Evening hairstyles 2021 2020

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The first months of the year arrive, and with them new weddings, celebrations, parties with longtime friends and many other events begin to appear, which force us to be prepared in the best way. For all those events, here we present the most outstanding evening hairstyles for the 2021 season.

Evening hairstyles

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As you will see, a wide variety of options stand out for this season, so we can all easily find a suitable style for each occasion, for each outfit and for each haircut style.

Super straight

Among the loose hair options, the classic middle part, with very smooth and shiny hair, will be one of the trends. It is a simple, practical style and allows you to show the splendor of your hair, without having to spend hours in a hairdresser.

High pigtails

Another hairstyle that will set a trend in the 2021 season and that is ideal for a night out: pigtails. It is a flattering hairstyle, sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Which can be seen reinvented in a wide variety of styles on the most prominent catwalks and the most dazzling celebrities. One of the most popular options is to wear the ponytail high, either with straight hair or gently wavy and tousled hair.

Low pigtails

Ponytails, in addition to being a simple and super comfortable option, can be adapted in a huge variety of styles. We saw above that they are used very high, but we also go to the other extreme: low.

It can also be played with different elements such as brooches, ribbons and bows to renew the classic ponytail. To ensure successful incorporation, it will be enough to analyze which type is best suited to the shape of your face and the texture of your hair.

Flat waves

Soft slightly disheveled waves, it is one of the ways in which short or medium length hair will be best worn.


We can see a large number of hairstyles with braids. The proposals vary from very straight hair, soft waves with a certain 70s style, to wild and disheveled hairstyles.

One of the trends that we are seeing a lot, are the semi-collected with raised braids at the top. This can be achieved with a light shake.

Curly hair

On the other hand, those with natural curls can show them off with their maximum splendor, since long hair with a lot of volume are another option to wear on a day-to-day basis and of course, they are one of the most impressive evening hairstyles.

Loose modern updos

The ones collected are always the most formal options to choose from, although it is true that not so much the classic models, but rather those that have small variants, such as a few wicks falling on each side, or several randomly distributed, and if possible, collected loose and messy.

Collecting hair in a loose bun is one of the all-time classics that imposes more style in evening hairstyles.

Collected with very straight hair, or quite the opposite, with wild and slightly disheveled hair.

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Finally, for all those romantic women, we invite you to try some of these options, more delicate, feminine, ideal for sensitive women, who prefer to look pretty to provocative.

Headbands and tiaras will serve to complement the hairstyle, hair accessories with pearls will be very visible.

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