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Continuing the celebrity hairstyle section. Today we will admire the hairstyles of Bella Hadid, a top supermodel who, together with her sister, won the hearts of millions. Go!

1. Bella Hadid’s smooth bob

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Bella Hadid dyed her hair a light shade and appeared at the show in Milan with perfectly smooth styling. The front strands of the model were brushed over the ears, which accentuated her new short haircut.

2. Waves with a side parting

At the Michael Kors show, Bella appeared with luxurious golden curls. On one side, her hair covered part of her face, and on the other, it was tucked neatly behind her ear.

3. Bella Hadid’s small braids

During the Max Mara show, the stylists braided Bella two small pigtails that fell over her shoulders. The blonde hair of the model went well with the dark shade of lipstick.

4. Disheveled bundles

Tousled buns are a casual yet stylish hairstyle. At the Fendi show, Bella Hadid appeared with two tufts, and the front strands framed her face neatly.

5. High tail

Bella appeared with a high ponytail during the MTV VMA 2019 show. The elastic band holding her ponytail was wrapped in hair, which gave the hair an extra chic.

6. Bella Hadid’s curly ponytail

At the CDDA Fashion Awards, Bella pulled her hair into a ponytail and curled her curls. Even if your hair does not naturally curl, you can use a curling product or use overhead strands.

7. A bun with loose hair

Bella Hadid looked amazing with her chic hairdo in Monaco. Half of her hair was pulled back into a bun and the rest of her hair fell beautifully over her shoulders.

8. Loose hair with bangs

During Marc Jacobs’ wedding reception, Bella showed off her chic bangs (although the image seems controversial to us). Her loose hair was neatly straightened and fell over her shoulders.

9. Wet hair with light pink ends

Bella dyed her platinum hair a light pink ombre. If you don’t feel like using hair dye to change the look, you can use multi-colored crayons.

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