42 photos of how to make liquid bangs and styling ideas

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sparse bangs

When thin hair is a plus: features of rare bangs

Thin hair

A rare (and sometimes liquid) bang is called a bang through which fragments of the face are visible – that is, looseness becomes its main feature. This is the only required attribute of such a bang, and the rest of the parameters may vary depending on the type of face and hair, as well as the characteristics of the haircut and styling.

Rare bangs were appreciated by many celebrities: in 2019-2020, Naomi Campbell, Emma Watson, Emilia Clarke and even an ardent admirer of an open forehead Jennifer Aniston appeared on the red carpet with such bangs!

Benefits of sparse bangs

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It is not surprising that world-famous beauties choose haircuts with sparse bangs again and again. This hairstyle element has many advantages:

  • makes styling easier and more natural;
  • gives youth;
  • does not distract from the rest of the details of the image;
  • allows you to experiment with the geometry of the haircut;
  • suitable for any type of face;
  • can be reproduced on any hair;
  • easy to fit.

Disadvantages of sparse bangs

Of course, everything is not as cloudless as it seems at first glance – all opponents of any bangs will confirm this to you!

  • Such bangs must be styled, styling will become daily.
  • Bangs get dirty faster than most hair.
  • The bangs sometimes fall on the face here and there and interfere with concentration.
  • The wrong choice of the shape of the sparse bangs can emphasize minor imperfections in appearance.

Who is the sparse bang for?

who is suitable for rare bangs
bang options

Thanks to its endless variability, rare bangs can be matched to any type of face. See for yourself!

  • Oval face: any bangs are suitable for this type of face, so here you can take the chance and make an elongated and straight sparse bangs. It will emphasize the correct proportions and set you apart from the crowd – such bangs will not look with any other type of face!
  • Round face: your option is an oblique elongated bangs that will change the proportions of the face and give it dynamism.
  • Square face: Your job is to soften the corners, so a sparse bang will come in handy! Opt for long options with thinning or torn strands.
  • Triangular face: Sparse bangs, split into two sides and lengthened at the edges, balance the proportions of the face and complete the look!

Types of “liquid” bangs

Rare bangs, as we noted above, can have different shapes – this is what makes it versatile and suitable for any type of face!

Oblique bangs

The oblique bangs hide part of the face, even if you chose the option with sparse strands. At the same time, such bangs give the hairstyle a natural look, and the image – youth!

Long bangs

Long bangs below eye level are always difficult: they often get in the way so that you want to grow it as soon as possible. But look how beautiful the long sparse bangs look, smoothly turning into curls, how it emphasizes the tenderness and femininity of the model’s image!

Torn bangs

Ragged edges instantly add dynamism and style to an image, and are great at balancing facial proportions. Such bangs look more voluminous than most others, which will surely please the owners of thin hair in a short or medium haircut.


The thick straight bangs were replaced by her rarer sister: this played into the hands of lovers of simple and natural styling.


This configuration of sparse bangs is quite complex: the strands lengthen as you move from the center of the forehead to the temples. It turns out incredibly beautiful!

On the sides

Sparse bangs can be split in two to balance the proportions of your face and open your eyes!

Options for hairstyles with sparse bangs: ideas and photos

Sparse bangs perfectly complement a variety of haircuts – both short and long. Let’s see what combinations you can bring to life.


Cascading haircuts, on the one hand, help create the missing volume, and on the other hand, discipline thick and unruly hair. In the second case, a rare bang will act as a reliable ally of the haircut and help to lighten the silhouette of the hairstyle!


It is impossible to imagine a page without a bang, but what it will be is up to you and your master! For example, a rare ultra-short bang in combination with this haircut looks noble and makes its owner visually younger.


Pixies with sparse side bangs are just made for each other! Let the volume remain on the crown and on the back of the head, and the front part of the silhouette of the hairstyle, thanks to the correctly selected bangs, remains light and airy.



This elongated haircut itself implies a sparse bang, the only question is which configuration is right for you. The most popular option is the aurora with sparse side bangs. Torn strands around the face are also relevant and easier to style. Go for it if you love retro too!

How to make a sparse bang?

Not every girl can cope with this task at home. Maybe not worth it? If you are dreaming of cutting off rare bangs, we recommend that you go to a beauty salon and entrust your curls to a professional – after all, no one wants to hide a bad bang under hairpins until it grows back! And yet, before meeting with the master, it will not hurt to get a general idea of ​​the procedure – keep the step-by-step instructions from our experts.

how to make a rare bang

You will need:

  • sharp hairdressing scissors;
  • thinning scissors;
  • comb with frequent teeth;
  • barrette.

And now the execution diagram.

  • Wet hair need to comb.
  • The strands that will form bangs are separated – for this it is better step back from the forehead line by about two to three centimeters.
  • It is important to remember that we cut rare bangs, – no need to pick up curls under it too thick.
  • The bulk of hair collected in a tail or bun so that excess strands do not fall into the haircut area.
  • The length of the bangs is determined, and then the master deviates from the selected line by half a centimeter or a centimeter – this is necessary in order to dry bang length was exactly what you wanted, and not shorter.
  • Haircut starts from one edge to the other. The master pinches the bangs along the cut line between the fingers.
  • The bangs are drying naturally or with a hairdryer.
  • Bang tips are processed first with ordinary scissors, leveling the cut, and then with thinning – to make the strands thinner and more airy.

How to make sparse bangs from thick bangs?

If you already have bangs, but they are not sparse enough, this can be fixed!

  • Comb wet hair.
  • Remove the bulk of your hair in a tail or bun, leaving only the bangs free.
  • Using a thinning scissors, begin to work strand by strand: twist the strand into a flagellum, and then scissors along the entire length of the tourniquet, making light cuts at a distance of two centimeters from each other.
  • Dry your hair and again trim the ends of the bangs for perfect edging.

TOP-3 ideas for styling rare bangs

As we noted above, bangs are almost impossible not to style every day. The good news is that styling sparse bangs is much easier than styling thick ones. So that you don’t get discouraged ahead of time, we asked SalonSecret experts to share with us the best life hacks for rare bangs!

The iron will save the world


Long bangs now and then tend to wrap themselves in an intricate arc – even with straight hair! To keep your bangs in the desired shape, straighten them with an iron. Just do not forget to apply a smoothing and shine agent to the strands: for example, Redken diamond oil

Hairdryer and brushing

If you want to give your bangs not only shape, but also volume, you cannot do without styling with a hairdryer. Equip yourself with a brush and a concentrator attachment for maximum ease of the process, and apply reliable thermal protection to the strands: for example, Redken Satinwear Lotion, which will not only protect the curls from exposure to hot air, but also slightly fix the styling. With him, she will calmly hold out until the evening.

Playful curls

Rare bangs can also be curled – styling will only benefit from this! You can use curlers or curling irons, and fix your playful curls will help Kérastase Laque Couture varnish

Sparse bangs are definitely a new trend in the beauty industry! Have you already joined the fashion trend or are you just thinking about it?

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