Medium length haircuts 2021 2020

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These medium length haircuts are right on the point between short and long. They are long enough to add waves or curls, create a full-bodied hairstyle, or be pulled into a ponytail, but not so long that the weight knocks you out. Each of the options that we will show you below is almost perfect.

Medium mane

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We can choose from a huge number of styles, which means that there is a cut for all types of hair, tastes and personalities. You can opt for straight cuts, with asymmetries or accompanied by bangs. They are very versatile, since they allow us to choose a huge variety of hairstyles, whether for casual or formal events. Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight, or you are looking for a cut to complement your face shape or natural texture, you will surely find a perfect option here.


The straight cut with just a few soft layers is ideal for giving movement and volume to the mane.

Depending on your hair type, choppy layers may be perfect for you. Unlike soft layers that seamlessly transition into one another, these thick locks create an original look that works wonders for both straight and curly hair to lighten tresses and give you volume and movement.

Climbing half mane

These cuts can be worn slightly tousled and tousled, they will look elegant but not boring, as they have an unmatched richness of texture. It is clear that this type of cut is not for any woman, it is only for the most daring, very sure of themselves. These cuts can enhance the natural beauty of your face, enhancing the delicate feminine features.

These shoulder length locks fall gracefully thanks to lots of flowing layers. This style has a lot of movement and can be worn with loose waves as seen in the picture, for a glamorous look.

With bangs

For straight hair, the cut with a light fringe has been a trend that has been maintained for the last few seasons.

Bangs of all kinds are back in fashion, from the shortest to the long ones that can be gathered behind the ear.


If you have curly hair, these types of cuts are very versatile and offer you the comfort of spending a minimum amount of time in front of the mirror. Use hair creams and texturing and setting products to help shape curls.

Use a curl-defining serum or mousse on wet hair, then air or blow dry with a diffuser. If you have some stubborn locks, a curling iron can help you set them back to add some structure.

Fine hair

The medium length can be perfect if you have very fine hair. It is advisable to add layers, to give volume and movement. Gentle waves can help give it more body and structure.

For round face

When it comes to finding the perfect haircut for our face, we sometimes feel a bit lost. If you have a round face, a medium hair that falls gently on the cheeks will help you refine it. Soft waves are the best choice. Long side bangs can also help you lengthen your face a bit.

This slightly shorter medium length option also features lots of layers, incorporating small side locks to give shape and definition to the face shape. To get this type of volume, blow dry your hair with a large round brush and use a volumizing product.


This haircut incorporates many layers of different lengths. The stylist may have used a dry cutting technique to create the perfect choppy effect.

The long Bob cut is a perfect cut for straight hair. Create an edgy look that always looks good. To do something similar, use straight hair products, a smoothing serum, and a little oil on wet hair, then blow dry with a flat brush.

Long bob

The inverted bob is essentially the opposite of a V cut. Here, the layers will be longer in the front and gradually shorter in the back. This cut is popular because it will allow you to gather your hair into a ponytail on hot days, but it takes some weight off the back of your neck, making it a cooler option for hot summer months.

You can opt for waves, as well as wear it straight.

These types of proposals are ideal to add style to our look, while we favor a low-maintenance haircut.

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