The whole truth about hair treatments: botox, restoration, hot scissors

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Beauty salons offer dozens of different hair care procedures, how do you make sense of this variety? Let’s start with the most famous ones!

Happiness for hair

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Japanese manufacturer of professional cosmetics Lebel has developed a special care program called absolute happiness for hair

This is a complex application of different hair care products that revitalize the hair, make it shinier, and also have a positive effect on the scalp. The procedure, according to the manufacturer, Suitable for all hair types However, the maximum effect can be noticed by the owners of cut and dry strandsexhausted by frequent dyes, perms, daily use of a hairdryer and ironing.

Absolute hair happiness consists of the following stages.

Stage 1. Cleansing from impurities – washing your hair using a shampoo suitable for the type of hair damage.

Stage 2. Applying a moisturizing mousse to help prepare your hair for further nourishment.

Stage 3. Application of four serums: C, N, P and Element Fix… Serums are applied alternately, helping each other to bring maximum benefit to the hair: serum FROM prepares hair for the restoration procedure;

  • serum N moisturizes, nourishes and restores hair, penetrating deep into the hair structure;
  • serum P plumps and strengthens hair, giving it flexibility and elasticity. Rich in protein;
  • the stage ends with a serum Element Fix… It reinforces the effect of the previous three. The complex of serums is left on the hair for a certain time, depending on the degree of hair damage. This usually takes 15–20 minutes.

Stage 4. Application of a concentrate cream containing amino acids and silk proteins. Perfectly strengthens hair, restoring its density and softness.

Stage 5. Applying a fixing oil to secure the final effect. It kind of creates a barrier to prevent the washing out of previous funds.

Recommended course – 4-6 procedures with an interval of 1-2 weeks… Drug molecules Lebel penetrate into the hair structure and contribute to their reconstruction from the inside.

Hair botox

In fact, real Botox, which is used in cosmetology to smooth out wrinkles, is not used in this procedure. And the procedure got its name because of a similar way of influence. You probably know how Botox works against wrinkles: it relaxes the muscles of the face, thereby making the skin smoother. And botox for hair fills the porous structure of the hair, thereby smoothing curls, giving them more shine and strength.

And by the way, this procedure does not imply no injections! Essentially it is deep hair conditioning

Depending on the manufacturer, hair botox contains

  • hyaluronic acid,
  • natural vegetable oils,
  • vitamin complex,
  • keratin.

The procedure is also carried out in several steps.

Stage 1. Hair is washed with deep cleaning shampoo 2-3 times. Wash lengthwise, avoiding the roots at the beginning of the procedure, so that the alkaline environment of the shampoo does not damage the scalp.

Stage 2. Hair is divided into partings.

Stage 3. The master applies the composition starting from the back of the head.

Stage 4. Hair is dried with a hairdryer.

Stage 5. The master straightens the hair with an iron.

It is important to know what Botox for hair has contraindications… If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should refrain from this procedure. Also among the contraindications:

  • the presence of lesions and neoplasms on the scalp,
  • recent hair dyeing.

Before signing up for a Botox service, make sure that at least a week has passed since the last painting.

After applying Botox, the hair becomes manageable, smooth and elastic. The effect lasts approximately 2-3 months after the procedure.

In order for Botox to be beneficial, you should avoid the open sun for 10 days, and do not go to the solarium or sunbathe.

Cold hair restoration

As you already understood from the name, this procedure is completely “Cold”, that is, it excludes the use of irons and hair dryers. Cold recovery it is the reconstruction of even the most damaged hair without weighing it down. The procedure is carried out in several stages.

Stage 1. Hair is washed with a special shampoo several times.

Stage 2. Liquid keratin is applied to the strands for 10 minutes.

Stage 3. Then a mixture of a lipid reducing agent with a mask is applied to the hair for 10 minutes.

Stage 4. For a more lasting effect, an infrared iron is used. They are held along the entire length of the hair, working through each strand. This is done to break down keratin molecules into smaller particles, as well as to open hair scales. As a result of this treatment, the restoring composition must penetrate deeper into the hair shaft.

Stage 5. The composition is washed off and styling is done.

The effect lasts up to a month.

Many world manufacturers produce products for this procedure. Among them:

Matrix – a complex of three concentrates:

  • with protein for intensive nutrition;
  • to prevent fragility;
  • to maintain the water-alkaline balance at an optimal level. The products are suitable for home use.

Honma tokyo – a powerful duet of shampoo and mask-reconstructor. Held in the salon;

Blanzo – a molecular elixir, which is applied with a comb to washed hair without prior use of a conditioner balm. This is also a salon service;

Bielita – regenerating biomolecular mask. Can be used at home.

Haircut with hot scissors

Haircut with hot scissors this is the most common haircut, but done using electric shearsthat heat up like an iron. Such a procedure, according to some hairdressing salons, can permanently save you from split ends. The supposedly hot scissors seal off the ends and they stop splitting. However, not everything is as rosy as advertisements claim. It turns out that hot scissors not only do not prevent the ends of the hair from being cut, but even harm them. After all, we know that high temperatures have a detrimental effect on hair. So don’t fall for the tricks of the marketers!

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