What is shatush, balayazh, airtouch, highlighting, ombre?

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Ombre! This word even sounds pretty. It also seems very mysterious, doesn’t it? What is an ombre? Ombre is the ultimate color effect that can be achieved using a variety of techniques.

There are 4 main techniques with which you can achieve the effect of a sun-burnt strand. Today our expert Yana Kamneva will help us figure out what these techniques are and what is their difference.

1. Highlights

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From year to year, it is this technique that remains the classic option for dyeing strands. Only the thickness of the strand changes. The thicker it is, the more noticeable the ‘stripes’.

2. Balayazh

This is a free hand technique. The master paints a lightening pattern on the strands of hair with a brush. As a result, the drawing is very soft and warm. Balayazh resembles hair burnt out in the sun. By the way, balayazh can be very useful in 2021, because few of us went on a coveted vacation to the sea.

3. Shatush

This method is also called “fleece”. Hair strands are combed lightly. Thus, the short layers of hair go into the fleece, and the rest of the hair in the hand of the master is lightened. After clarification, a real miracle happens! When the fleece is combed, there is a smooth transition between lightened and unlightened hair. Shatush looks very natural.

four. Airtouch

The newest and most gentle hair coloring technique. Its essence is that the master blows short layers from a strand of hair with a hair dryer. And the rest brightens. This technique allows you to achieve lightening as close to the roots as possible and at the same time a smooth transition of the shade.

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What is shatush, balayazh, airtouch, highlighting, ombre?

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