Women’s half-box haircut [26 photos, types of hairstyles for girls]

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Women's half-box haircut

A bit boyish, but at the same time surprisingly feminine, the half-box haircut is increasingly visible on the streets of big cities. Such haircuts always cause a lot of controversy. Someone says that this is unfeminine, but someone, on the contrary, sees tenderness and sophistication in such a silhouette of a hairstyle. Both are right, it just all depends on the one who wears the half box, on how she does it.

What is a women’s half-box haircut, who does it suit, how to wear it and how to style it correctly? We spoke with SalonSecret stylists about all the important nuances of the hairstyle.

Features of women’s haircut semi-box

Features of women's haircut semi-box

As you probably already guessed, a half-box is a men’s haircut. In women’s fashion catalogs, she appeared relatively recently, and even earlier, half-boxing was tried on by American women-military men, who appreciated the convenience of a haircut and its absolute charm. In addition, it is ideal for girls and girls who play sports.

Front and back hairstyles photo

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It’s easy to find out the semi-box:

  • strands at the back and sides of the minimum length – sometimes these zones are practically shaved;
  • the strands on the crown are much longer – there is a visible difference in length.

See how the semi-box looks from the front and back:

Photo of a female hairstyle semi-boxing back

Depending on the length of the strands, the styling method and the presence or absence of bangs, a haircut can look very different, but these two signs remain the same and form the basis of a hairstyle.

Which of the women is semi-boxing?

In order to consciously decide on such a radical haircut, it is important to evaluate several initial parameters, namely the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. Let’s see who the semi-boxing will really go to.

Face shape

This haircut does not belong to the category of universal and, unfortunately, is not suitable for everyone.

  • Oval face: As usual, any framing, including a semi-box, fits the correct oval.
  • Round face: more likely no than yes, since the haircut will open the face completely. But if you really want to, you can try the elongated version with long oblique bangs – this will help balance the proportions of the face.
  • Square: yes, if the facial features are thin enough, the haircut will focus on the cheekbones and eyes.
  • Triangular: yes, but only an elongated version of the haircut – too short a hairstyle will accentuate the imbalance of proportions.

If you have heavy facial features, choose hairstyles that can visually correct this “severity”. Or regularly style the half-box a little carelessly – then the hairstyle will pull the emphasis on itself. For example, style your hair up and back with a hairdryer and a skeletal comb, after applying a classic and trouble-free toffee to your hair. L’Oréal Pro Web

Hair structure

Women's half-box haircut and hair structure

But here there are practically no restrictions: the half-box goes well with any type of hair! Too thick and unruly hair will become more disciplined, thin and sparse – more luxuriant due to the technology of cutting “feathers”, or, as stylists say, haircuts with a flexible texture. And even curly curls will look great in a semi-box.

However, the curls will first have to be pacified in order to avoid inappropriate fluffiness. But it’s easy if you have indelible care. Curl contour (L’Oréal Pro) or Matrix super defrizzer… These two products work a little differently: the first nourishes the strands more and gives a natural result, while the second provides an instant styling effect worthy of the fashion shows of the most famous fashion houses.

Life style

  Women's half-box haircut and lifestyle

The semi-box, even if not laid with a mohawk, still looks quite bright, if not defiant. Therefore, it is important to immediately assess your own style of clothing and lifestyle: do these parameters allow you to wear such a haircut? Will this hairstyle match the office dress code? Will the half-box be harmoniously combined with your wardrobe items or will you have to create a new basic clothing capsule?

Only after answering all these questions should one decide on a half-boxing – or, on the contrary, postpone such a risky step. Like very long hair, not every girl will appreciate this haircut.

Popular types of women’s half-box hairstyles

The half-box is very different: more feminine, and more flashy, short or elongated. Also, bangs can change your hair style very noticeably. Let’s see what a semi-box looks like in different variations.

Short semi-box

Short haircut women's semi-boxing

The classic version with the length of short strands no more than 5 millimeters, and long strands no more than 1.5 centimeters. It looks brutal, but it looks amazingly harmonious in combination with delicate facial features.

Long semi-box

Long women's haircut semi-box

A haircut with elongated strands in the parietal zone remains short, but still not ultra-short. It looks softer and more feminine than the classic version. Suitable for indecisive natures who still doubt whether they need such a bold hairstyle.

With a bang

Women's haircut semi-box with bangs

A half-box can be combined with almost any bangs, but the most popular pair are a half-box and an oblique ragged bang. It is not surprising, because these two are as if created in order to shock others in the company of each other!

Women’s half-box haircut: step-by-step execution technology

The half box is relatively lightweight compared to most women’s haircuts. However, if you have never cut your own hair, it is better to trust an experienced salon master. And if you’re ready to take the risk, follow our step-by-step guide!

You will need:

  • hair clipper with the shortest nozzle;
  • hairdressing scissors;
  • thin comb.
haircut female semi-box on dry hair

Step-by-step instruction:

  • haircut is performed on dry hair;
  • comb your hair with a fine comb;
  • start work from the back of the head: cut the strands with a clipper, moving from the neck to the back of the head to the line of the earlobe;
  • treat the temporal zones in the same way;
  • use scissors to cut longer strands on the crown: cut off the control strand and then continue cutting, focusing on it;
  • make a smooth transition from a short zone to a long one with a typewriter;
  • shape the bangs.

Care and styling

What is great about a half-box is that it is very easy to style, like many short haircuts! Here’s what you can do to look great every day.

  • Mousse Matrix Volume Builder: Apply a little to the hair roots for light natural volume. Powdery mousse will help to lift the hair out of the roots Rebel push-up from L’Oréal Pro.
  • Paste-wax L’Oréal Professionnel Density Material: After drying, apply some wax on long strands to texture them for a daring boyish style. Paste will provide an even more grunge style. Depolish – don’t be afraid to overdo it.
  • Modeling gel Matrix Super Fixer: Help create a sleek, wet, combed-back look or a stylish mohawk for a rock concert. Gel works similarly Extreme splash from L’Oréal Pro, but with it the hairstyle will be more elastic.
  • Spray L’Oréal Pro Fix Anti-Frizz: very reliably protects the hairstyle from deformation, which is especially important for an elongated semi-box, when you want to lay the strands with a volume wave on one side. Spray Savage panache will do the same, but with a more airy effect.

Daily styling can damage your hair, so take care to provide your curls with adequate care. For example, several times a week after shampooing, apply a light revitalizing mask with a golden texture to the strands. Absolut Repair from L’Oréal Professionnel… More powerful recovery will be provided by concentrates – for example Biolage Fiberstrong with bamboo extract.

Options for dyeing half-box hairstyles: fashion ideas with photos

The more creative the haircut, the more creative the coloring methods! Take a look at what you can do by skillfully combining different shades.

Ash blonde

One of the most common and fashionable options for dyeing a semi-box is an ash shade along the entire length of the hair. He does not need additional colors: the ashy one attracts attention by itself!

Dark roots, light tips

women's haircut semi-box and dark roots

Contrast coloring will emphasize the unusual haircut and its boyish, angular features. Since the hair roots are dyed dark, the occipital and temporal zones will receive such a shade, but the ends of the long strands will be light. Handsomely!

Three shades

The most creative women of fashion choose complex coloring in several shades. Lighter – at the temples and back of the head, a little darker – at the crown, and the transition zones from one length to another are ultra-bright!

Now we know absolutely everything about halfbox! Are you ready for drastic changes or have you decided to postpone a risky transformation for now? What is holding you back?

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