TOP-19 fashionable ideas for women’s hairstyles

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Summer haircuts

Fashionable haircuts for summer 2020: trends and novelties

Summer 2020 haircuts
trendy haircuts of summer 2020

From the main trends of spring and summer 2020, the following can be distinguished: disheveled bob or bob-bob, any haircuts on gray and purple hair, ultra-straight hair in the style of Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski. Of the new, you can still highlight texture and negligence. French bangs and Jane Birkin’s bangs have also been in vogue this season.

Runway hits: ultra-short bangs, babette with a huge pile, as in the shows of Moschino and Versace.

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Of the styling, braids, various weaving, low tails and bunches of different textures, a high smooth tail, the effect of wet hair are relevant. Look for the most fashionable styling and haircuts further in the selection, which is also suitable for the fall of 2020.

The most stylish options for women’s hairstyles for long hair in the summer of 2020

On long hair, sloppy waves or smooth straight strands are in fashion. See ideas for the most fashionable haircuts for summer 2020.

Haircut with a straight cut

Smooth cut is in fashion. This is a great option for growing hair. From the fashionable styling for such a haircut, one can single out a smooth malvina with slicked back hair.

Layered haircut and cascade with extended bangs

stylish haircuts for summer 2020

Layers are suitable for girls with ombre, balayage or highlighting. This haircut will perfectly complement the coloring.

For styling use Redken Stay High Mousse and brush.


Summer 2020 haircuts with a ladder

Long ladders are in vogue, but only without large transitions and a serious difference in length. Choose for a smooth transition in the form of a triangle or an oval of the lower third of the hair.


Haircuts for summer 2020 sheg

This haircut will suit wavy hair. Highlighting or balayazh will also perfectly complement it.

Fashion trends in haircuts for the summer for medium hair

For medium lengths this season, it is preferable to choose simpler haircuts – a straight cut and light careless styling. But if your soul asks for variety, see the selection of the most fashionable options.

Long bob or asymmetrical bob

Summer 2020 haircuts bob

An elongated bob or bob with asymmetry is best laid with surf curls or tousled straight strands with your hands, treating them with a texturizer. Redken’s Beach Envy Volume comes to the rescue.


Summer 2020 haircuts cascade

Strands of different lengths will look great in a casual but romantic haircut, like supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Finish styling with Matrix Texture Builder.

Graduated bob and shag

Haircuts of summer 2020 square

If you want to look like a Hollywood star in the summer, then choose a cropped 70s-style shag. Both shag and graduated bob will suit girls with any hair color.

Fashionable haircut with shaved places

Summer 2020 haircuts shaved temple

Shaved whiskey or the back of the head are in fashion. The second is suitable for those who want to add a highlight to the high styling. Shaved areas are best suited for girls with colored stains.

Summer photo ideas of short hairstyles for modern women

A short haircut is ideal for summer, it is not hot and comfortable with it. It is easy to install and easy to care for. See a selection of the most fashionable options.

Classic bob and bob bob

Haircuts for summer 2020 bob-caret

Rough and disheveled bob – one of the most relevant haircuts for short hair, like bob. Styling with the comb to the side or back or the tousled version is relevant. For a smooth bob, use Matrix Super Fixer Gel.

Leg square and bangs

Summer 2020 haircuts with bangs

Complement the bob or bob haircut with baby bangs. Ultra-short bangs will create an image from the shows of major world famous brands like Miu Miu. No wonder Asian women of fashion love this form of haircut so much. Pair with bright colored hair or ash shades.


Summer 2020 pixie haircuts

Pixie and pixie bob are chosen by celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. Such a haircut looks most effective on owners of light hair. A short haircut will be well complemented by bright, beautiful makeup.

Actual variations with bangs

Not all bangs are relevant in the summer, but we have collected for you the most fashionable women’s options that are worth trying. See it soon.

Bangs back

Summer 2020 haircuts with bangs back

The bangs laid back are the main trend of the hot summer. When the asphalt melts underfoot, there is no better option. You can style your bangs with fleece and varnish, or use Redken’s Wax Pomade gel or lipstick.

Side bangs

Summer 2020 haircuts with side bangs

Side bangs go well with bob, cascade and bob haircuts. Ideally styled with a side parting. Do oblique, ragged, but not arched or asymmetrical.

Torn bangs

Summer 2020 haircuts with torn bangs

Ripped bangs and curtain bangs are the stars’ choice. Choose thin, like Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez.

French bangs

Summer 2020 haircuts with French bangs

The most relevant summer option and a favorite of stylists is French bangs. She will look beautiful with curls and straight hair.

Bangs on curls

Haircuts for summer 2020 curls

Obvious and incredible: curly bangs are in fashion. If you are the owner of the perfect spirals, then it’s time to experiment and get bangs.

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