Undercut hairstyle ideas for short, medium and long hair

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female undercut

Features of women’s haircut undercut

haircut undercut

Sometimes a woman’s haircut is not an everyday beauty ritual to trim the ends, but a real therapy. We go to a beauty salon when our soul is fussy and dreary, when we want to end the past and start everything from scratch. And there is no better recipe in this case!

This is a unique hairstyle that instantly gives a feeling of freshness – as if in the salon we leave not only a few strands, but also a couple of extra pounds and a load of all piled up worries. The point is in the correct geometry of the haircut and a special difference in length, from which all bad thoughts disappear away.

undercut and curls
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The name of the haircut very clearly describes its essence: undercut means a shaved or very short cropped lower part of the head. But at the top can be anything you want – the female versions of the haircut allow many variations for any length!

The first to appreciate the advantages of the undercut were, of course, men, because this is a very comfortable haircut, which in the classic version practically does not need styling.

Then the girls were imbued with the magic of this daring and stylish hairstyle, modifying it for different types of face and hair and coming up with various styling variations. Now this is quite a modern trend for the bold and spectacular. The undercut has not lost its popularity for several decades – for example, Pink and Scarlett Johansson regularly return to this haircut. And it suits them very much!

Pros and cons of the undercard

The female undercard has surprisingly many advantages and almost no disadvantages.


  • performed at any length – it is not necessary to have a short haircut;
  • there are many variations for any type of face;
  • refreshes the image, makes it noticeable;
  • easily matches many styles of clothing;
  • selection of the most stylish and popular stars.


  • may not fit the office dress code;
  • does not always look good on curly hair, but the magic hands of the stylist will solve the problem;
  • needs regular updates.

Who is the undercard going to?

Undercut is a real work of hairdressing: almost everyone can find a suitable option!

  • If you are shy: Ask the stylist to shave only the back of the head, leaving the bulk of the hair long. So you can hide a bold experiment when needed, or demonstrate it by simply making a tall bun or ponytail!
  • If you have pointed features: choose a slightly elongated version with an offset parting and comb to the side, do not be afraid to emphasize facial features with long bangs.
  • If you have a round face: your option is a classic undercard.
  • If you need to visually add height: classic with long center strands swept back.
  • If you want to look shorter: retroversion.

Types of undercut haircuts for women

As we already noted, there are incredibly many versions of the haircut! Let’s see what girls choose most often.


punk undercut

The model looks incredibly cool, right? Perhaps she has the most daring haircut variation!

In a punk undercut, the whiskey and the back of the head are completely shaved, and the elongated strands on the top of the head, if desired, fit into a mohawk. Very often stylists suggest complementing the hairstyle with a fancy shaved pattern on the back or sides.


undercut hedgehog

The temples and the back of the head are shaved, and the “elongated” part on the top of the head is cut as short as possible so that the usual hedgehog remains. Dark hair can be pulled down over the forehead with playful bangs.

The shortest version of the undercard for those who want to get rid of their hair to the maximum!


retro undercut

The curls at the crown remain long enough to be combed back smoothly. A very restrained and slightly old-fashioned version of the undercard – for which, in fact, it got its name!


pompadour undercut

Stylish haircut, implying a smooth gradient at the temples and on the back of the head. At the top of the head, the curls remain long enough and fit into the most voluminous figure. With such a haircut, perhaps, it is impossible to go unnoticed!

Elongated asymmetrical

asymmetric undercut

In this variation, the bottom of only one side of the head is shaved. The bulk of the curls are cut asymmetrically and combed to the other side. Ideal for those who have not yet decided on the desired hair length, but want to emphasize their individuality.

Long hair undercut

undercut and long hair

The shaved back of the head is hidden under the bulk of the hair – it is easy to hide it at the right time and show it to the world whenever you want.

Caret undercut

square undercut

A kind of mix of classic square and daring undercard. The bob is cut as short as possible, and the temples and the back of the head are shaved exactly to the border with the lower edge of the bulk of the curls, or much higher so that the shortened part of the hairstyle is hidden under the head of hair. In the latter case, you will get a very calm-looking blende haircut – as in the photo.

Bob undercut

bob undercut

Another combination of classic and bold solution for sophisticated women. The haircut is very similar to the undercut square – with only one difference: the length of the strands on the back of the head and in the front differs to a lesser extent. Very stylish!

Photo with ideas for undercut hairstyles for different hair lengths

Thanks to its special geometry and stylists’ imagination, the undercut can be easily realized on any hair length!

For short hair

undercut short hair

Here you can experiment with the length of the strands on the crown – minimal or longer, with the location of the parting on the left or right, with the direction of combing the hair back, to one side or even up. There are hundreds of options!

For medium length hair

undercut for medium hair

Owners of medium hair can choose between asymmetrical, elongated and retro undercut, as well as decide on modern fusion versions: undercut or undercut bob. Each option needs its own care and differs in the duration of styling.

Long hair

undercut for long hair

You don’t have to get rid of the length to get the coveted undercut. You can simply shave off the temple (or both) and the back of the head, leaving the bulk of the hair in its rightful place. And you can make a secret undercut by asking the master to shave off the curls only on the back of the head.

Undercut haircut scheme

haircut scheme

Depending on the variation you like, the undercard execution technology may be simpler or more complex. In any case, we recommend that you not rely on luck and contact a salon master who will help you choose the most suitable version of the haircut and perform it professionally. However, if you are determined to cut your own hair, we have prepared a short guide for you on how to complete the classic undercut.

You will need:

haircut tools
  • a hair clipper with different attachments;
  • hairdressing scissors;
  • hair clips or hairpins;
  • thin comb.
haircut instruction

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Comb through your washed and towel-dried hair.
  2. Divide the mass of hair into three sections: top, middle and bottom.
  3. Lift the top and middle parts up and secure – we don’t need them for now.
  4. Machine the lower part.
  5. If you’re not ready for the classic undercut yet, smoothly transition from ultra-short to elongated length with a typewriter on the middle section.
  6. Go on to trim the top to the desired length.

Haircut care undercut

Undercut is an accent haircut that attracts attention. That is why hair care must be especially careful! Here are some tips:

  • The undercut often has to be installed with a hair dryer or tongs. Daily interaction with high temperatures negatively affects the condition of the curls, so in advance take care of reliable thermal protection – this will help you, for example, a spray Heat buffer from Matrix
  • If you have naturally dry and easily tangle-free hair, it will be difficult to maintain a decent look with your haircut. But don’t despair, good grooming will solve this problem! Add softening shampoo to your bathroom shelf Frizz Dismiss from Redkenso that the curls were easy to comb and obediently fit into a beautiful hairstyle

Tips for laying the undercard

So, we know almost everything about the undercut haircut – it remains to find out how to style it correctly! SalonSecret stylists have shared with us their invaluable professional advice on this topic.

  • If your hair lacks volume (and in the undercard it is of fundamental importance), use a regular round large comb and hairdryer. This simple trick always works – on any hair!
  • Don’t overdo it with styling: the undercut is a bold and free haircut that does not tolerate smoothed strands. To keep the curls loose but keep their shape, choose good styling mousses: for example, High amplify from Matrixwhich lifts the hair without sticking it together.
  • Renew your haircut regularly in the salon: an overgrown undercut can do great harm to your image!
  • Fight split endsthat violate the geometry of the haircut. Unique leave-in care spray Fulldensity from Biolage will help your curls if they tend to thin and split a lot. Just remember to apply it after every shampoo!

Anderkat is a good way to “update your settings” and start life from scratch! Which version of this trendy haircut have you chosen for yourself?

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