Cool hairstyles for a New Year’s corporate party

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This is not an easy and not ordinary year of 2020 nearing its end. This means that the long-awaited series of New Year’s corporate parties loomed ahead. True, 2020 is not so simple and not ordinary to such an extent that the holiday is not for everyone. Apparently, Santa Claus did find out who behaved how in the past year. Well, if you are among the lucky ones, and are going to a corporate holiday, then come off there for yourself, and for us, who stayed at home, too.

Surely the outfits have been selected for a long time and will not wait for the celebration. But the New Year’s image is not only made of clothes, isn’t it? Here are some tips on how to complement your outfit with a hairstyle.

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Option 1. Curls, waves and curls

The joke that a girl with curly hair needs to straighten it for the holiday, and with straight hair, on the contrary, must be curled, is more relevant than ever. Curls in a variety of designs remain at the peak of popularity in the new year 2021. Big Hollywood waves, moderate, medium-sized, small curls a la chemistry from the nineties. All these options can be either an independent hairstyle or just a preparatory stage.

If the choice has settled on curls, then it is worth making a root volume. And do not strive for accuracy! So what if you have been waiting for the holiday for a whole year and started painting in the morning. Let the feeling remain that you just carelessly waved your hand, and the hairstyle turned out somehow by itself.

If ordinary curls have already passed the stage for you, then you can form a bunch of them. But leave the smooth ballerina bump to your grandmother! Naturalness and negligence are in fashion. Fluffy knock-out strands, movable fixation. The height of the beam is your choice: low or high. And pre-curling your hair will add volume to your hair. An interesting option would be with a beam not in the center of the crown, but with an asymmetric arrangement.

Option 2. Braids and braided hairstyles for a New Year’s corporate party

For those who are nominated for the Best Dancer award, weaving styling is an excellent solution. You can shake your head no worse than Elvis Presley in his best years, and at the same time not worry about the safety of your hair.

Braids can be very different. But it is better to entrust the creation of such a hairstyle for a corporate party to an experienced hairdresser. And again, forget about the neatness and the classic pigtail: the risk of becoming a third-grader is too great. Non-standard complex weaving will help to avoid this.

But making “ships” on the head is the anti-trend of the current season. You should not do this, even if you are going to the corporate shipyard. Complex loaded elements are best used in a suit rather than a haircut. Also, chignons and various overhead strands are a thing of the past. This is not bad: there will be no risk of embarrassingly losing them in a burst of fun.

Option 3. Beads and sequins

New Year is the most daring holiday when even an office shy woman can afford sequins, feathers and sparkles. In general, a pinch of shocking. Do not waste this opportunity: feel free to decorate your hairstyle with ribbons, beads, hairpins, ornaments. Let your head shine like a Christmas tree. You can safely use glitter styling. But pay attention to its quality and quantity: hair should not look sticky. The product must maintain its natural hold.

Option 4. Bright coloring or toning

For the most daring people, the New Year’s hairstyle can be supplemented with colored coloring. This is definitely a chance to slay all colleagues in a fall at one time. You can color the entire head or just a few strands of your choice. By the way, it is not at all necessary to use long-term paint and please the employer with its brightness for the whole next month of January. It is quite possible to resort to unstable tinted shampoos, a variety of mascaras and paints in spray cans.

We wish you the most fabulous, stormy, amazing corporate party. After all, as you celebrate the New Year, it will pass all the way. So welcome to the fullest! And let the next morning you be ashamed of something else, but not your hairstyle!

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