30 photos of hairstyles for medium, short and long hair

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haircut gavroche

Features of women’s haircut gavroche

For us girls, give variety. After the traditional “smoothed” square or long braids, you want something fundamentally different – to look bold, bold, stylish, deliberately attract attention! If you are in just such a mood now, welcome: today we will talk about the most chaotic and fashionable female gavroche haircut.

Gavroche was at the peak of its popularity in the 60s and is now returning to us again – slightly modified, but still beautiful. You can easily recognize it among other haircuts by its characteristic features.

  • Hair strands have different lengths – this is what makes the haircut so chaotic and bright.
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  • At the top of the head, the curls are usually as short as possible, at the temples – longer, and the longest strands are at the back, on the occipital zone.
  • All strands after cutting are processed with thinning scissors, which lightens the shape and adds drive to the hairstyle.
  • Classic gavroche suggests bangs, but in modern variations it may not be there, this question remains at the discretion of the master – and yours.

Pros and cons of haircuts


Such an ambiguous haircut, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them!


  • An attention-grabbing hairstyle: people will turn around!
  • Gavroche emphasizes the dignity of appearance, focusing on the face and – especially – on the eyes.
  • The hairstyle is easy to style, in most cases it is enough to simply ruffle the wet hair with your hands and let it dry.
  • Gavroche can be of different lengths: short, elongated, long. You can choose the option that is closest to you.


  • The haircut should be regularly maintained and refreshed at the beauty salon.
  • Sometimes for the sake of this hairstyle you have to completely change the image, since the usual classics or casual do not always go with it.
  • Sometimes it does not look very good on older ladies.

Who is the Gavroche for?

This haircut is as complex as possible in shape, so, unfortunately, not everyone is suitable – even taking into account the variability of the length of the strands. Each girl, together with her stylist, should think about how a new look will highlight her facial features.

  • Oval face: gavroche fits.
  • Round face: Gavroche does not fit – face will become even rounder.
  • Square face: gavroche is permissible with the condition of elongated strands on the sides and oblique bangs.
  • Triangular face: it all depends on the individual characteristics of a particular person – it is better to consult with the master.

Types of haircuts gavroche

Gavroche is different: it all depends on the initial request and the type of hair. And surprisingly, it is in harmony with everything, whether it be curls or straight strands, subtle highlighting and tone-on-tone coloring.

Let’s see what popular haircut options have come to the fore this year.

Classic Gavroche


A classic hairstyle assumes a very short crown, long strands on the sides and the longest ones in the back, as well as bangs.

Asymmetrical Gavroche


In this version of the hairstyle, all the strands are made of different lengths – even the side curls on the right and left are different. The same applies to the bangs, and the crown, and the back of the head. The most daring and eye-catching gavroche!

No bangs

Modern masters do not cling to the bangs that are usually present in the classic version, so you can exclude them from the hairstyle composition. Even without this element, gavroche will look great!

Photo options for gavroche hairstyles for long hair

Due to the elongated strands on the sides and back, Gavroche can easily replenish the rows of haircuts for long curls.

See how this haircut can look differently on straight and wavy hair, as well as with different bangs.

If you get away from the radically short crown, the image will turn out to be emphatically calm and feminine.

Trendy haircut ideas for medium length hair

With a bright creative coloration, gavroche looks organic, but in everyday versions, stylists suggest balancing the extravagance of color combinations with a softer graduation of the haircut.

Gavroche for short hair

The most traditional solution – if, of course, there can be at least something traditional in gavroche – is to perform this haircut for short hair. So the author’s idea of ​​the hairstyle will be visible in all its glory! Short gavroche goes well with both elongated and short bangs, and also looks interesting without bangs at all.

Haircut technique

Unlike a simple bob, this haircut takes skill, experience and skill! Therefore, we do not recommend that you take risks – it is better to trust a professional, so that later you can sincerely enjoy the result. However, if you are determined to do gavroche yourself, use our step-by-step tutorial on how to create this hairstyle.

You will need:

  • several clips or hair clips;
  • comb with fine teeth;
  • sharp hairdressing scissors;
  • thinning scissors.

The process of creating a haircut starts with washing the hair and then …

  • Wet hair comb and divide into zones: bangs, crown, nape, temporal zones.
  • Fix the strands of the bangs, crown and temporal zones with hairpins so that they do not interfere with you, – the haircut starts from the back of the head
  • Determine the length of the strands at the back of the head and start cutting straight: The length of each strand will be the same.
  • Profile the strandsto make your hair easier.
  • Optional complete the edging, slightly changing the length of individual strands to create asymmetry.
  • Move on to trimming curls in the temporal zones. Strands are pulled to the face and overlap each other: each next strand will be about a centimeter longer than the previous one.
  • Parietal zone cut from the crown to the forehead: remember that in this area the strands will be the shortest.
  • Complete the main stage of the haircutby processing the bangs.
  • Profile the strands temporal zones, crown and bangs.

Haircut care


The more complex the haircut, the more requirements for the quality of the hair: it must be light, smooth and shiny for the gavroche to successfully complement your look! We asked the experts at SalonSecret for their advice on how to care for your curls for the best results.

Moisturize your hair and drink more water

Lack of moisture leads to the fact that the strands become lifeless and dull. Even the best quality haircut will not hide this flaw, so be sure to drink enough water throughout the day and use moisturizers such as mask Redken All Soft

Use leave-in care

Even if you honestly use the balm and regularly make masks, when rinsing, most of the nutrients are washed off without having time to give the hair proper protection. Leave-in care allows you to work on the strands in a concentrated manner, and sometimes takes on styling functions. This is how it works spray Volumetry from L’Oréal Professionnel: It moisturizes and gives hair amazing root volume without sticky strands.

Do not overdry the strands with heat-laying

Overdried strands are easy to notice: the hair in them is porous, cannot be styled and stick out in different directions in the only order they understand. And gavroche still presupposes some orderliness of packing. Therefore, apply reliable thermal protection before using an iron or hairdryer – this will help you with this. Matrix Heat Buffer

TOP-3 stylish styling haircuts gavroche

Gavroche can be laid in different ways, depending on the time and tools you have. We have selected three options: fast, medium and long. Make your choice based on your lifestyle and attitude towards beauty practices.

Fast styling

Comb through damp, clean hair, then apply mousse to the entire length of the hair to add volume. Let the curls dry on their own by occasionally shaking them with your fingers.

Average laying time

This method allows you to take control of the frizz of short hair and will keep the hairstyle lasting until evening. However, due to the specifics of styling, the hair will have to be washed the next morning.

Apply some Extra Strong Gel to damp, clean hair, paying special attention to the roots. Dry your curls with a hairdryer with a concentrator attachment, lowering your head down – this way the root volume will be even more impressive!

Long styling

Apply styling spray and reliable heat protection to damp, clean hair, then use an iron to pull each section quickly and accurately. This will help to neatly lay the side and back zones, and, if desired, also make an old-school mohawk on the back of the head and crown.

Styling product overview

To make your styling happy until the evening, choose the highest quality styling products.

Mousse Matrix Volume Builder

Apply mousse Volume Builder along the entire length of the strands – the hairstyle will turn out to be more natural. The mousse does not stick hair, providing an airy and light hold.

Matrix Super Fixer modeling gel

Emphasize the geometry of the hairstyle modeling Super Fixer gel, which will fix the shape and position of the accent strands.

Spray Matrix Texture Builder

Texture the strands and secure the styling will help spray Texture Builderdesigned specifically for complex multi-stage haircuts.

Do you like gavroche? Would you like to make yourself such a haircut?

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