Brief and clear: how to choose hair styling tools?

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Now I’m going to ask you a strange question. Do you remember the day you bought your hairdryer? And most importantly, what were you guided by when you chose him? Price, color, brand name? Maybe you took the first model that caught your eye? Or bought the model that your friend recommended to you? What about a curling iron?

Today our expert will tell you how to choose hair styling tools and what to look for. Let’s put everything on the shelves.

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How to choose hair straighteners / curling irons / corrugation

  • The first thing to pay attention to when choosing a curling iron is the material of the heating plates. The cheapest and most old-fashioned material is metal cover… It doesn’t heat up evenly, so I don’t recommend it.
  • Most modern flatware uses ceramic coating… It is durable and glides well through the hair. In principle, the option is not bad. But at the moment are relevant new plate coatings made of tourmaline and titaniumTourmaline coating has an ionizing effect, which means your hair will not frizz and electrify. And curling irons with the latest titanium plated suitable for curling even coarse Asian hair.
  • Device power. I advise you to choose a hair styling tool with temperature controller… Typically the temperature range is from 140 °C up to 230 °C… Optimal temperature for fine to normal hair up to 180 degrees… For coarse, dense hair – higher.
  • Choose a device with rotation of the cord around its axis. This will make it easier for you to work with the instrument. And pay attention to the length of the cord.
  • If you want to curl hair with hair straightenerthen pay attention to corners of plates and ironing… They should be rounded. Also remember that the smaller the width of the plates, the narrower the curl will be
  • Curling iron diameter. The average diameter is 25 mm. Curling irons with this diameter are also suitable for making both elastic curls and fashionable light curls.

And this is how women styled and dried their hair in the 60s of the last century.

How to choose a hair dryer?

  • The most important thing in a hairdryer is its power, the speed of hair drying depends on it. Optimal power for a hair dryer from 2000V
  • Choose a model that has swirling, long cord… As with curling irons, the swivel cord will make your hair work easier.
  • Narrow nozzle (nozzle). Most hair dryers are very wide. They will not polish your hair to a shine like professional or semi-professional hair dryers. Therefore, if you want to do styling like in the salon, buy hair dryer with narrow nozzle
  • Temperature conditions. A good hair dryer must have hot / warm / cold mode… A cold air flow is needed in order to fix the styling.
  • Ionization. Some hair dryers have an ionization function. Ionized air removes static electricity from the hair. This is especially true for cold climates. So pay your attention to this point too.
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