Ariana Grande’s hairstyles: TOP-7 – Selection of hairstyles online. Photo haircuts

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We continue our section on celebrity hairstyles. And today we take a look at the hairstyles of Ariana Grande, American singer and coveted Grammy award winner.

1. Bunches with rhinestones

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In her music video “7 Rings”, Ariana Grande appears with cute buns adorned with rhinestones. Her pastel pink hair complements this hairstyle perfectly.

2. Long waves

Ariana rarely appears in public with her hair down, but when she does, her hairstyle is impossible to miss! The neat curls go very well with the singer, and she looks just amazing!

3. Ariana Grande’s Hairstyles: Branded inhigh tail

Ariana Grande’s list of the best hairstyles would be incomplete without her signature high ponytail. Ariana loves this hairstyle! Neat, smooth and silky hair perfectly complements the singer’s looks.

4. Blonde hair with a bow

At her first Met Gala, Ariana Grande did not disappoint: the singer appeared with a great haircut! Her blonde hair, pulled back in a high ponytail, was highlighted by a large bow.

5. Framing strands with a headband

Ariana Grande went to experiments for her video “Boyfriend “. The singer did an unusual hairstyle in the style of the 70s: her face was framed by strands, and on her head was a strict black bandage.

6. Wavy ponytail with pins

A light shade of hair is in perfect harmony with a wavy ponytail, giving the image lightness. This hairstyle pairs perfectly with the singer’s cute pink dress.

7. Pigtails-plaits

Ariana loves high ponytails, but sometimes prefers other hairstyles. For example, various variations of hair flagella.

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