Haircut “debut”: salvation for a round or square face

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haircut debut

Correcting the lines of a round or square face can be difficult: the standard proportions are distorted, and many beautiful fashionable haircuts only emphasize this imperfection. The good news for those with one of these face types is that there are still suitable haircuts: for example, the megapopular debut, which has won worldwide fame for its ability to hide what needs to be hidden. We find out what is the uniqueness of this hairstyle and how it differs from a cascading haircut and a ladder.

Features of women’s haircut debut

features of women's haircut debut

The debut is a unique female hairstyle: she has absorbed all the advantages of cascading haircuts and ladder hairstyles, successfully combined them and supplemented them with her own innovations. One of them (it is also a distinctive feature of the haircut) is the strands that harmoniously frame the face and form a delicate horseshoe-shaped outline.

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This technique solves the main problem of the owners of round and square faces: due to the lightest torn strands, the very correct oval is formed, which almost all girls strive for. And not only girls! Age is not a reason to give up your own debut.

Pros and cons of debut

As with any haircut, the debut has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Advantages of a haircut:

  • corrects the proportions of the face, bringing the outlines closer to the oval;
  • looks good on any type of hair (gives volume to thin hair, disciplines to thick hair);
  • can be performed on almost any length;
  • focuses on the eyes.

Disadvantages of haircuts:

  • requires daily styling;
  • you need to regularly visit a beauty salon to update your haircut;
  • difficult to do on very curly hair.

How is the opening different from the usual cascade?

how the debut differs from the cascade

The main difference between these hairstyles is that only one technique is used in a cascading haircut – the cascade itself (the difference in the length of the strands at different levels). In the opening, in addition to the cascade, a few more tricks are used: a ladder haircut, which in a modern reading is less striking than in the 90s, and torn strands around the face.

Who is the debut for?

Let’s see what a haircut looks like on different types.

haircut on different types

Due to its variability, the haircut will beautify almost any face. With oval the debut will emphasize the correct proportions, place the necessary accents, and with a round one will bring the proportions closer to the oval and hide the cheeks.

The debut will soften the sharp corners and the massive jaw of a square face, make the image more feminine, and in a duet with a triangular face shape it will balance the proportions due to strands of different lengths.

Debut hairstyle options for long hair

Debut is a great opportunity to add style and charm to long curls. Take a look at how beautiful the haircut looks in different variations!

Strands on the cheekbones

If you need to soften the line of the cheekbones, the stylist will probably offer you this option: the strands at the temples are cut rather shortly and the tips fall just on the cheekbones! A very accent and beautiful welcome.

Extra long side strands

If the oval of the face does not need correction, you can try the option with elongated side strands, which will beautifully emphasize the hair structure, accentuate the lips and delicate jawline.

Trendy haircut ideas for medium length hair

The average length of curls is considered ideal, because it is very convenient to work with it, and any haircut looks brightest in this version!

Debut with straight torn strands

Strands can be framed in different ways: for example, in a stylish and dynamic version with absolutely straight strands trimmed with a ladder. Looks great!

Strands twisted to the sides

strands twisted to the sides

The same haircut can be presented in a completely different way, if it is provided that the strands framing the face will curl away from the face during styling. This technique helps to open your eyes and make the image more solemn.

Short hair debut

On short curls, this haircut also looks very stylish – see for yourself!

Open ears

open ears

If the shape of the ears allows, the strands in the temporal zones can be made very short – this will give the image a little youth and carelessness.

Elongated strands at the back of the head

The curls at the back can be left a little longer than at the crown and sides – this technique helps to balance the proportions, as well as to place accents on the neck and chin.

Haircut debut: with or without bangs?

The haircut rules do not provide for a mandatory bang, however, most often it participates in the geometry of the opening simply because it is beautiful. Let’s look at both those and other options to compare them with each other.

With a bang

debut with bangs

The bangs help to form that very “horseshoe” – an outline that outlines the face and brings its proportions closer to the classic oval. Plus, ripped, oblique or straight long bangs help maintain the style of the cut and rhyme well with the cropped side strands.

No bangs

If there is a need to open the forehead (for example, it is very short or you need to focus on the eyes and eyebrows), the debut can be cut without bangs. Then the ladder strands will frame the face only on the right and left. This option will inevitably lengthen the proportions, so it is not recommended for girls who naturally have an elongated face.

How to cut a debut: execution technique

Debut is a complex haircut aimed at correcting the proportions of the face. That is why we recommend not to cut your hair yourself, but to trust the stylist in the beauty salon. The master knows perfectly well the scheme and technology of the haircut, will help determine its length, give advice on the bangs and decide what degree of thinning is required in your case.

If you are still ready to take a chance and get a haircut at home, use our step-by-step instructions.


You will need:

  • a comb with fine, frequent teeth;
  • hair clips;
  • sharp hairdressing scissors;
  • thinning scissors.

Haircut technique:

  • Comb through damp hair and dry slightly with a towel or hairdryer.
  • Divide the mass of hair into two partings: vertical (from the center of the forehead to the base of the neck) and horizontal (from temple to temple).
  • We collect the curls at the back (after the horizontal parting) and fasten them with clamps so that they do not interfere.
  • Fold the front strands back, take the control center strand and start cutting at the desired length.
  • Cut the rest of the strands in front and on the sides, focusing on the central strand, maintaining the shape of the horseshoe outline.
  • Make another horizontal parting, select a control strand, repeat haircut in a semicircle – the next layer should be shorter than the previous one.
  • Continue trimming the front, moving towards the main horizontal part.
  • Go to the back strands: select the control strand and compare it with the control strand in the front – equalize their length along the front curl.
  • Treat the rest of the hair in the same way.
  • Take a thinning scissors and process all the strands: the thicker and more unruly hair, the deeper they need to thin.

Haircut care

The more difficult the haircut, the more difficult the care. Unfortunately, this rule also works for the opening. We asked SalonSecret stylists to share with us the secrets of curl care that are relevant for the owners of the debut.

  • Do not overdry curls: dry ends, despite thinning, will not lie neatly – they will bulge in different directions and break the geometry of the haircut. If you are styling with a hairdryer or tongs, use reliable thermal protection, such as oil Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry
  • Debut – cascading haircutwhich helps to add visual volume even to very fine hair. Maintain this trend by using a suitable thickening shampoo (e.g. Kérastase Densité) to make the volume even more luxurious.
  • Do not forget about regular nutrition of the strands: Daily styling depletes the supply of nutrients – they need to be replenished with hair masks. Argan oil mask will help you with this. Redken all soft

TOP-3 stylish hairstyles debut

The concept of haircuts in each case also suggests a variety of styling methods. Take a look at how different the same hairstyle can look!



The strands fit evenly and smoothly, repeating the geometry of the haircut and slightly curling at the ends, if necessary. Volume at the crown is achieved through the use of a persistent mousse.

Daring option

daring option

If you are going to a party or to a meeting with friends, try this option: using a curling iron and a strong hold gel, the strands fit almost into a mohawk over the entire surface of the head – a cascade haircut helps a lot!



Before a date or a romantic walk in the moonlight, you can use a curling iron and tuck each strand into a playful curl. Leave the bangs, if any, straight or secure with a small invisibility, hiding it under the curls. Just be sure to use a reliable finishing spray so your curls don’t develop prematurely!

Styling product overview

The right styling products recommended by SalonSecret stylists will help support the cutting philosophy and highlight all its advantages.

Matrix High Amplify Volume Mousse

It will help create natural volume at the roots without sticking together and maintaining a soft, dynamic styling.

Matrix Super Fixer modeling gel

The gel allows you to texture each strand, create complex layered styling and maintain the most daring look!

Matrix Freezing Spray topcoat

It will securely fix the styling without “freezing” it – your hairstyle will look natural, but it will retain the given shape until late at night.

Debut is a great solution for those with a round or square face! Have you already wanted to try on such a haircut?

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