Haircut trends 2021: 5 trends

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We know that 2021 has begun a long time ago. But finally spring is approaching, which means it’s time for new haircuts! What haircut trends await us in 2021?

Our resident expert tells Yana Kamneva

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In the trends of haircuts in 2021, the most important thing is naturalness and carelessness. Haircuts don’t have to look overwhelmed and don’t have to be very precise. At the peak of popularity simple shapes and naturalness

Haircut trends 2021: what are they?

1. For example, classic square… But now the lengthening in the bob square is replaced by straight lines. In 2012, the most popular form will be a straight square to the chin. Great news for those who love this haircut!

2. Two main popular bangs – this is an elongated bangs-curtain and a shortened straight bangs. They go well with hair of any length. IN haircut trends 2021 a shortened bang with a short straight bob is also included. So if you really want to cut your hair, but feel sorry for losing length, experiment with bangs! Right now.

3. In 2021, any hair parting… You can do both straight and side parting, whichever you prefer. You may not have a parting at all, throw your hair to one side or the other – to create a fashionable volume of hair on the face. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment!

4. Back in fashion curls… If in 2019-2020 these were wide large curls, then this year even the tightest and smallest afro-curls are relevant. Naturalness is in vogue, which means you can stop fighting your naughty frizzy hair. You no longer need to straighten them, trying to achieve perfect smoothness of hair.

5. Well, the most the main trend of haircuts 2021 love for your natural hair structure. Yes Yes. Finally, the formula “Direct curl, curly – straighten ”is no longer relevant. Now, to have a fashionable haircut, it is enough to tame your natural hair and add a little zest. We think this year’s fashion is really cool. Finally, you can not change anything, but just enjoy the natural beauty of your hair.

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Haircut trends 2021: 5 trends

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