Irons, hair dryers, heat rollers: what is more harmful for hair?

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Can you imagine your day without a hairdryer? And without irons or flat pans? It is foolish to deny that these devices have become as indispensable in a woman’s daily life as a cup of coffee in the morning or the presence of the Internet on a smartphone. The further progress runs, the more unique accessories for styling or drying hair are found on store shelves. But is everything as beautiful as it might seem? Unfortunately no.

Are you ready to explore the most popular heat-laying methods? And what about the chances of hair “survival” after use? Do not be lazy, read the information that we have prepared for you. And the most attentive will have a small bonus at the end.

Hair dryer: harm

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If not every woman uses rectifiers, then there is an ordinary hairdryer in every home. It seems that without him it is not possible to quickly get together for an important meeting. Hair takes so long to dry! And how did you live without it?

We will not explain the principle of operation, everything is clear here: air currents (from cool to hot) affect the hair and roots, accelerating the drying process. What is harmful here, you ask?

  1. Regular exposure to hot air dries out your hair. What is the threat? Section, fragility, loss of natural color.
  2. Injures hair roots, hair follicles.
  3. The work of the sebaceous glands is stimulated… With the natural functioning of the glands, the secretion does not exceed the normal threshold. If the pores undergo forced drying, then they begin to intensively secrete a secret in order to provide the skin with healthy and natural hydration. The bottom line? Hair looks greasy, dirty and “heavy” in a day.

Hair dryer with spinning brushes: harm

Hair dryers with various attachments are even more destructive. The problem is that the use of brushes forces the hot air currents closer to the roots (you know that you need to keep the hairdryer at a distance?), And also that all these brushes and combs pulling hairpulling out both the hair itself and injuring the bulbs

Curling irons and straightening irons: harm to hair

The principle of operation of both plots and straightening irons is generally similar. The impact is aimed at removing the excess cortex. This is the “monster” that is responsible for the natural condition of the hair. When the humidity rises, it is activated, provoking the appearance of curls. And irons and curling irons are simply eliminate excess moistureby fixing the hair in the form you need: hot plates clamp the strands and literally evaporate the water. What’s wrong with that?

Mechanical action weakens hair, and repeated “pulling” has a detrimental effect on hair follicles and roots, which subsequently provokes hair loss and fragility.

The high temperature in such a “close” interaction is simply dries your curls, deprives them of their natural vitality and healthy state.

What do you get if you press a hot device to your skin? That’s right, burn and pain. The same happens with your hair, only their structure does not contain nerve endings, so it is impossible to instantly assess the consequences of such a “contact”.

Styling tongs

The saddest thing is that regardless of the choice of the styling device, your hair gets about the same damage. Styling tongs are no safer than a curling iron or hair dryer. Yes, yes, even if “a little” and “a little twist”. Split ends, overdried strands and scalp burns are a result that will not keep you waiting.

Thermal effect on hair – pan or gone?

In fact, this is a double-edged sword. Walking disheveled and without styling is an unaffordable luxury in the modern world, but sick, brittle, dull hair is a dubious prospect. It is important to find a middle ground here: both to look good and to provide the hair with the opportunity to recover. So to use it or not?

Yes, but subject to a responsible approach and competent care.

How to reduce the harm from thermal packing?

And here is the promised bonus… Of course, no one will run to throw away their valuable devices that allow you to eliminate the sleepy and disheveled “monster” in a matter of minutes. So grab some effective tips to free your floor of damaged hair.

  • Speed ​​is everything. Use styling tools quickly. The contact of a hot iron or curling iron with a specific area of ​​hair should not exceed 3-5 seconds
  • Quality and material are important. Send devices with plastic inserts to the trash can, give preference ceramic plates
  • Keep up with the times. Styling tools are not the only thing that has affected the progress. Get professional hair protection. They are easy to apply, don’t require rinsing, and really work.
  • Observe the measure. Hair will not survive if you “mock” it every day. Yes, yes, even if you approached the process responsibly and the shelves are full of protective cosmetics. 3 times a week – maximum.
  • Masks, masks, masks… Help your hair and roots to regenerate. Choose products that are aimed at hydration and nutrition. It is not necessary to buy expensive lines, you can pick up effective recipes for masks and prepare them at home.
  • Don’t get hot! If you use a hairdryer, turn on the most cool mode… You will spend literally 5 minutes more time for complete drying, but the effect will be as gentle as possible.
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