Hair tinting products: which ones to choose?

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They say that if a woman changes her hair, then she is ready to change her life. And color is very important in changing the image. Since ancient times, women have resorted to natural dyes such as henna and basma. Today, colouristic has gone far ahead and offers a wide palette of shades of toning agents, both natural and extravagant: pink, blue, red, green, etc. But how do you use these tools? How safe are they for our hair? We talk about this in today’s article.

Hair tinting products: how do they work?

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Often there is confusion between the concepts of hair coloring and toning. In fact, these are two completely different processes.

Paint penetrates inside the hair and changes its color pigment. Also, the paint often contains an aggressive component – ammonia.

Toning agents do not contain ammonia and act differently: they do not penetrate into the hair, but are only applied in a thin layer to the surface of the hair.

An important difference is that, unlike paint, a tinting agent washed out several times… This is very convenient, since it can be difficult to find the right shade. You can also experiment with tonics by constantly changing your hair color.

However, it should be remembered that using tonics won’t lighten hair color. Tonics are not yet used to paint over gray hair – here they simply turn out to be powerless.

Types of hair tinting products

Toning agents are available on the market today in various forms. Among them:

  • balms;
  • shampoos;
  • masks;
  • sprays;
  • paints.

Also popular are mascara and hair crayons… All hair, of course, cannot be tinted with the help of the latter, but you can refresh the image by making several multi-colored strands.

How to use tinting agents?

  • Tinting paint differs from the usual absence of aggressive components in the composition. It is simple to use: you need to dilute according to the instructions, distribute over the entire length of the hair, leave for the specified time and rinse with warm water.
  • Toning balms in action they are very similar to caring balms for hair. This balm should be applied to wet, washed hair, left for the time specified by the manufacturer, and rinsed off. Tinted balms also work with a specific problem. They are for oily, dry, damaged and normal hair.
  • Toning shampoos, like balms, are applied to clean, damp hair, previously washed with the usual shampoo. The tint shampoo is left on the hair for a certain time and washed off. After that, the usual conditioner balm is applied.

Always wear gloves when handling the above products.

Sprays, crayons and mascaras suitable for those girls who want to update their image only for a short time. For example, for the evening or for a photo shoot. They are applied to dry hair and can be easily washed off with water in one go.

Before spraying your hair spray, take care to protect your clothes with a film so that they do not stain with your strands.

How to find the right shade for your natural hair color?

Most of all, blonde girls and blondes can experiment: all shades are suitable for them.

Light-haired colors are suitable for colors close to their natural, as well as chestnut and dark, including burgundy, eggplant, chocolate.

Exceptionally dark shades are suitable for brunettes, which can add play of color to the hair. It looks interesting plum or blue undertones on black curls.

If you have dark hair by nature, and you want to give it a brighter and lighter shade, then you first need to lighten the strands, otherwise toning will be useless.

Oh, this yellowness

Almost all blondes, including natural ones, experience a similar emotion when their blond curls acquire a yellowish-red straw undertone. A similar feeling is also familiar to light-blond girls, whose hair gleams with reddish-copper. This is a natural process that occurs when the hair is exposed to sunlight and water.

In such a situation, they become a lifeline purple tinted shampoos… They, of course, will not radically change the color of the hair, but they are able to remove the hated yellowness, giving a certain undertone.

In its composition, purple tint shampoos contain blue and red pigments, which together form a purple color. This is because purple is a contrasting orange in the color wheel.

Purple tinted shampoos in turn have subspecies according to the amount of pigments of a certain tone.

For example, blue-greens or blue-grays contribute to a cool blonde, purple maintains a beige-pearl blonde without yellowness, and warmer shades like peach give blondes a soft pink undertone.

Purple shampoos, like tinted shampoos, are applied to clean, wet hair along the entire length. They should be left for the right time for the pigment to take effect and washed off. Then apply the balm.

Professional Opinion: “Purple shampoos are the last century”

If in general we talk about hair dyes, then they are all divided into several types:

  • Permanent (ammonia paints) for gray hair or natural.
  • Demi-permanent (contain an ammonia derivative) and semi-permanent (no ammonia) paints. They are used to tint bleached or natural hair so that the paint is gently washed off.
  • Acid dyes… A new generation of dyes. Care paint with an incredible smell, it contains many care components.
  • Direct pigments. These pigments are just contained in balms, shampoos, masks, foams. All colored dyes – Tonic, etc., belong to the same type. They are physical. Such dyes do not penetrate into the hair, but remain on the surface of the hair.

The best home remedies for maintaining color are balms and masks. They are easy to use and also have a leaving effect. Masks and balms can be used once a week on average.

Purple shampoos and generally tinted shampoos – this is the last century. Because they dry the hair and clog it with pigment, this can cause the hair to have a dirty color after using purple shampoos. In addition, shampoos have a highly alkaline pH. They open the hair cuticle and loosen the hair. With prolonged use of these shampoos, the hair will be dry and brittle.

It’s better to replace purple shampoos with purple masks and balms.

Now almost every brand has toning masks to maintain color… For example, the most famous and best Estel Newtone with a large selection of shades, or the new series of Schwarzkopf Chroma ID tinting masks. If you are looking for blues and purples, Cutrin can be tried. Wella also released new masks.

The article was created by: Valentina Gritsenko, Yana Kamneva and Yulia Safonova

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