30 photos of ideas for New Year’s styling

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hairstyles for new year 2021

Rules for choosing an image and hairstyle for the New Year 2021

Rules for choosing a hairstyle for the new year 2021

The right hairstyle for the New Year 2021 is akin to an expensive accessory: it complements the image, creates the right accents and mood, and also harmoniously complements the outfit.

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The main rule: do not overdo it and observe the proportions in the New Year’s look 2021:

  • lush dresses are best complemented with laconic styling,
  • minimalistic – braided hairstyles,
  • and images with sparkles – light and careless curls.

In any case, it is the final choice of dress that dictates the basic rules when styling hair for New Year’s hairstyle 2021.

Hairstyles for the New Year 2021: relevant, and which ones are better to refuse

Hairstyles for New Year 2021

When choosing a hairstyle for the New Year 2021, almost all roads are open to us: the format of the event implies that the hairstyle will be spectacular and fashionable. However, there are options that will look stupid and inappropriate on New Year’s Eve. The list of prohibitions can safely include flowers in your hair, both live and artificial. This trend will look much more relevant in summer decorations than in winter ones. In addition, our experts recommend giving up too high and clumsy styling, excessive bouffant, complex curls. In New Year 2021, it is better to enter in comfort, but with the Leaning Tower of Pisa on your head, this is unlikely to succeed. Also, forget about too simple styling. Straight hair and shell buns are made for office work, not for parties!

The list of the main fashion trends in New Year’s hairstyles in 2021 looks very diverse and perky. Choosing a hairstyle for the New Year will definitely not be difficult!

  • Naturalness and ease. The times of “plastic” styling with liters of varnishes spent on them are long gone. At the height of fashion, mobile and natural styling, as well as shiny and healthy hair.
  • Soft curls. Waves and beach curls will help create the most feminine look. And not only for New Year’s Eve.
  • Light negligence. Not to be confused with unkempt hairstyle! This negligence must be clearly verified and orchestrated to the smallest detail – every hair, every strand lies exactly the way it should lie.
  • Knots and bundles. Low or high, slightly sloppy or prim and neat, with elements of weaving or tied with velvet ribbons – whichever option you choose, you will definitely be in trend!
  • Spit. For several seasons in a row, various types of weaving haunt hair stylists. And they can be easily understood: only braids – large, small, deliberately careless, tight and neat – can give so much room for imagination!

Festive New Year’s styling 2021 for short hair: photos and ideas

Short hair is not a reason to deny yourself a beautiful styling for the New Year 2021!


For a very short haircut, a sloppy disheveled New Year’s styling 2021 is suitable, which is easy to do with your own hands using hair paste. It is best to take a product with a matte effect, then the hair will look as natural as possible.

Lay in soft curls

Soft curls are the perfect hairstyle for New Year 2021 for a short bob or bob. To do this, you need a small diameter curling iron and a texturizing spray. Remember to leave the free end of the strand a couple of centimeters long when using the iron.

Comb smoothly

sleek hairstyles for new year 2021

For owners of haircuts without bangs and hair with an even edge, stylists recommend a smooth styling. It is easy to create with a glossy hair gel: apply along the entire length and gently comb back. For a sexier look, you can parted your hair.

Get a stylish haircut

You can create a modern look not only with the help of a beautiful hairstyle for the New Year 2021. Give shape to short hair by making a stylish, creative haircut: garcon, pixie or even a shaved haircut.

Paint in actual color

For a New Year’s look 2021, try experimenting with color and dye your hair a bold shade. Gray or purple, as well as colored strands, have been at the forefront of fashion for several seasons in a row!

DIY beautiful New Year’s hairstyles for medium hair 2021

Owners of medium hair, before you options and step-by-step photos to make a beautiful hairstyle for the New Year 2021 with your own hands!

Sloppy bundles

Apply a volumizing foam or texturizing spray to damp hair and dry with a round comb. If you wish, you can curl your hair a little with a large diameter curling iron. Next, collect your hair in a ponytail and start twisting it into a bundle and putting it in a bun. Secure the remaining end with invisibility and release a couple of thin strands at the back of the head and temples. The casual look is ready!

Wide braids

You can start to weave a wide braid from the area at the temple and smoothly wind it on the back of the head. Such a hairstyle for the New Year 2021 will help create asymmetrical styling that is fashionable this season.

Brushed ponytail

This New Year’s hairstyle can be called an evening classic. Comb a small section of hair on top of the head with a fine-toothed comb, gather with the rest of the hair and secure into a ponytail with an elastic band. The end of the tail can be curled a little with a curling iron.

Free waves

hairstyles for new year 2021 and Free waves

This type of curls will give the image of bohemianness and luxury. You can achieve the desired effect with a large diameter styler. If you don’t have a gadget at hand, just apply a styling product to damp hair, tie it in a bun and blow-dry it at maximum power.

Festive twist

This New Year’s hairstyle looks sophisticated and elegant. Making it is very simple: you need to twist two strands and stab each time with an invisible one. The result should be some kind of braid or weaving.

Voluminous malvinka

hairstyles for the new year 2021 and voluminous malvinka

To create this hairstyle for the New Year 2021, you need to thoroughly comb the strands on the crown on the sides. After that, collect a few upper curls together and pin them with invisible ones at the back of the head. In addition, the malvinka can be decorated with an elegant bow.

New Year’s hairstyles 2021 for long hair: photo with options

New Year’s hairstyles 2021 for long hair may seem complicated to someone, but believe me, making such styling with your own hands is very simple!

Hair bow

All you need to create this adorable New Year’s 2021 hairstyle is one elastic and a few invisibles. Make a ponytail without taking the hair out all the way, leave a small loop, straighten it and divide it in two. Pass the free end of the tail into the loop and fix it firmly with hairpins.


hairstyles for new year 2021 and hair bow

Such styling for the New Year 2021 takes patience and time. Depending on the desired result, it can be made on the basis of a bundle or complex weaving.


hairstyles for new year 2021 Nest

Another variation on the beam theme. Part your hair in a straight parting, make two tight ponytails on the sides and twist them into careless “muzzles” – this is such an original and bright idea for the New Year’s holiday!


hairstyles for new year 2021 Dulki

As a New Year’s hairstyle, flagella styling does not give up their positions. There are many variations: from very simple to very complex. The lightest and most beautiful option is a tail, twisted from three plaits.


There are many variations on the theme of tails. This is a fleece tail, and a plait tail, which we wrote about above, and a low tail, and a braided tail. Each one is perfect for New Year’s Eve 2021.

Greek style

hairstyles for the new year 2021 Flagella

For this New Year’s 2021 styling, you will need a ribbon or headband to put on your head and tuck the hair at the back of your head. As an addition, you can braid two small braids on the sides and hide the ends behind the bezel.


Spikelet and fishtail braids, as well as wreaths are perfect for the New Year’s celebration. When creating this hairstyle, it is better to apply styling products for volume and curl your hair with a curling iron.

Pigtails on the side

This type of hairstyle is suitable for those who want to look bold, but do not want drastic changes in their appearance. Make a deep side parting and in the smaller half, braid several rows of small braids along the head. This hairstyle will create fashionable asymmetry and the effect of a shaved temple.


hairstyles for the new year 2021 Greek style

One of the most spectacular evening buns is the roller bun. You can comb your hair smoothly and add some embellishments to your hairstyle, or you can spice up the styling with braids.

Retro hairstyles

Retro hairstyles for new year 2021

When creating retro New Year’s hairstyles for inspiration, it is best to look to the fashion era that you want to reproduce. Fortunately, there are quite a few photo ideas on the internet. To celebrate the New Year 2021, styling in the spirit of the 40s using an oblong roller is ideal. A pin-up look will suit absolutely everyone!

Styling Hollywood Wave

hairstyles for new year 2021 hollywood wave

Smooth symmetrical curls, shiny hair, side parting – this styling for the New Year looks very elegant and requires a floor-length dress worthy of the red carpet!

Hairstyle Ideas with New Year’s Hair Accessories

Decorate your New Year’s 2021 hairstyle with accessories – you definitely won’t go wrong!

Wide headbands with floral designs

hairstyles for new year 2021 Wide headbands with floral patterns

These hair accessories can be decorated with baroque ornaments and made with gold threads and velvet.

Hairpins with floral decoration, large

The sparkling flower clip can be placed in the center of the beam or on the malvinka.

Top products for New Year’s styling

When creating a New Year’s styling, pay special attention to the appropriateness of the chosen option, as well as whether it will go well with the outfit.

A win-win hairstyle will be curls, a bun, a ponytail and braiding that is fashionable this year.

To create the perfect evening look, you will need several styling products to help you achieve the desired result.

Biolage RAW Styling Spray for Hair Discipline

Not only does the spray make New Year’s styling easier, helps with unruly hair and adds shine, it is also enriched with lavender extract. The product is ideal for use at the initial stage of evening styling.

Matrix Height Riser Texturizing Powder

Creates a mega-volume of strong hold. At the same time, the powder does not weigh down or stick together the hair. To correct and freshen up your New Year’s hairstyle during the evening, you can simply lightly fluff your hair with your fingers at the roots.

Spray Redken Quick Tease 15

Ideal for bouffant and tufting. The spray has an average degree of fixation and is almost imperceptible on the hair.

L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Web Modeling Paste

The product is suitable for creating texture for all hair types. If desired, using the paste, you can model individual strands and beautifully decorate the ends of the hairstyle.

10% discount on the official Redken website with the SalonSecret promo code.

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