Oblique bangs with short and long hair: 19 photo ideas

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Benefits of side bangs

  • With oblique bangs, you can do different styling, and if you are tired of it, you can easily hide it behind your ear.
  • Oblique bangs can visually correct the face: make the forehead more symmetrical, hide wrinkles and imperfections on the forehead, correct the brow ridges, and visually stretch the face.
  • With bangs, it is easy to change the image without changing the length of the hair.
  • When the side bangs grow back, it looks more natural and aesthetically pleasing than the straight version.
  • The bangs are youthful and make the image more flirty.
  • Oblique bangs are fashionable.

Who is the oblique bang for?

Despite the obvious advantages, oblique bangs are not for everyone. Let’s look at combining side bangs with different face types.

Oblique bangs and face types

  • Triangular face: Long oblique bangs up to or below the eyebrows are suitable for this type of face.
  • Oval face: This face is considered ideal, so any options will do. Long bangs will look best.
  • Square face: Asymmetrical and layered bangs will help correct a massive jaw and forehead.
  • A round face can be narrowed and visually stretched with oblique, torn bangs. Ideally, choose a bang of medium length, as the short option can, on the contrary, give the cheeks puffiness, like very long bangs.
  • Heart-shaped oval of the face: this type of face is ideally complemented by graduated oblique bangs with strands of different lengths.
  • Rectangular face: The best option would be an elongated thick or asymmetrical oblique bangs.

Hair structure for oblique bangs

  • Straight hair in this case is an indisputable advantage; curly and graphic bangs look best on such hair.
  • On wavy and curly hair, oblique bangs are also possible, but it all depends on the desired result. It is unlikely that you can do without styling products and an iron; very curly hair with bangs will have a very difficult time.
  • Thin hair. Graduated haircuts with layered bangs will work well for you to add volume.
  • For thicker hair, the choice is wider. You can experiment with completely different options for oblique bangs. The heavier the hair, the less time it will take to style.

Age: are there any restrictions?

Torn bangs can create a more youthful look. It adds coquetry and sophistication, but here you also need to be careful. With age, it is better to give up extravagant and provocative options, to give preference to more symmetrical and elongated bangs.

Four trendy oblique bangs

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Oblique bangs are a 2018-2019 trend that has returned to us from the past. We have collected the most relevant options for you.

Ultra short bangs

Suitable for all hair lengths, but not for every face type. Looks best on young girls with an oval face. This is a good option to correct your hairline and high forehead.

An alternative option – oblique bangs with a corner above the eyebrow – will look bold, but stylish.

Long oblique bangs

Long oblique bangs are the most elegant option that helps to divert attention from imperfections on the face. Well suited for women who, for example, are not satisfied with the shape or length of the nose.

Diagonal or asymmetrical bangs

A very dangerous option, bordering between stylish and spectacular bangs and mothballs bad taste. In order not to fall into the second category, choose a short haircut: such bangs look good with a bob or bob haircut.

Torn bangs

Suitable for girls who want to highlight their eyes, but hide skin imperfections. A good option for girls with a square, rectangular or oval face.

Short haircut with side bangs


This haircut, combined with the extra long bangs, is a definite hit with Hollywood celebrities, especially older women. This hairstyle adds volume to thin hair and is great for youth.


A bob with side bangs looks great both in the classic version and in the elongated version. Bangs add elegance, sophistication and help to adjust the shape of the face.


A bully look with French chic can be achieved by combining a garcon haircut with cropped bangs.

Shaved temple

A shaved temple goes well with an elongated or medium side bang. This option is suitable for young girls who want to emphasize their bold character. This hairstyle will go well with color dyeing and the brightest shades.

Shaved nape

Long oblique bangs can effectively complement an image with a shaved nape and help emphasize it. Thinning and layers will help add volume.

Side bangs with hairstyles for medium hair


A bob haircut will look fashionable with voluminous multi-layered bangs up to the eyebrows or slightly lower. This option will suit girls with any hair color.

Elongated bob

Girls with thick and voluminous hair should pay attention to an elongated square with bangs. You can make oblique bangs with smooth transitions or torn strands.

Bob car

A bob bob with side bangs is a good option for blondes or girls with pastel hair color. Hair will look even more voluminous.

Asymmetrical square

The diagonal asymmetrical bangs are just made for you! Feel free to experiment and complement the haircut with a bright hair color. Also, an asymmetrical square looks beautiful with an elongated bang.

Long hair oblique bangs

It is quite difficult to change your appearance and correct your face without losing hair length. But bangs come to the aid of long-haired beauties.

Cascade with oblique bangs

Oblique bangs can add a cascade of lightness and negligence. Choose the medium or long version. This hairstyle will look great with ombre coloring, shatush or balayage.

Graduation with oblique bangs

Graduation itself adds volume, and the layers of bangs are a dramatic extension of your hairstyle. It is ideally combined with coloring in the technique of highlighting or highlighter, it also looks good on dark hair.

The technical side of the haircut

What professional hairdressers in oblique bangs pay attention to

When cutting in the salon, a professional master will be able to choose a bang for you according to your age and facial structure. Hair color also plays a significant role: it is important that the bangs set off the face, and not merge with it. Depending on the type and structure of the hair, the hairdresser will tell you whether thinning and graduation is needed. Bangs require an individual approach. Also, hair needs high-quality care: bangs are subject to frequent styling, hair can begin to split and change its structure.

Karina Kotova, technologist of the Matrix brand, emphasizes that it is important to pay attention to the parting in order to understand where to make the shortest section of hair. It is also important to take into account exactly how the client puts the bangs, ask them to show what movements they correct, in which direction.

When cutting curly hair, the master takes into account that hair without styling in the future will rise strongly and look shorter. Professional hairdressers ask the client in advance if he will straighten them every day.

How to style long side bangs

Long oblique bangs can be styled in several ways.

  • With the help of brushing. Apply mousse or foam to damp hair, for example High Amplify Foam Volumizer by Matrix (this tool will give the maximum volume). Use a round brush and hair dryer. To dry your bangs, to preserve your hair, set the hair dryer to the maximum temperature and minimum air flow. Dry by lifting from the roots.
  • Ironing. Long bangs can be pulled out with an iron, or curled with curls. In any case, use thermal protection such as spray Hot Sets 22 by Redken… Fix styled hair with varnish or texturizing spray. Reliable protection, especially if the hair is prone to frizz, will provide Extra Full Freezing Spray by Matrix
  • With the help of harnesses. Light waves on long bangs can become a logical continuation of the hairstyle if you apply a spray with sea salt to wet hair, for example Fashion Waves by Redken, then twist the bangs into a tourniquet in the direction from the face. Secure the harnesses, for example, with invisibility and dry. Divide dry hair into strands with your hands and fix the hairstyle with a texturizing spray.

Advice: for owners of long bangs instead of varnish, dry texturizing sprays are ideal. They do not stick hair, add volume and keep the hairstyle light. pay attention to Texture Builder by Matrix, according to customer reviews, this spray also prevents hair from frizzing.

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