a step-by-step diagram of how to tie a ponytail from hair and stylists’ life hacks

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how to make a tail without elastic

It’s not the first season that tails have dominated the styling. You can reproduce any variation of this simple, but therefore no less fashionable hairstyle – from a slightly disheveled horse to a smooth low ponytail – in just five minutes and even without the use of accessories. How to make a ponytail without a hair tie – we will tell you in our new article.

When is it relevant to make a tail without an elastic band?

how to make a ponytail without elastic

Externally, the tail without an elastic band is no different from the usual one, except in the way of fastening. Hair can be pulled together, for example, in long strands, fixed with invisible hairpins or hairpins, collected in a ponytail using a special loop. In addition, in most cases, the elastic is still used, but it is carefully hidden. This life hack allows you to create the visual effect of her absence. This technique always attracts attention, looks fresh and original, and with its help you can beat both an everyday image and a solemnly elegant one.

Who is it for?

how to make a tail without an elastic band and who suits
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Using a tail without an elastic band, it is easy to emphasize the advantages of the appearance and divert attention from the shortcomings. What is important when creating a hairstyle is to consider the shape of the face and head.

  • Chubby and diamond-faced girls stylists recommend visually stretching the shape using a high, slightly sloppy ponytail with a fleece on the crown.
  • If you have a square face, try to gather a low ponytail at the back of your head and release a couple of thin strands around your face – this will visually correct the proportions.
  • Oval face allows you to make a variety of tails without elastic – both smooth-tight and relaxed-tousled.
  • The proportions of the triangle face, which is characterized by a narrow chin, wide forehead and pronounced cheekbones, can be balanced with a tail located in the middle between the crown and the back of the head.

On a note! This styling method is not suitable for owners of very thick and heavy hair, since the hairstyle will lose its shape very quickly without an elastic band.

Photo with ideas for fashionable options for a ponytail tied without an elastic band

Did you know that even such a simple hairstyle as a ponytail without an elastic band has a lot of variations? We have selected the most relevant solutions that can be easily implemented on your own. Take a note and make a ponytail without an elastic right now.

Classic at the back of the head

how to make a tail without elastic at the back of the head

This easy-to-wear and simple hairstyle for women looks stylish and expressive thanks to a strand wrapped around the rest of the hair at the base of the ponytail and fixed with invisibility. To make the hair look more voluminous in this case, do not tighten the tail too much.

Stylists have one trick, thanks to which individual strands do not fall out of the high ponytail attachment. During styling and finishing, they spray the base of the tail with a permanent hold spray. Will handle it Anti-Frizz (L’Oréal Pro), which has additional bonuses: protection against moisture and ultraviolet radiation.

Laying to the side

A side ponytail is a playful and fun option that suits any event from a date to a bike ride. Another undoubted plus of this styling is that it can be easily done on both long and short hair.

With harnesses

Bundles are the simplest type of braiding from hair, which is always obtained the first time and enlivens any image. Alternatively, you can secure the ponytail with a plait braided from the crown down to the tail, or make several plaits to decorate your hair. Complete the harnesses with more intricate braids and your formal hairstyle is ready!

The feature of the harnesses is their texture. Our stylists recommend using a styling pea in the process of forming tourniquets. Matrix Over Achiever: it textures and fixes, but at the same time is very light and does not feel on the hair.

Two tails

To create the illusion of a thick and voluminous tail, it can be built from two or more parts. For this, two thin elastic bands are still useful, with which the ponytails are fixed – the upper and the lower. However, after you stretch the strands from the lower one through the upper tail, the elastic bands will hide under the shock and become completely invisible. And if the hair length allows, you can build a multi-layered hairstyle from many ponytails.

It will not be easy to cope with such styling, it is better not even to start without a preparatory stage. Preparation begins while washing your hair: use shampoo Matrix Texture Games and air conditioning from the same line. Thanks to this duo, the process of creating an intricate tail will be greatly simplified.

How to assemble a beautiful tail without an elastic band for yourself: a step-by-step scheme

how to whip up a tail without an elastic band

If you think that a simple hasty styling cannot be effective, then you are wrong. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to tie a ponytail without an elastic band at home quickly and beautifully. Believe me, it will not be difficult for you to repeat it, but the result will pleasantly surprise you!

  1. Comb your hair, if necessary, divide them into a parting and curl the ends, or, conversely, straighten the entire length with a curling iron. Apply smoothing oil before heat-laying Liss Unlimited, for protection from high temperatures and for tame strands.
  2. Tie curls into a ponytail at the base of your head and, holding the structure with one hand, separate the 3 cm thick strand at the bottom of the tail with the other.
  3. Now this strand needs wrap the base of the tail and secure the tip of the strand – hairpins or invisible pins will help you with this.
  4. And the simplest and secret way of fastening, using the example of a pigtail, is presented in the video tutorial below. It also works with the tail, but the strand will need to be pulled very carefully.

The basis of the foundations – a classic ponytail without an elastic band – will take you no more than 5 minutes and will look great as an option for every day and for special occasions.

Life hacks and secrets of styling professionals

Now, with an elegant ponytail step-by-step scheme, you can do this hairstyle every day. Consider the trick of the pros for the perfect result. We have collected useful tips from stylists to help you make a tail without an elastic band, neat and without “cocks”. It’s easier than you think! The main thing is to stock up on professional styling.

  • To prevent hair from looking too sleek, at the very beginning, apply mousse to them for volume (for example, Volume builder from Matrix or Rebel push-up from L’Oréal Pro) and only then start shaping the tail.
  • If you prefer mirror-like sleek ponytail hair, apply a universal remedy to them – paste Transformer from L’Oréal Professionnel… She creates a reliable and disciplined styling. Sometimes you can get by with leaving oil, but in this case, care with an antistatic effect is more suitable – Biolage Exquisite Oil
  • A tail without elastic will last much longerif at the finish you lightly spray the collected hair (and especially the base of the tail) with styling spray for fixing: for example, Style fixer from Matrix
  • Refresh styling throughout the day, you can use wax or styling gel to smooth out loose hairs and get rid of “roosters” on your head. For a textured natural look, use L’Oréal Professionnel Density Material

Features of creating a tail without an elastic band on different hair lengths

You can braid a tail without an elastic band on almost any head of hair, be it a square, a ladder or long hair.

For short hair

It is quite possible to collect a short haircut in a small ponytail without an elastic band, but this will require a large number of hairpins – invisible or crabs. And be sure to “enhance” your hairstyle with styling with a high degree of fixation! It is also worth remembering that the minimum hair length for such styling is 20 cm.

For medium length hair

how to make a ponytail without an elastic band for medium length hair

Hair to the shoulders and slightly below allows you to make a relaxed tail at the base of the neck without using an elastic band, which can be decorated with a satin ribbon, silk scarf or a fashionable hair clip. Additional accessories in this case are everything!

Long hair

how to make a ponytail without an elastic band for long hair

High tail or low, on the side or double, tight or careless – the options for long curls can be absolutely anything. And don’t be afraid to experiment! For example, for a romantic look, curl the ends of a ready-made tail into a Hollywood wave, and for a more daring one – first make a voluminous pile on the top a la Brigitte Bardot or Lana Del Rey and only then collect the tail without an elastic band.

Everything elegant has already been invented before us – all that remains is to use and enjoy. How do you create fake tails without elastic?

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