time, you can wear such a haircut both on a straight line and on a side parting.

Long torn bangs – the only bangs option that does not need daily styling. At the same time, it looks great both on loose and collected hair. Such a bang, like a cascade, will visually add volume and fashionable negligence to the image.

Haircuts that don’t require styling at all ?!

On the internet we came across a myth about haircuts that supposedly do not require styling at all… This myth says that there is a certain secret formula for cutting hair, which gives an incredible result – hair after such a procedure does not need to be styled at all. Is it true? We ask our expert.

✐ “These haircuts are only for a certain type of hair. For example, a girl has naturally straight hair, she gets a cascade haircut. And the girl dries her hair without resorting to heavy styling and, voila, she has a beautiful straight cascade. That is, the secret here is precisely in the type of hair, and not at all in the haircut itself.

But for the most part, the concept of “haircut that does not require styling” means NOT at all ‘not to style at all’, but to style with minimal effort.

Any haircut should be styled, especially short from bob and above. Especially if the hair is bleached / porous / wavy. It’s just that styling takes less time if your hair is cut at the right angles. “

What haircuts are difficult to style

Despite the general desire for optimization and comfort, certain types of haircuts that are difficult to cope with are also popular today.

✂️ For example, these options include long hair with a straight cut… The haircut is ideal for those who naturally have smooth, heavy and thick hair… Everyone else will have to constantly maintain the appearance of their hair – care and styling. Otherwise, your hair will look messy.

✂️ Thick bangs, like a straight cut, is suitable only for owners of thick hair. Those whose hair does not differ in thickness will have to master styling bangs with an iron or hairdryer. Moreover, such manipulations will have to be done every day, regardless of shampooing.

✂️ Another complex model that cannot be dealt with without styling – short haircut with long bangs… With this hairstyle, a hairdryer, a wide comb and a fixing agent will have to be used after each shampooing. Without such manipulations, the hair will stick out in different directions. The overall short length will not allow you to style your hair with a hand movement.

✂️ Ladder at the face Is another example of a haircut that doesn’t look good without styling. The ladder itself is a slightly outdated option, which has long gone out of active trends, giving way to a cascade. However, if you give preference to it, then choose a ladder along the entire length. When the overall length of the hair remains unchanged, and the face has short strands, it looks strange. Such a haircut will definitely have to be curled every day.


Even a seemingly simple haircut can take a long time to blow dry. Therefore, if a girl really wants to spend as little time as possible on morning preparations, it is worthwhile to approach the hairstyle model with great attention. It is best to opt for torn edges of different lengths to add volume. But a straight cut and extremely short length should be avoided.

It is better to spend the extra 10-15 minutes not on styling your hair, but on care – a mask, oil and conditioner. These products will help improve the overall condition of your hair. Unlike styling, which will permanently dry your hair.

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