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Haircut rhapsody

The cascade and the ladder have long been the favorite techniques of salon masters: these cutting methods allow you to experiment and correct the oval of the face. Did you know that the “great-grandmother” of these elements was the rhapsody – a more dynamic and interesting haircut?

Many haircuts are imperceptibly retiring, giving way to more modern counterparts. But this is not always correct, because new is not always the best! And today we want to look back and remember the beautiful rhapsody that has descended from the fashionable Olympus – it will appeal to those who are tired of ordinary ladders and cascades.

Rhapsody haircut features

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Rhapsody is a unique haircut: its technique combines the best elements invented to create luxurious volume in the crown, crown and temples. And at least every third woman on the planet dreams of him!

The main features of the haircut:

  • cascade top – the upper layer of hair is noticeably shorter than the rest, forms a dense cap, then the length of the layers increases;
  • bottom ladder – the lower layers are also of different lengths, but they are strongly profiled, which helps to remove volume where it is required, and emphasize the geometry of the haircut.

Advantages and disadvantages of rhapsody

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rhapsody Haircut

Like any haircut, there are pros and cons to rhapsody.

However, there are only three disadvantages.

  • This haircut cannot be done on very short hair, since it will not be possible to create the desired length differences.
  • Rhapsody grows rather quickly, losing its shape – the haircut needs to be regularly refreshed in a beauty salon.
  • Straight thin hair on its own will not form a voluminous hairstyle – only with regular styling.
Benefits of a rhapsody haircut

But the advantages of rhapsody are much greater!

  • Due to its variability, the haircut is suitable for almost any type of face.
  • It is performed on any hair – both straight and curly.
  • Disciplines hair that is too thick.
  • Lightens heavy hair for plush volume.
  • Corrects the shape of the face, placing the right accents.
  • It fits very easily, while styling looks as natural as possible – as if you just let the curls dry on their own after washing your hair.

Who is rhapsody suitable for?

The rhapsody haircut is universal: it is able to emphasize all the advantages of appearance and accurately mask imperfections.

See for yourself:

  • the round face of the rhapsody visually stretches;
  • features of a square or rectangular face – softens;
  • proportions of a triangular face – balances.

There are no direct contraindications for creating this haircut – the salon master will certainly be able to choose the right version of the rhapsody for you, which will make you even more beautiful than before. But it is worth remembering that on thin hair volume will not appear by itself – only with the help of styling.

Rhapsody haircut ideas for short hair

Contrary to popular belief, rhapsody can be recreated on short hair. Of course, we are not talking about ultra-short haircuts – the length of the strands should be at least 12-15 centimeters.

Raised crown

To achieve this effect, the top strands are cut quite short, which instantly changes the proportions of the head: this helps balance an overly long face as volume is added to the top zone.

With thick bangs

Rhapsody looks great with any bangs, but thick is something special: such a haircut sets off the look and cheekbones, which makes the owner of this hairstyle incredibly charming. The actual detail of the image, judging by the fashion shows.

Rhapsody for medium length hair

At medium length, there are many more options for different haircut options!

Lightweight bottom

haircut rhapsody 1

The lower strands are almost completely devoid of volume due to the special technology of cutting and thinning. This technique allows you to remove excess thickness of curls, if necessary, and to lighten the silhouette as a whole.

Extended bottom strands

Even if the top strands are cut rather short, the bottom strands remain elongated – this works when you need to visually stretch the proportions of a round face or an inverted triangle face.

Haircut options for long hair

On long hair, rhapsody can be performed by varying the length differences between the strands as needed in each case.

Extra long top strands

Long top strands at the rhapsody haircut

If necessary, the rhapsody helps to “unload” too voluminous top of the hairstyle: for example, if you have violent and naughty curls that do not want to fit into something decent. This works great on straight hair too.

A sharp drop between top and bottom

  A sharp drop between top and bottom in a rhapsody haircut

Sometimes the master proposes to make the difference in length to the maximum – this is necessary to balance the proportions of the face and discipline the curls by correctly redistributing the volume.

Rhapsody hairstyle with bangs

Rhapsody easily rhymes with any bangs, you need to proceed here only from the individual characteristics of appearance.

Straight bangs

  Straight bangs and rhapsody haircut

Rhapsody with straight bangs is a classic, almost old-school version: it looks restrained and strict, but at the same time incredibly feminine.

Oblique bangs

    Oblique bangs and haircut rhapsody

Oblique bangs help to visually stretch the proportions of the face and soften features, diverting attention from a large nose or small eyes. Hollywood stars regularly use this technique!

Torn bangs

Torn bangs make the image look more youthful and sharp, so in this case you need to think carefully, or better, consult your stylist. By the way, torn bangs look great with thin and medium-sized facial features, emphasizing their elegance.

Long bangs

Long bangs seem to be a full-fledged part of the haircut, so it easily fits into any look. If you wish, you can easily remove it from your face with a hair clip, or you can put it in a light wave to look romantic.

Rhapsody haircut technology

      Rhapsody haircut technology

This haircut is not easy: it involves complex work with different lengths at different levels, and this requires maximum concentration of attention from the master, so we would not recommend doing the rhapsody on your own, especially since the salon master will be able to advise you on the type of haircut that will suit you. His job is to find the best ideas!

However, if you are willing to take the risk, use our step-by-step diagram to complete the rhapsody.

      scheme for performing a rhapsody haircut
  • Wet hair blot with a towel and comb through.
  • Divide the entire mass of hair into zones: first, with a vertical parting from the forehead to the neck, then horizontally along the hairline on the forehead to the thickness of one strand.
  • Start cutting from the parietal zone, moving from the temple through the crown to the other temple, determine the length of each next strand by the control strand.
  • Move on to cutting the back of the head, performing a trapezoidal edging.
  • Treat the strands around the forehead, bangs.
  • Treat the ends of the hair with thinning scissors.… If somewhere the volume remains too noticeable, go through the thinning scissors again, just not along the ends, but along the strands twisted into flagella.

TOP-3 styling haircuts rhapsody

Of course, there are much more styling options for this haircut – you can experiment endlessly, trying new and new ways to diversify your everyday look! However, if you don’t have time to experiment, use one of the three most popular options (and just below we give a complete list of tools that will help make styling easy and beautiful).


      Classic haircut rhapsody

On damp hair, apply a medium to low hold styling mousse, spread over the entire length of the strands. Equip yourself with a brush and a hair dryer with a concentrator attachment for smooth and shiny strands. Style your hair, starting from the bottom tier, gently curling it with a brush under the hot air.

Wet hair effect

Wet hair effect and rhapsody haircut

Before a party, try this option: Apply enough gel or cream to wet curls to create a wet look, shape the silhouette with your fingers, and let your hair dry on its own. Fix the result with a finishing spray. This styling looks especially interesting on wavy and curly hair.

Luxurious curls

Luxurious curls and a rhapsody haircut

Use your iron or curling iron to curl luxurious, large curls! Before starting styling, do not forget about styling and thermal protection – hot plates can injure strands. While curling, move from the lower tiers to the upper ones, curl the bangs last.

Haircut care

To make your rhapsody sound perfect, take care of your hair.

  • Don’t forget to use conditioner balm after each shampoo to nourish and moisturize curls. If you wash your hair daily, a gentle conditioner is right for you. Biolage Hydrasource with aloe extract that will help the hair stay soft, manageable and shiny.
  • Apply nourishing masks by hair type two to three times a week… Girls with thin hair will certainly love Kérastase Densité – a wonderful hair seal.
  • Visit the salon regularly to freshen up your hair. Rhapsody quickly loses its original shape and, after regrowth, looks sloppy after a couple of months.

Rhapsody styling review

Stock up on styling products recommended by SalonSecret stylists to easily bring your wildest ideas to life!

Redken Guts Spray Mousse

This medium hold mousse invented specifically for haircuts like rhapsody – the most natural and beautiful! The product gives volume at the roots and along the entire length of the hair.

Spray L’Oréal Professionnel Constructor

If you are planning to create fashionable texture on your head, without spray Constructor not enough! Another plus is the ability to protect from high temperatures during styling with any hot appliances.

Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil

For those who prefer oil thermal protection, it is suitable for styling with an iron or hairdryer. Redken all soft… It not only protects the strands from exposure to hot air or heated plates, but also takes care of moisturizing them.

A rhapsody haircut is a great option for stylish girls who are tired of ladders and cascades, but retain their love for controlled chaos. Do you think this hairstyle will succeed in replacing the usual tricks of stylists?

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