Haircuts with oblique bangs for medium hair: TOP-5 hairstyles

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medium hair and oblique bangs

Why are haircuts for medium hair with side bangs so popular?

Let’s start with the fact that medium hair length is simply comfortable! Such curls do not interfere too much in everyday life, do not require long styling, and, if necessary, easily turn into an evening hairstyle, unlike, say, any short haircut.

oblique bangs

But about the oblique bangs, we cannot find a definite answer: the oblique bangs are obviously not for everyone, because they noticeably affect the shape, proportions of the face and even the figure as a whole!

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Therefore, we decided to dwell on medium haircuts with oblique bangs separately, in order to understand with you what the advantages and disadvantages of this combination are and who it suits.

Oblique bangs are an amazing element: they can be combined with almost any hairstyle, making it more sophisticated or unusual. After all, even in the banal laying of its strands to one side, there are solutions for every taste. Today, straight parting and no bangs are the choice of conservatives, while progressive women of fashion choose more complex options, adding oblique bangs to a straight or torn bob, bob, elongated pixie and other haircuts for medium hair.

oblique bangs and oval face

Oblique bangs help to correct the oval of the face: cover a too high forehead, divert attention from the nose, focus on the eyes or on the cheekbones – in a word, mask minor imperfections and emphasize the dignity of appearance.

In addition, slanting bangs are considered a sign of youth – this element instantly adds cockiness and playfulness to any look!

Only pluses? Understanding the benefits of beveled bangs

pros of oblique bangs

If we dwell in more detail on the merits of the oblique bangs, then one cannot fail to note such points as:

  • universality – suitable for any type of face and any haircut;
  • youth – a daring element in the image;
  • ease of laying – if you do not have curly curls, there will be no problems with daily styling;
  • disguise imperfections in appearance, emphasis on virtues;
  • easy to cleanif it interferes – any hair clip will help remove the bangs from the face if necessary;
  • grows beautifully – even if you do not make it to the beauty salon on time, the oblique bangs will not look untidy.

Who is suitable for medium hair with side bangs?

who is the oblique bangs

Haircuts for medium hair with oblique bangs are rightfully considered universal – just because of this very bang, which takes over the solution to all problems! And here’s what she is capable of:

  • round face – oblique bangs visually stretch the oval of the face due to the long diagonal;
  • Oval face – oblique bangs emphasize the correct proportions of the face;
  • square face – oblique bangs softens the sharp features of the face, adds a long diagonal, stretching the proportions;
  • triangular face – oblique bangs masks imbalance between the upper and lower parts of the face.

Obviously, oblique bangs, laid on one side in different variations, are a real find for those who would like to change their image and shift the emphasis from disadvantages to advantages!

Fashionable options for oblique bangs

Of course, side bangs can look very different, which is what helps them to be so versatile. Let’s see what configurations of oblique bangs are in trend now and which stylish option will appeal to you.


short bangs

Stylists love short oblique bangs first of all for its dynamism – such bangs instantly make the image less boring and ordinary! However, it is with short bangs that you need to be most careful: it does not suit owners of large facial features and chubby girls. In addition, short oblique bangs will be disadvantageous to emphasize the lack of hair density.


elongated bangs

Long oblique bangs are one of the trendiest options this year! These bangs look great with all face types and with most haircuts. Her superpower lies in her ability to visually stretch out proportions and effortlessly disguise imperfections in her appearance. Another important plus: such a bang is easy to perform on any hair, even curly ones!


torn bangs

If earlier torn oblique bangs were the lot of the most daring young ladies, today it is another fashion trend, implemented with any haircut and at any age! Torn bangs help discipline overly heavy and thick hair, giving the hairstyle the necessary lightness and airiness.


thick bangs

Thick oblique bangs without milled ends are the choice for those who are ready to spend enough time styling. The advantage of such a bang is in its glossy charm: it emphasizes the natural beauty of the curls, goes well with classic haircuts and is acceptable even with a very strict dress code.

Double layer

This option has come into fashion relatively recently: oblique bangs are cut in layers and suggests the presence of both elongated and short strands. Double-layer oblique bangs are a kind of compromise between thick and torn, and this compromise allows you to solve any problems with facial proportions.

Top 5 hairstyle ideas for medium hair with side bangs

So, we made sure that the oblique bangs, due to their endless variability, are suitable for almost everyone! All that remains is to combine your bangs correctly with one of the medium haircuts and enjoy the result!


bangs and cascade

Cascading haircuts and oblique bangs seem to be made for each other: both the one and the other element emphasize the lightness of the hairstyle, as if disheveled by the summer wind. With a cascade, an elongated or torn version of an oblique bang most often looks perfect. Graduated haircuts of this type give an airy look for girls with heavy, dense hair.


bangs and bob

The elongated square in the classic version assumes a straight parting and a complete absence of bangs, but more and more stylists are offering a more dynamic and modern version. Elongated oblique or, conversely, ultra-short bangs can help harmonize the proportions of the face and emphasize its dignity.


bangs and bob

A bob on medium hair looks great with side bangs, since this hairstyle suggests some asymmetry and lightness of lines. Most often, for this haircut, a torn oblique bang is chosen a little longer than the classic one, so the image is completely complete.


A ladder cut helps to discipline overly thick and unruly curls, which is why it is often combined with double-layer side bangs, which accomplish the same practical tasks. The result is a light and graceful hairstyle that will look good with any type of face.


bangs and aurora

Both short and elongated oblique bangs look good with Aurora – it all depends on the configuration of the haircut itself and the features of the face. If the proportions of the face need to be visually stretched, the stylist will most likely suggest an elongated version of the oblique bangs, and if your face needs to add a little openness and dynamics – a short one.

Beautiful styling options with oblique bangs

Many people believe that bangs can become an obstacle to creating a beautiful styling: it does not combine well with high hairstyles, always strives to break out of the shackles of invisibility and finishing spray and spoil the impression. We prove that this is not so, using the example of the oblique bangs that we already love!

Bang, back!

bangs back

Long bangs can be pulled back for a beautiful classic Greek style. You will need a graceful headband or ribbon, as well as invisibility and a sufficient amount of styling products. Pin your bangs under the decorative element if you want to open your forehead and enjoy a graceful hairdo!

Curl bangs

curl bangs

If you are planning on curling your hair, there is nothing stopping you from doing the same with long side bangs! Small or large curls, gently falling on the face, will make the image softer and more feminine. Just be sure to apply enough styling mousse to your bangs so that curls don’t develop before the event is over.

We leave the bangs as they are

styling bangs

An option for those who love their side bangs and don’t want to change anything. Even if the bulk of the hair is styled into a hairstyle (for example, in a bun or braid), the bangs can be left in their original form. This will not harm the image at all, on the contrary, it will make it more democratic and attractive! Or you can apply a little spray with glitter to the strands of the bangs, turning the usual element of the hairstyle into a bright accent.

Necessary care and styling products – stylists advise!

Any hairstyle looks best if the hair feels great! We asked SalonSecret stylists to share their recommendations for the perfect care for medium curls and, of course, styling.

All Soft Mega by Redken

This mask is designed to nourish and moisturize very dry and brittle hair: a real salvation for those who regularly style side bangs with a hair dryer or iron! Apply All soft mega on strands along the entire length several times a week to provide curls with everything they need to protect against external influences.

Frizz Dismiss by Redken

Owners of fluffy and unruly hair often refuse bangs because they know how difficult it will be to tame them. The problem is solved with Frizz Dismiss masks, which is designed specifically for this type of curls. Fluff will never stop enjoying your favorite hairstyle – never!

Matrix Height Riser Powder

Thin hair does not hold volume well, and it happens that by the end of the day the bangs do not look their best. This is where powder for texturing and volume comes to the rescue: it helps to refresh the styling after a hard day.

Full Effect Volume Mousse by Redken

Medium-length haircuts look more advantageous if they are voluminous, which means that before styling with a hairdryer or ironing, it is important to apply a mousse to the strands that lifts the strands. It doesn’t take much time, but it gives an absolutely amazing effect. See for yourself!

Redken Quick Dry Finishing Spray

In order for the styling to last for a long time, the power of thought alone is not enough – you need to call on a good finishing spray to help. If you have fairly docile curls, don’t go for an ultra-strong hold spray – normal will suffice. Quick Dry Finishing Spray helps to quickly finish styling, dries instantly and does not stick together, maintaining the most natural look of the hairstyle.

Haircuts for medium hair with side bangs are a real salvation for those who are tired of looking for the perfect image and want to finally stop at something! Which option did you choose for yourself?

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