6 trendy hairstyles for short, medium and long hair

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Youth haircuts for girls

“Something fashionable and youthful for me” – it’s difficult to calculate how many times per working day salon masters receive such a request! And where is the border between youth and not so much? What haircuts are considered youth and are suitable for girls, and which should only be worn by prim old women with a lapdog in their purse? Why is some haircut boldly called youth, and some are thinking hard about?

SalonSecret doesn’t like unanswered questions. We have collected all the information about women’s stylish and youth haircuts in one big material and now we are happy to share this knowledge with our readers!

Features of modern youth haircuts for women and girls

Features of modern youth haircuts
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What are youth haircuts, what do they eat with – in the sense, wear them – and why do we need them, if we are not eighteen already? We asked these and other questions to the experts at SalonSecret. The answers will help us – and you! – stay in trend and don’t miss all the fun.

youth haircuts

Let’s start with the most important thing: what haircut can be considered youth? Is it a special type of hairstyle with a certain scheme of execution? It turns out that any basic haircut easily turns into a youth one if the master departs from the classic canons and adds some zest to the hairstyle: for example, to the bob – torn bangs, to the bob – asymmetrical edges, to the usual ladder – deep thinning, makes the usual garcon more daring etc…

In short, youth is in the details, including the details of the haircut.

The youth elements of the hairstyle include:

  • asymmetry;
  • torn strands;
  • deep thinning;
  • feather strands (however, stylists claim that they are no longer as relevant as textural details);
  • shaved areas.

Who is the youth haircut suitable for?

Who is the youth haircut suitable for?

Of course, it makes no sense to talk about the shape of the face here, because youth haircuts can be different and take into account all individual parameters! Let’s talk about the rest.

Youth haircut is your option if:

  • you prefer a modern style of clothing;
  • you do not need to comply with a strict office dress code;
  • you like to stand out from the crowd;
  • you are ready to regularly spend some time styling;
  • you are young at heart no matter how old you really are!
Red hair

A youth haircut will not suit you if:

  • you like to dress discreetly and discreetly;
  • you are not used to standing out from others and you feel uncomfortable in the center of attention;
  • you prefer not to style, but simply dry your hair in a natural way;
  • don’t like to dance on the table (just kidding!).

Photo with ideas for short youth hairstyles

The most kitschy ideas can be embodied precisely on short hair, because short haircuts seem to be specially invented to attract attention!


It is impossible to think of a more youthful haircut: here you have oblique bangs, and torn strands, and asymmetry, and – if you wish – even shaved whiskey! Another advantage of a pixie haircut is its versatility: it suits almost everyone, it fits quite easily and grows very neatly.



The most important youthful feature of this haircut is the straight and very thick bangs tucked in. With her, to be honest, the most trouble is: few people by nature get heavy and absolutely straight strands that fit into such a structure on their own. But it looks great, agree.



The classic square is absolutely universal: it looks equally good on a solid lady and on a girl with freckles.

But if you slightly change the geometry of the haircut and make the square asymmetrical, and even add a shaved head, you get a daring and youthful hairstyle!

Stylish haircuts for medium and long hair for young girls

Do not think that youth haircuts can only be performed on short hair: there is also a place to roam on medium and long curls!

Elongated bob

Elongated bob

A very voluminous crown, feather strands and creative bangs – what could be more youthful? Add some more creative coloring here, and you get the image of a real rebel!



Cascading haircuts are created not only to discipline naughty curls and persuade them to lie as they are told, but also to create vivid images!

The difference in length can be any, and the more noticeable it is, the more youthful the haircut will turn out.



The most asymmetrical and daring haircut of all time, which is back in fashion in 2020! Yes, yes, this is not a novelty, just everything new is a well-forgotten old one. Oblique torn bangs, uneven strands around the perimeter and a very voluminous crown – this youth hairstyle will be appreciated not only by girls, but also by adult women.

How to make a women’s youth haircut: technique

There are more youth haircuts in the world than grains of sand on the seashore! For example, we have chosen one of the most popular hairstyles – a pixie haircut. However, we want to draw your attention to the fact that youth hairstyles are quite difficult to perform, therefore, if you do not have experience, it is better to entrust your head to a professional. The salon master will help you choose the right length, distribute the volumes correctly and focus on the merits of your appearance.

sharp hairdressing scissors

You will need:

  • thin comb;
  • sharp hairdressing scissors;
  • hair clips.

Step-by-step haircut technique:

  • Comb carefully clean, damp hair.
  • Divide your hair into zones: crown, back of the head, temporal zones, bangs.
  • Start cutting from the back of the head – from the hairline near the neck.
  • Separate the control strand and set the length to it, later you will focus on it.
  • Separate the strands to the right and left of the control strand, cut, focusing on the control strand.
  • Continue trimming the back of the head in the same way.
  • Treat the temples using the strand graduation technique – move from the bottom up.
  • The crown area is processed from the back of the head to the face – the length is determined by the strands at the temples.
  • Style your bangs.

As you can see, this process requires skill and an experienced hand.

Review of hair care products after visiting the salon

youth hairstyle

Youth haircuts draw attention to the hair, so it is very important to monitor their health and appearance! To make your hairstyle delight you day after day, SalonSecret stylists recommend not neglecting the simple rules of hair care and using only high-quality products to nourish and moisturize them.

Shampoo Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry

Shampoo with coriander oil is designed for the most delicate hair cleansing: after washing, the curls acquire a brilliant shine, are easy to comb and keep the shape of the styling well.

Balm conditioner Redken All Soft Mega

An emollient balm that can pacify and smooth even very tough and dry curls. Youth haircut will look even more impressive thanks to the special shine of smooth hair.

Kérastase Maskératine

Magic mask: smoothes and gives shine even to very fluffy hair that cannot tolerate any styling. Deeply nourishes the curls along the entire length, which is especially important if they are damaged.

Leave-in care Redken All Soft Argan Oil

A regenerating treatment for severely damaged and very dry hair. It is applied after shampooing, absorbs instantly and makes styling easy and pleasant.

Redken Satinwear Thermal Spray

This bottle contains not only thermal protection, necessary when styling with a hairdryer or brushing, but also an easy fixation of your hair. The spray gives shine to curls without weighing them down.

So, we found out that youth is not in the passport, but in the soul. And also – in the right youth haircut! Did you like any option from our selection of photos?

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