Hairstyles with a rim (27 photos) for long, medium and short hair

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hairstyles with rim

They are different: what types of headbands will be useful to us

Headbands returned to fashion a year ago after the Prada show. Fashionistas quickly adopted this trend and still flaunt in various versions – from plain fabrics to metal ones with spikes and inserts. A simple accessory for every day captured the hearts of girls!

varieties of headbands

By the way, the headbands owe much of their popularity to the TV series “Gossip Girl”, where the main character Blair Waldorf made a hair ornament a symbol of power over Manhattan and its local elite. The images from the series became cult, and in 2007-2012 the headbands were the adoration of all fashionistas, because any girl could feel like the queen of her city.

What are the headbands
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What are the headbands?

  • Whole
    This is a hoop in the form of a closed ring, the ends of the rim are connected with an elastic band.
  • Semicircular
    The most common type of headband: the ends do not close, making it easy to put on and take off.
  • Elastic band or headband
    The headband type is ideal for high hairstyles or loose hair that gets in the way and gets in your eyes. The elastic is perfect for the styling process itself: it is easy to create a Greek-style hairstyle with it, if you fill your hand and learn how to gently throw your hair over the elastic.
Plastic bezel
  • Plastic
    Comfortable and practical headbands. Sometimes a fabric cover is made over the plastic. The only drawback is that they break easily.
  • Double
    The double headband is also suitable for Greek styling. Choose thin double lines, they look graceful and romantic.
  • Metal
    Such headbands very well decorate the hairstyle, but you need to be careful with them: there is a great risk of tangling them in the hair and injuring the strands; most often this happens due to convex decorative elements, such as leaves or flowers.
  • Soft and voluminous
    This is the real trend of the season! You can choose a plain velvet hoop without decor, or you can experiment and take the option with spikes, beads and rivets. The second option will fit perfectly into any monochrome look.
  • From flowers or berries
    This option is perfect for an ethnic style party or wedding. Imitation of a wreath of flowers can complement the image of a graduate.
  • Braid headband
    A headband with a pigtail is a solution for those whose length does not allow braiding it from their own hair. Often stylists use such braids for volume, mixing them with real ones. Can be used in both everyday and festive looks.

Beautiful hairstyles with a headband for long and medium hair

The headband will transform not only long, loose hair, but also gathered into a hairstyle. Check out our selection of great styling ideas to try.

With curls


Make curls with a curling iron or curler. You can leave them in their original form, or you can make a lush braid or bun, complementing the image with a rim.

The headband must necessarily overlap with the hair color or the main shades of clothing.

With a braid of hair

a braid

A ready-made braid hoop, which is easy to find in any accessory store, will help to replace your own pigtail or supplement an existing one. This styling option looks very gentle and very youthful.

Malvinka with a rim

Gather your hair in a malvinka and put on a headband. This hairstyle will suit girls with bangs, it looks very elegant and neat.



For medium to long hair, you get the perfect voluminous babette hairstyle with a rim. If you have bangs, try splitting it into a parted part or laying it on one side.

Formal hairstyles with a headband for short hair

Even the shortest hair can be styled effectively, complemented by a headband. This accessory will easily turn a strict boy haircut into a festive and elegant one.

With curls

combination of curls and a small rim

If the length is sufficient (for example, in the case of a square), then a light and festive hairstyle will be obtained with a combination of curls and a small rim. You can choose thin metal or fabric with decor.



Give your hair the desired texture and tie the headband over your forehead. This option is suitable for creating a boho, hippie or retro look, if the headband has additional decor that matches the spirit of the chosen era.

With a braid of hair

pigtail bandage

Use a pigtail bandage, carefully masking the elastic at the back with your hair. Thus, it is easy to add volume to the hairstyle and pretend that the length allows you to weave braids.

Texture and thin hoop

Style your hair back using a gel or paste, wrap it up and comb at the crown. At the back, the strands can be secured with hairpins or invisibility. Finish styling with a thin, neat rim.

Going to the party: hairstyles with a headband for girls

hairstyles with headband for girls

The headband is the perfect solution for creating stylish children’s looks. And for girls it is always relevant to look 100% – and at the same time cute.

Even at the shortest length, like in newborns, it is easy to make a festive option (for example, with a bandage) – such little things will make a child’s photo session special. A bow or flowers on the rim will be a spectacular addition. See what options for kids’ hairstyles are in fashion this year.

With cat ears rim

bezel cat ears

No need to worry too much about the costume for the matinee (or maybe you like to celebrate Halloween with the whole family?), Because a headband with cat ears will always come to the rescue. It will take a minimum of time to create a festive look!

With her hair down

loose hair

Make light waves (or keep your hair straight) and secure the headband. Thin metal with decor or bright plastic will work well.

Malvinka with flower and bezel

Malvinka with flower and bezel

First, a headband is attached to the hair. Gather the strands at the temples in a malvinka on the back of the head or crown, secure the ponytail or bundle with an elastic band. From the strands of the ponytail, make a “flower” by twisting the bundles and carefully spreading them in a circle. Secure them with hairpins or bobby pins. Another option is to weave an accessory with an artificial flower into the Malvinka for the child, but then it should overlap with the shade of the rim.

Ethnic style

Headband in ethnic style

For such a hairstyle, an elastic band with a flower or a lace is well suited. The accessory is worn on top, leaving a free line along the forehead, and the hair at the back is neatly slung over an elastic band, forming a Greek-style hairstyle.

Headbands for men: fashionable hairstyles for every day

If you look at celebrities, it seems that the rare stylish men’s styling for medium and long hair does without a headband. Headbands and rubber bands are loved by athletes. This accessory will easily remove hair from the face and make styling more comfortable. Save your hairstyle options!

With a beam


A bunch or bun on the top of the head will perfectly complement a headband or lace. This hairstyle will create a brutal, independent and collected image.

With fleece


Pre-combing will provide more hair volume and a neat look. A common mistake of men: to fix dirty or “slicked” hair with a bandage. Instead of this fashion crime, apply mousse or foam to clean, damp hair, dry it and comb at the roots with a fine-toothed comb. Lay your bangs in the desired direction and put on the headband.


Loose hair

Any haircut will be diversified by a hairstyle with a headband on springs. Style your clean hair back or part it with a headband on top.

What can be useful for creating a hairstyle with a hoop?

From theory to practice! Equip yourself with the tools and styling products for the perfect fit with the headbands listed in our short list.


satin headband

You will need:

  • hairpins and invisible,
  • comb and comb with fine teeth,
  • elastic band and hair clips,
  • bezel.

Styling products

  • Styling foam or mousse
    Redken Guts 10 will provide maximum volume. If you don’t like heavy styling, try cream-mousse Aerate 08: Just apply it to the root zone, lifting the strands with your fingers.
  • Texture spray

    When creating an image with sloppy and light waves, try styling spray Biolage RAW It will keep the texture for a long time without feeling the product on the strands (especially true for loose hair). For serious evening styling, you can’t do without wax spray Redken wax blast… It will create texture, help maintain the shine and movement of the hairstyle with maximum hold.

  • Varnish

    A secure fit will ensure Matrix Freezing Spray… With it, your hair will look alive and voluminous!

How to braid a headband-braid from hair to yourself: step by step instructions

  • You can replace the bezel with your own pigtail. Follow our step by step guide to get the trendiest hairstyle.
  • Comb dry clean hair thoroughly.
  • Highlight a section of hair at the bottom of the nape or temple. It should make a pigtail.
  • Braid the braid in any way (standard, fishtail or spikelet) and wrap around your head. Secure with an invisible or hairpin.
  • You can do this with two or three pigtails, thus giving the hair a splendor on top.
  • Please fix the style with hair spray.

How to make a Greek style hairstyle with a headband: professional recommendations

hairstyle in greek style

Greek styling will be a matter of five minutes if you use an elastic band. This is a simple and beautiful option for evening or everyday activities, and it suits any length. Follow our instructions!

Greek styling
  • Comb your hair thoroughly. At this stage, you can add bouffant to the crown area.
  • Braid four to five braids if you’re worried about styling durability. You can leave your hair loose.
  • Put on a headband.
  • Throw the braids or strands (closest to the face) through the elastic from the bottom up, camouflaging the bandage and hiding the ends behind it.
  • Do the same for the rest of the hair. Long hair can be passed through the bandage several times.
  • Fix the hairstyle with varnish.

SalonSecret tip: if the elastic rim slips during the tossing of the strands, fix it with invisible ones. Short hair, as it is pushed under an elastic band, can also be fixed with hairpins or hairpins, after sprinkling them with varnish.

A beautiful accessory is already half the battle. What headbands do you like?

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