How to choose a master colorist: 5 tips

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Today we will tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a master colorist. What criteria should be used?

First of all, now almost all advanced masters have social networks… Usually these are pages on VKontakte, Instagram and TikTok. From there, you should start your search. Everything is very simple – you just need to drive the service and city of interest into the search bar – dyeing hairSpb, coloristmoscow, etc. And the search will return thousands of awesome masters. Get inspired and watch!

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But how to choose a good master from such a huge number of proposals?

1. The first thing we pay attention to when choosing a master colorist is portfolio… Simply put – photographs. Before / after, process, result. All masters have your handwriting and your profile… For example, some work only with blond, others with colored dyes, etc. We advise you to choose a highly specialized master. This is a guarantee that the master deeply knows the topic, because he devotes all his time to only one direction, and does not grab onto everything at once.

2. Testimonials… Experienced colorists always have a ‘testimonial folder’. The more, the better. You can also spy a little and look at the pages of the master’s clients, and see how the coloring / haircut looks like in everyday life. With and without filters 🙂

3. An experienced craftsman is required will ask you about all the past manipulations with your hair… Because (oh magic!) The hair’s “past” affects its “future”. And, if necessary, will make a control test strand on your hair to see its quality and color. The master is silent and asks nothing? Then it’s better to look for someone else.

four. Ask questions… A professional master not only has to answer your every question, but also do it in the most understandable language… This is how the connection between the master and the client takes place. Don’t forget: communication comfort is a very important point for good work and great results!

5. Browse certificates and diplomas of training… A good master colorist never stops learning. The profession of a hairdresser always implies constant development. Every year there are new techniques for dyeing, haircuts, care, new brands of hair cosmetics, etc. It is simply impossible to stop in such a direction as hairdressing! Average, the master must improve his qualifications at least twice a year

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