Women’s model haircut for medium, long and short hair (22 photos)

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female model haircut

Women’s model haircut: what does it mean and what does it look like?

“I want a model haircut!” – every salon master hears such a wish several times during a working day. This client request makes the master think hard because – drum roll! – there is no model haircut! That is, almost anything can be called a model haircut.

Confused already? Don’t panic! Under the guidance of our experts, we will once and for all figure out which haircut is considered model and how to protect your beloved master from a heart attack in the workplace.

what is it
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Let’s start with the fact that in the hairdressing textbooks for the first levels, you can only find classic haircuts for women – the very ones whose geometry and technique are strictly recorded. Every master knows how to cut a bob, sesson or hat, confidently orientates himself in their classic proportions and can recreate the structure of such a haircut with closed eyes.

But when he opens his eyes, a living person appears in front of him: with imperfect facial proportions, very thin or, on the contrary, too thick curls and with other imperfections and advantages: the first person wants to disguise, and the second – to emphasize!

And at this moment the very model haircuts come into battle – hairstyles that allow you to vary the length, density, degree of thinning and the arrangement of elements as required by a specific appearance.

Hence the name “model”: such haircuts can be modeled indefinitely, taking into account the individual characteristics of each person. The result is a highly customized look.

Pros and cons of model haircuts

Before exploring tips for choosing a custom haircut, find out what its strengths and weaknesses are.

The undoubted advantages of such hairstyles include:

  • variability – the master selects the geometry of the selected haircut for a specific type of appearance;
  • always in trend – model haircuts simply cannot go out of fashion, because they change with the world every day.

There are also several disadvantages:

  • hard to repeat – if you suddenly have to change the master, the new stylist will have to sweat a lot to recreate the previous geometry of the haircut;
  • styling required – many model haircuts involve daily styling, which not everyone will like.

Types of short model hairstyles for girls and women

The basics of modeling are said to have their origins in experimenting with short haircuts! After all, such hairstyles open up the face as much as possible, which means that all their skills are required from the salon masters in order to emphasize female beauty even in such difficult conditions. The main goal of a short model haircut is to create the correct oval of the face due to the voluminous crown and side strands.



The fashionable pixie meets all the requirements of a short model hairstyle: it allows you to visually stretch the proportions of the face due to the maximum volume on top, and the variable bang length helps to narrow the face, if necessary, or hide a too high forehead and emphasize the cheekbones.


garcon 2

The garcon haircut instantly makes its owner visually younger – due to sharp lines, feather strands and an accent on the open gaze. The main length and shape of the bangs can be varied depending on the characteristics of the face.


Bob, like the rest of the model haircuts, involves any experiments with the geometry of the hairstyle: the master will be able to offer you a suitable version of the bangs, the ideal length for you and the desired volume at the crown.

Photo with beautiful haircut options for medium length hair

Medium length is practical and convenient: such haircuts make it easier to mask minor imperfections in appearance and, if necessary, make almost any hairstyle!

Elongated bob


On the basis of the bob already familiar to us, you can create a great model haircut without parting with the length. The elongated bob is endowed with the same advantages as the short one, at the same time giving its owner tenderness and charm.

Bob car


The bob bob has absorbed the best features of the two haircuts – just in the spirit of modern hair styling! At the exit, we got a beautiful even cut from the bottom and a very voluminous crown. All this is complemented by variable bangs, it can be elongated, torn or oblique, depending on the type of face. Read about the features of styling such a haircut here.


The Italian is also, in a sense, a hybrid of two technologies we love: cascading haircuts and ladder haircuts. A skillful combination of these techniques allows you to distribute the volume of the hairstyle exactly as required!

Fashionable ideas of model hairstyles for long hair

Fans of long curls do not have to worry – and for them, the masters have in store several model haircuts!


A haircut on the basis of which a soft cascade or ladder is now performed. Rhapsody is their sharper “relative”, suggesting a very noticeable graduation. This allows you to vary the volume, emphasize the dignity of the face and mask minor imperfections.


Owners of straight heavy hair will like this hairstyle: it allows you to emphasize the structure of the hair, as well as to model geometry, based on the individual characteristics of each girl.

Complete asymmetry


The most striking representative of a series of model haircuts is rightfully considered asymmetrical! There are no other rules here, except for one: to make the hairstyle look great in a company with a specific appearance. Everything is shifted and modeled: volumes, bangs, parting and the degree of thinning.

How to cut a modern model haircut: flow chart

As a rule, we do not recommend doing a haircut at home, as an experienced professional is needed to get the best result. This recommendation is applicable to model haircuts to the highest degree, since each model hairstyle is, first of all, a competent improvisation!

However, if you are still ready to take a chance, take a look at the step-by-step scheme for performing a bob-bob – a model haircut for medium-length curls.

You will need:

  • hairdressing scissors,
  • thinning scissors,
  • hair clips,
  • thin comb.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Divide wet hair wrung out with a towel into zones: parietal, occipital, temporal.
  • Use clips to remove hair, leaving only the strands of the back of the head free.
  • The lower occipital region is trimmed by shading.
  • The upper occipital zone is graduated.
  • The temporal zones are cut without grading, the reference point is a strand from the lower occipital zone.
  • The final stage is edging and light thinning if necessary.

Haircut care

Any haircut will look great on shiny and healthy hair, which is why SalonSecret stylists insist on taking proper care of your hair. Here are just a few helpful tips from our experts.

Shampoo Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry

The right shampoo is half the success of your new haircut! Try Diamond Oil Glow Dry based on vegetable oils: it protects curls from dehydration, helps soften the effects of hot air and makes the strands strong and silky.

Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner

To keep your curls as beautiful after the first shampoo as when leaving the salon, use a disciplining conditioner. Frizz Dismiss… He knows how to “negotiate” with hair, making them manageable and soft.

Lotion spray Redken One United Elixir

A stunning leave-in treatment with 25 functions ranging from nourishment and hydration to ease of styling. An indispensable lifesaver for those who dry their curls with a hairdryer or iron them every day.

Smoothing Matrix Oil Wonders

Make a ritual of applying a few drops of smoothing oil to the strands right after shampooing! This habit will help your strands withstand negative external influences without losing their luster and strength.

Matrix So Long Damage Repair Mask

Experts recommend that owners of damaged hair use a nourishing and revitalizing mask twice a week instead of conditioner. Just three minutes – and she will create a real miracle with your curls!

With the right care, model haircuts will look gorgeous even without styling. Have you already managed to find your master and your haircut?

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