Haircut Caprice (26 photos) for short, medium and long hair

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Haircut caprice

Features haircuts whim

Features haircuts whim

Many creative haircuts, alas, are insidious: they look great right after the stylist conjured over our heads, but after the first wash they begin to behave at their own discretion and do not want to fit into the given framework. That is why most girls prefer the simplest hairstyles, because of which you will not have to spend long hours in front of the mirror in vain attempts to repeat the hairdresser’s masterpiece.

Fashionable (thanks to celebrity) whim is not such a haircut. Caprice looks amazing even if you went to bed with a wet head, dried your hair naturally, or just blown it on it for a few minutes in different directions.

Fashion whim
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You just need to find an experienced stylist who will do your hair well. This is where all the work ends, you don’t have to do anything at all to style the whim! Of course, if you don’t want to. And if the soul asks for creativity, you can style your new hairstyle in dozens of different ways – we will also talk about some of them.

Her name fully justifies itself: a girl with such a hairstyle really looks like she is capable of any – even the most unexpected – whim! It’s all about the special architecture: complex and multi-layered, with strands sticking out in different directions, this women’s haircut gives the impression of a very well-thought-out chaos.

The whim has already come to the liking of the brightest Hollywood beauties: Victoria Beckham, Kristen Stewart and many, many others have tried on this haircut with pleasure.

Pros and cons of haircuts

Pros and cons of haircuts

As with any hairstyle, whimsy has its advantages and disadvantages. The undoubted advantages of a haircut include the following:

  • versatility – suits almost everyone;
  • performed on any type of hair;
  • ease of styling;
  • the ability to change the image at will;
  • creativity;
  • brightness.

Of course, this haircut has its drawbacks.

  • It will not suit fans of classic haircuts.
  • Poorly combined with a business style of dress.

Who is the caprice for?

Caprice is a rather versatile haircut, so there are practically no restrictions for it.

  • Oval face: perfect hit – the haircut will emphasize the correct proportions.
  • Round face: When choosing the right haircut architecture, the haircut will help balance the proportions.
  • Triangular face: balances the upper and lower parts of the face, accentuates the eyes and cheekbones.
  • Square face: a whim will help smooth out rough edges.

Photo with ideas for women’s hairstyle caprice for different hair lengths

Another great news is that whims are perfectly executed on any hair length! Unlike most creative haircuts, this hairstyle has no contraindications for long strands.

Short hair whim

On short hair, a whim haircut looks especially daring! A real find for those who have dry and brittle curls – the hairstyle will keep its shape for a long time.

Caprice for medium length hair

Caprice for medium length hair

Get amazing volume, forget about long styling and look your best every day – that’s what you can achieve just by changing your hairstyle!

Caprice for long hair

Caprice for long hair

Long hair always needs extra volume, and styling it is a real torment. Caprice easily solves all these problems!

Is the whim haircut spectacular with and without bangs?

Haircut caprice with bangs

The classic version of the haircut does not involve bangs, but that’s a whim to do whatever your heart desires! Therefore, we will consider all the hairstyle options – both with bangs and without.

With a bang

Obviously, the bangs here should be as creative as the haircut itself! The most popular options for bangs in a whim are:

  • torn bangs,
  • oblique bangs,
  • elongated bangs,
  • straight short bangs.

In a word, everything is suitable that suggests a certain breakdown of the template and a challenge to the classical canons. However, a simple straight bang is also suitable if you like it – everything is allowed to whim!

No bangs

If you don’t want bangs, then don’t. A haircut can look good without it – on short, medium, and long hair!

The scheme for performing haircuts whim

  The scheme for performing haircuts whim

Fulfilling a whim is incredibly difficult – primarily because almost no rules apply here! It all depends on the skill of the stylist: the finished hairstyle will either magically transform you, or highlight, like a spotlight, all minor imperfections. Therefore, you should not take risks and try to repeat the image of Victoria Beckham on your own – it is better to trust a professional. Well, if you are still ready to take a chance, follow our step-by-step instructions: we will tell you about the basic techniques required to complete this haircut.

For a haircut you will need:

Thinning scissors and fine comb
  • sharp hairdressing scissors;
  • thinning scissors;
  • thin comb;
  • hair clips.

Step-by-step execution scheme:

Performing a whim haircut
  • Wet, towel-dried hair is carefully combed.
  • The entire mass of hair must be divided by two partings: horizontal and vertical.
  • The occipital area is divided by another horizontal parting into two equal parts.
  • A haircut is started from the lower part of the occipital zone, having processed one – control – strand.
  • A haircut is performed at a 45 degree angle.
  • After the occiput, the master moves to the temporal zones, focusing on the occipital control strand.
  • The crown is sheared using the vertical graduation method.
  • The master processes the bangs, starting from the wishes of the client.
  • All strands are milled with special scissors. The depth of thinning depends on the thickness of the hair.

Please remember that the length of the strands and the step of the length difference should be selected individually – depending on the type of face and other features of appearance.

Haircut care

Haircut care

The more creative the haircut, the more striking the condition of the hair! We asked SalonSecret experts for their professional recommendations for those who are planning to wear a caprice haircut and want to look perfect.

  • Make sure the strands are getting enough moisture. A caprice haircut helps dry and brittle hair to keep styling easier, but this does not exclude careful grooming. Use moisturizers: for example, regularly apply hair regenerating Matrix So Long Damage mask
  • Do not forget about thermal protection: a curling iron and a hair dryer negatively affect the beauty and health of your hair. If you regularly style with heated plates or hot air, be sure to apply thermal protection to the strands to protect the strands. Stylists recommend paying attention to a professional remedy for MatrixHeat Buffer spray
  • The ends of the strands that stick out so playfully here and there in your new haircut should be well hydrated. Remember to apply a smoothing agent on them to protect them from external influences and drying out. Matrix Oil Wonders will cope with this task perfectly.

The three most stylish hairstyles whim

Stylish styling haircuts whim

Even if you just blow the hair dryer in different directions, you get incredibly stylish styling, if, of course, the haircut is done well! And if you’re looking for something specific, check out the following three ways to style your strands creatively.

Hair back

Hair styling back haircuts whim

A hairdryer, a round comb and a sufficient amount of mousse will help to comb your hair back without losing any volume. Full Volume Extra from L’Oréal Professionnel! Apply the mousse to the towel-dried strands, and then style the curls, combing them from the forehead to the back of the head. Smooth styling will help ensure a concentrator nozzle that directs a hot stream of air parallel to the strands.

Hair forward

Hair styling forward haircut caprice

The comb will look even more stylish not back, but forward. What could be more creative? Of course, this styling is only suitable for girls with short haircuts, and if your hair is longer, you might just want to radically change your image!

Use a mousse, round brush, and hair dryer to brush forward. The laying technology is exactly the same as in the previous version, only the process will go in a different direction. After the hair has cooled, texture individual strands with wax Matrix Over Achiever

Smooth styling

Smooth styling

If you are a little tired of all these creative styles, return to the classics for a moment and get a sleek hairstyle! For perfect results, apply enough modeling gel to the strands. Matrix Super Fixerbefore blow-drying. But make sure that there is not too much gel, otherwise it will be noticeable on the hair!

Well, we are convinced that a whim is an almost perfect haircut: cheerful, perky, stylish and suits almost everyone! Are you ready for a radical change of image, or whims are not in your style?

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