Miley Cyrus hairstyles: top 15 looks

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Today on the agenda is Miley Cyrus’s hairstyles. Perhaps you will find interesting ideas for yourself!

1. Elongated bob with framing strands

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An elongated bob with framed strands adds brightness and expressiveness to the image! Surprisingly, just a couple of years ago, Miley Cyrus looked quite modest, thanks to the classic haircut and long hair. Sweet, but so unlike her today’s image. Bob is a great haircut that suits the singer very well.

2. Elongated bob with side parting and ombre

It is very easy to turn an elongated bob into a light and romantic hairstyle. All you have to do is curl light waves, leaving the hair roots naturally straight. In order to complete the look, you can dye your curls in ombre, leaving the roots dark.

3. Short bob with ragged ends and bangs

Another bold haircut for Miley is a short bob with ragged ends and bangs. This hairstyle is suitable for confident girls who want to emphasize the lower part of the face, for example, the chin or the shape of the lips.

4. Hairstyles Mairi Sarus: very short undercut

Miley Cyrus, who is already tired of long hair, decided to surprise everyone with her new super-short haircut. The undercut does not lose its popularity even in 2020, and it is also very easy to install.

5. Delicate pixie

Most recently, Miley appeared at the Shooting Stars exhibition with a new haircut. Delicate pixie is in perfect harmony with her facial features, giving the image of tenderness. Yes, Miley Cyrus can be beautiful in any style: from a delicate blonde with a pixie to a fatal beauty!

6. Pixie with bangs

Pixie with bangs is a great idea for a short haircut. Miley appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards with a new hairstyle that looks amazing! Short curls on the sides contrast with the longer bangs for a lightweight look.

7. Undercut with laying on one side

Undercut is a bold and very interesting hairstyle that Miley Cyrus absolutely adores. While waiting to make the undercut even bolder and more interesting, you can dye your hair in a bright unusual shade.

8. Undercut with laying back

If the undercut haircut starts to get boring, then you can safely start experimenting with a variety of styling! And Miley Cyrus, as always, inspires with her unusual looks: try changing the hair texture, length or color to refresh your hairstyle.

9. Short hair with dark roots

Short hair on the sides and curls on top – a great combination of length and texture in one hairstyle! To heighten this contrast, blondes can experiment with dark roots.

10. Elongated undercut with volume

This is an unusual and very daring haircut for active girls who adore admiring glances. Adding extra volume to it can create a great hairstyle for the evening, and styling on one side is great for everyday style.

11. Sharp pixie

The textured spiky pixie is great for girls who love bold looks. The harmonious color scheme perfectly complements this haircut, and Miley certainly fits this vibrant look!

12. Very short haircut with styling

After all this madness of shaggy pixies and bright colors, probably almost every girl will want something ordinary and simple. For example, get yourself a very short haircut with styling backwards! And despite the fact that this hairstyle looks retro, in fact, styling with hair gels and mousses is very popular now.

13. Bulky styling to the shoulders with ombre

Sticking to the same hairstyle for years is very boring, especially for a celebrity like Miley Cyrus. Sometimes you just need to make at least some changes to a familiar haircut, for example, add volume or change color.

14. High tail

High straight ponytails are as popular now as they were 4 years ago. If you like tall hairstyles, then a straight ponytail is the best choice that will always be in trend.

15. Marilyn Monroe’s curls

Of course, even Miley Cyrus could not pass by such a famous hairstyle as Marilyn Monroe’s curls. And she really suits! Gorgeous golden curls will not leave anyone indifferent!

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