How to keep your hair cool?

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Admit it, it’s not so pleasant at all when something or someone does not meet your expectations. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens with cold hair after dyeing. A treacherous yellow tint appears on the hair very often, and precious silver is washed out after a week. What to do about it and how to keep the cool color of your hair?

Cold shades: how to determine

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First, let’s figure out what is considered a cold shade. Shades of hair that have a blue undertone are considered cold. But do not think that this is a variant of such a Malvina. Each color consists of a complex of pigments, and blue plays a far from leading role.

A cold color can be blond and its varieties. Such varieties are considered

  • platinum shade,
  • ashen,
  • pearl,
  • gray-blond.

And dark hair can also have a cool tint, even black has a few cool tones.

You can determine this color by gray or black subtone. In contrast, warm shades will have a brown undertone. For example, cold shades of dark include blue-black, gray-brown, and even some redhead options.

Why is the cold shade washed out?

How long the color will last on hair is influenced by a huge number of factors. Washable color is not at all an indicator of poor hairdresser performance or poor quality dyes.

The fact is that the hair has a porous structure, and during the dyeing process, the pigment fills these pores. At the same time, the color is not sealed in the hair scales. The fixing agents only slightly preserve the pigment and prolong its residence time in the hair. But this is by no means a panacea.

Here are some tips on how to keep your hair cool and noble.

Do not shampoo my head within 72 hours of staining.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Use blue shampoo or conditioner regularly to keep your hair cool.

Avoid bleach. Do you go to the pool? Don’t forget the hat? Do you regularly wash your hair with running water? Put the filters on the tap.

My head is warm, not hot water.

Avoid styling products that contain alcohol. After all, alcohol is sometimes even used to remove unwanted colors, such as henna. As it opens the hair scales, and the dye pigment begins to wash out. In addition, the hair is overdried.

Hide from the sun.

Don’t skimp on paint.

Cool shade in the salon

Give preference to salon coloring. In addition to the correct dyeing algorithm and competent adherence to the proportions of paint and oxide, salon dyeing has another advantage. After the procedure, the master will use a special color-fixing shampoo and balm. They allow the paint to last longer. Sometimes such balms and shampoos come in a set with paint, but not always. Buying such products for home use is not cost-effective: they are used once after staining.

Cool hair care

Invest in care. The healthier and stronger the hair, the longer the cool shade will last. Therefore, the use of a variety of oils, masks, caring sprays is a real must-have for colored hair. Hairdressers are advised to use grooming products at least 1-2 times a week.

A good choice for keeping a cool shade is to use pigmented shampoos and masks… Read more about them in our article. Hair tinting products: how to choose?

Gentle styling

The way of styling also affects color retention. It is worth using high temperatures as little as possible. If there is a need for this, then apply thermal protection first.
Destroys color and use of styling products… Washing them off your hair, you will wash out the cold shade so dear to your heart. It is preferable that the styling products contain caring components.

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