Haircuts for men 2021 2020

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The styles that are in fashion are very varied, allowing each man to choose an ideal haircut for his personality and particular taste. We show you a few photos so you can see the trends and you can choose the style that suits you the most and is according to your taste and personality.

Men's haircuts

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They still take some classic cuts that renewed, always come in handy. Since what is being worn is a short hair trend, some will find it very comfortable because it does not take much time to look good.

Shorter on the sides: undercut

This is one of the most popular cuts that you can go for today. Cut in layers, with more volume at the top of the head and short at the sides. A very chic and practical option. With a little gel, the hairstyle can be looked perfect in just minutes. Depending on the length of the hair, either on the sides or on the top of the head, the result is quite different.

In a matter of men’s fashion, long and uncombed loops are left behind, new trends suggest lightening the waves with a smaller size and combing them back to show off a clear face, and it is quite attractive. For those who do not want to take too long to fix their curls, they can opt for a simple shave that leaves the curls on top, in order to preserve the natural volume with better control. Also what you can do at the top, where all the curls will be, is add lighter loose wicks to give the hair more texture.

If the hair texture is thicker, a better handling of the waves can be achieved by trimming towards the center and with a striking dye such as the Californian highlights at the bottom that gives a more modern look to the finish. This can look great on men with fine hair, this will give the curls more body.


Another style that has been used for a few years and will continue to be used, because it is a very manly and flattering classic for all men. It is an undercut where the sides and the back of the head, the hair is cut more cut but in a gradient. Depending on the height where the gradient begins, it can be a low, medium or higher fade, as we show you in the images that you can see below.

Low fade

Medium fade

High fade


This style is a variant of the undercut. At the top, the hair is left very long, to be able to form a large loop combed back, with a lot of volume. A more stylish alternative but just as manly as the options we saw above.

Buzz cut

A classic cut, which can look very modern if cut very short. A very youthful option, which frames the face. If you cut it a little longer, the layers will give you the possibility of achieving a messy hairstyle. It’s a very British rock style that never goes out of style.

A classic style that will never go out of style. Ideal for men who want something practical, hassle-free, and requires little maintenance. If you have very thick or very curly hair that is difficult to style, this is an excellent option. The very short hair, slightly longer above the head, a classic that never dies.

The tousled effect continues to carry this season, and it’s an easy way for guys to turn their formal work hairstyle into something more casual, just by messing up their hair a bit. This doesn’t require big things, just a very basic cut that leaves the top hair slightly longer.


They are still another of the many options that never go out of style and can provide a very personal style, short hair with the crest that reaches the nape of the neck, slightly longer. This gives it a lot of volume and movement as well as a very youthful look.

Long hair

If you prefer slightly longer hair, layered cut hair with light side bangs can look great on both curly and straight hair. The key is in the layers. You can also add texture with a few strands that are lighter than your hair color, especially at the bottom. It is combed with mousse, to separate the hair and give it this tousled look.

A little longer, layered hair with a side bangs is ideal for men who have a large face. It softens the facial features and covers part of the face, making it look smaller.

Using mousse can help you give it that tousled look, which is the key to making this cut look modern. This style can bring out your best facial features. Wavy or straight, they are two of the options that you can choose and that are still fashionable of the season.

There is really little to strive for when it comes to men’s haircuts in 2021, because whichever you choose will work splendidly.

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