Haircuts with bangs 2019-2020 for short, medium and long hair (20 photos)

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Haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

Women’s haircuts with bangs 2019-2020: new items and trends

Haircuts with bangs 2020 2021 new

Someone has never worn a bang, and someone cannot imagine their image without this detail of the hairstyle. We are sure that every girl should give in to the impulse at least once and do something crazy – for example, cut off her bangs! You can choose the right one from a selection of the best ideas for women’s haircuts with bangs 2020-2021.

Haircuts with bangs 2020 2021 trends

Now the fashion for naturalness has not only not gone into oblivion, but also continues to gain momentum! Stylists are increasingly giving preference to simple, natural forms, avoiding too complex model solutions that require mandatory styling. These trends also apply to modern bangs, which are also becoming easier and more comfortable.

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Increasingly, bangs tend to become part of the overall geometry of the haircut, imperceptibly merging with the bulk of the hair. Clear geometric shapes and creative bangs are mercilessly rejected and a thing of the past. So, this year it was decided to keep short bangs only for those to whom they really suit. Top stylists adore them, but let’s be honest: such bangs make the shape of the haircut too deliberate, artificial. In addition, it is planned to abandon the curled up rare bangs – a kind of greetings from the eighties, which suddenly suddenly became fashionable last year.

What bangs are in fashion in 2020-2021?

Haircuts with bangs 2020 2021 which are in fashion

Let’s move from theory to practice, that is, to specifics. Is it true that there is something of its own for any age and type of appearance? Let’s see which bangs are at their peak in 2020-2021.

  • Straight thick bangs: Lies down naturally, covers the forehead completely, helps to balance the proportions of a long face.
  • Bangs on two sides: she is still in trend, looks as natural as possible, does not need complex styling. It starts from the top of the head and includes a straight parting – or a parting with slight asymmetry.
  • Oblique bangs: Ideal for chubby or girls with a triangular face shape – helps to stretch out proportions, looks natural and fits easily.
  • Arch-shaped bangs: the only not quite natural novelty that helps to create the necessary accents and emphasize the oval of the face.
  • Torn bangs: lightens the geometry of the hairstyle and the overall look, looks natural, easy to fit with your fingers.

Photo with ideas for haircuts for short hair 2019-2020 with bangs

Short haircuts with bangs have already become classics. What versions did stylists choose for 2020-2021? Let’s find out right now!

Pixie with extended side bangs

pixie haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

A trendy asymmetrical version of a short women’s haircut with bangs 2019-2020, which suits almost everyone! Volume at the crown and elongated bangs allow you to bring a face of any shape closer to the desired oval.

Short bob with straight bangs

bob haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

Classics are still at their peak! A short square with straight thick bangs seems to be made for each other. Their combination adds charm to a haircut with bangs 2020-2021.

Short bob with long bangs

bob haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

Another classic combination that stylists preferred in 2020-2021. Such a haircut with bangs looks great both on straight and curly curls!

Sasson with torn bangs

sessionon haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

Feminine and gentle, and at the same time slightly careless – due to the very torn bangs that add playfulness to the clear geometry of the haircut. If, even in this version, it seems too strict and boring, ask the master to make torn ends around the entire perimeter of the head – the effect will be dizzying!

Page with straight bangs

page haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

Page – a haircut for the brave in spirit! In addition, this is the only short haircut that has maintained its position in 2020-2021 – the year of natural light styling. The page can hardly be called natural, but it looks gorgeous, especially thanks to the thick straight bangs that form a single line with the edge of the hair.

Stylish options for haircuts for medium hair 2019-2020 with bangs

Medium hair length is the most comfortable and practical, so it is not surprising that it has become a separate trend this year. What haircuts with bangs are offered by trendsetters for owners of shoulder-length hair in 2020-2021?

Long classic bob with bangs on two sides

classic bob haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

In the elongated version, this haircut looks even simpler and more natural than in the original – short. This effect is enhanced by the bangs that are trendy this year on two sides: they look like you decided to grow them and just split them on the sides. And no need to stack! This haircut requires an even monochromatic dyeing or the finest highlighting in two or three similar tones.

Smooth bob with diagonal to the face and oblique bangs

smooth bob haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

The real salvation for girls with thin hair has become fashionable! This version of the bob helps to give the curls structure and clear outlines, and the elongated oblique bangs maintain the overall mood and visually stretch the proportions of the face.

Long square with oblique bangs

long bob haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

An incredibly simple yet luxurious haircut that looks great on any type of hair – from fine to dense and unruly! Oblique bangs are a new trend 2020-2021, since a year earlier, an elongated bob was often worn with bangs on both sides.


wolf haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

Everything new is well forgotten old! A hairstyle from the seventies is back in fashion, and the torn “nervous” bangs in its composition perfectly match the trend.

Fashionable hairstyles for long hair with bangs 2019-2020

Long curls are so beautiful! We at SalonSecret sincerely admire the girls who do not cut the length and make the world brighter day after day with their luxurious hair. Here’s what the experts recommend for long-haired beauties in 2020-2021.

Cascading haircut with bangs on two sides

cascade haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

The cascade technique allows you to add volume along the length, which is often not enough for long hair. And the bangs on both sides will harmoniously merge with the shorter strands of the upper level of the hairstyle and form a beautiful ensemble framing the face.

Italian with oblique bangs

italian haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

The Italian haircut harmoniously combines two techniques at once – graduation and cascade. This approach allows you to vary and distribute the volume of the hairstyle depending on the type of face and hair. In 2020-2021, it is recommended to supplement the Italian woman with an elongated oblique bangs with milled ends.

Smooth cut with straight bangs

oblique cut haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

Another timeless combination that never goes out of style. A straight line on the bottom cut, a straight line on the bangs cut – what could be more natural, calmer and more harmonious?

Ladder with torn bangs

ladder haircut with bangs 2020 2021

The real salvation for girls with thin hair has become fashionable! This version of the bob helps to give the curls structure and clear outlines, and the elongated oblique bangs maintain the overall mood and visually stretch the proportions of the face.

Long square with oblique bangs

long bob haircuts with bangs 2020 2021

A ladder haircut helps to texture the strands and make the hairstyle more voluminous and mobile, and in the modern version, the transition between lengths is soft and not striking. Long torn bangs that can be laid on one side or on both sides are designed to support the mood of such a haircut in 2020-2021. This is a fashionable version of a haircut with bangs 2019-2020.

Styling product overview

It can be tricky to negotiate bangs, but SalonSecret stylists know what to do in these situations. We asked them to make a list of the necessary tools for styling a fashionable haircut with bangs 2020-2021. They will definitely come in handy!

Redken Full Effect Volume Mousse

A very light hold, moisturizing and thickening foam that will give your bangs a natural volume and softness with any style. Apply a small amount of product all over the strands before blow-drying or ironing.

Liss Unlimited Oil by L’Oréal Professionnel

A few drops Liss Unlimited oilsapplied to the bangs before styling, will make the curls pliable and smooth. In addition, the oil will help to give hair an absolutely natural shine, which is sometimes lost with styling.

Heat protective primer Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry

Unique remedy for Redken combines several functions at once! Firstly, it works as a reliable primer that secures the effect of styling products. Secondly, this is thermal protection – the most important detail when laying with a hairdryer or ironing. And thirdly, it accelerates drying in half. Isn’t it magic?

Powder L’Oréal Professionnel Super Dust

Texturing Super Dust powder Helps texture the bangs for a more dynamic and structured look. Plus, this powder has another amazing feature – root volume: a great lifesaver for those with oily hair too quickly.

Redken Mess Around Texturizing Cream Paste

An irreplaceable thing for natural styling! Mess Around Paste delicately textures individual strands, while very little is required. The paste works great with bangs on two sides and an elongated oblique bangs.

Do you like the trend for natural styling and the simplest forms of bangs? Or do you prefer more complex haircut geometry?

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