27 photos with male and female haircuts and styling options

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Haircut in grunge style

What is grunge hairstyle?

The scandalous grunge style has become widespread thanks to the musicians. The main grunge star, Kurt Cobain, vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Nirvana, has brought a deliberately unkempt look into fashion. This was reflected in clothes and hair. Grunge became an outcry and a new subculture that held comfort and convenience above aesthetics and rules.

what is grunge haircut

Grunge haircuts combine light negligence and disregard of fashion, practicality and comfort. Often in the design of the hairstyle, torn strands and thinning are made. Despite its history of protest, grunge is in vogue, and haircuts like this are appropriate for any occasion, lifestyle and clothing style. They are even suitable for a festive look!

grunge haircut option
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Interestingly, grunge adherents opposed themselves to fashion. And where are they now? At the height of fashion. Designers and stylists are so fond of marginal chic that oversized clothes, jeans, plaids, shirts and “unkempt” sweaters have become cult. The same thing happened with grunge haircuts, which, from the marker of a small group of people, went into the public domain.

Who is the grunge haircut for?

who is the grunge haircut

Haircuts in grunge style are suitable for a woman of any age: after 40 years, they will give an image of boldness and youthfulness, and for young girls – zest and light chic.

In the case of thin hair, a grunge haircut will add volume to the hair. Asymmetric options are suitable for curvy women and a round face type, as they visually stretch and mask the cheeks. For other face types, grunge-style haircuts are also suitable: due to them, it is easy to adjust the shape, to divert attention from a heavy jaw, a high forehead or, for example, a massive chin.

This also applies to men, because men’s grunge is cut very similarly and can be both long and short.

Short hair

grunge for short womens hair
grunge for short mens hair

If your haircut is not zero, then you can already work with your hair, giving it a grunge-style shape. The longer, the more options. On the shortest ones, you can make a slight asymmetry. For girls with short curls, a garcon, and a pixie, and a page, and a textured bob are suitable, and for men – any chaotically laid version of a semi-box or a modern Caesar.

Medium hair

grunge on medium hair

For medium lengths, there are many stylish grungy haircuts available. For example, bob-bob or shaggy, asymmetrical bob on a leg, sesson, or any torn haircuts.

Long hair

For long hair, the effect of a slight mess will turn out in several ways: firstly, you can make any torn haircut, cascade or ladder; second, try textured options like shaggy. A shaved temple, asymmetrical messy bangs, or blond with dark roots will be a great addition to any of these haircuts.

Women’s fashion options for the execution of hairstyles in the style of grunge

Disheveled but stylish. These are the hairstyles we have collected for you in this selection. Check out which trendy grunge hairstyles you should try on your next visit to the salon.

Bob in grunge style

A torn bob will adorn a woman of any age, and with a careless and disheveled styling, it will turn you into a real rock star. The ragged ends provide a creative clutter effect, while the cropped back of the head maximizes volume.

Careless waves

Surfer girl-style curls can look very brutal if you make the styling voluminous and set the strands in a chaotic direction. No clear lines! If desired, you can sling your hair to one side. Such a grunge hairstyle will look as impressive as possible with dark lipstick and a choker, and nude makeup will soften the image.



An asymmetric haircut looks equally good with curls and straight. Tousled strands at the crown will add charm, you can add color coloring.

Cascade with ombre or shatush

Loose straight or curled curls will look spectacular in several shades or with a smooth stretch of color. This coloring will brighten any grunge haircut.

Shaggy with straight bangs


Shaggy is an absolute chaos of torn strands and a voluminous crown, and this mess is simply beautiful when performed by a skilled craftsman. This haircut looks good both on medium length and on girls with long curls.

Cheeky sesson

The classic sesson has smooth transitions and lines, creating a round outline. What if you add torn strands and colored dye here? Any highlighting will do. A grunge Sasson doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to style it hair to hair.

How to make a men’s hairstyle in grunge style: execution technology

The main signs of a classic grunge haircut are the absence of parting and the effect of wet hair. Depending on the length, you can find very curious male options. We share ideas – and technique!

Shaved whiskey

a man's shaved temple

For a masculine and stylish grunge hairstyle, shave off your temple and style your hair to one side. Or you can shave both temples at once. The technology is simple: decide on the area, apply foam or soap solution, pull back the skin and walk the machine. You can also use an electric shaver, which is even easier and more convenient.



For short and medium length hair, it makes sense to try a cascade. The upper hairs on the crown are fixed, the occipital area is cut off first. In this area, the strands will be the longest. The next area for cutting is separated from the temporal zone (it will be slightly shorter), then the rest of the strands are cut in the same way – in layers. Finally, we shape the bangs. Read more about this haircut on the SalonSecret pages.



In the temporal zone, a strand is separated and cut at an angle so that the curl has an acute angle. A vertical parting is done, then the temples are edged. The hair at the back of the head is cut in turn, the length of the hair should increase towards the crown. With the help of scissors, a sharp transition between the short nape and the long crown is eliminated. Hair from the crown is laid towards the forehead, the edging is formed in the form of an acute angle.

Long canadian


A horizontal parting is made (from ear to ear) and two vertical partings – at the temples. On the line of the forehead, a strand is cut at a right angle, the entire parietal zone is processed for its length. In the temporal zone, by analogy, a control section is made, and the entire area is equated to it. A smooth transition is made between the strands in different parts of the head. From the upper part of the back of the head to the middle, the hair is cut in the same length with an oblique cut. From the middle of the occipital zone, the length will decrease, so this area is easier to machine with a machine. Style your hair to the front or to the side.

Grunge styling ideas for kids: photo

You can make a festive styling for your child in grunge style – why not? It is comfortable, fashionable and unusual. Save the most win-win options for boys and girls of all ages. Kids will love it!

Weaving at the temples

grunge braided

A universal option for both a special occasion and a casual look. Separate the strands at the temple with parting and braid them in several braids. For girls, bouffant can be done on the crown.

Teenagers who are already experimenting with hairstyles and colors on their own will love the combination of teen braids with trendy pink coloring. A little glitter and the music festival star is ready!


mohawk for boy

A stylish mohawk will surely delight your child, especially if you add temporary hair dye in a spray can. You can also use crayons. All this is washed off very quickly, but there will be a lot of impressions at the holiday, that’s for sure!

Shaved temple

a boy's shaved temple

Shave or disguise? If your child has medium hair, then it is easy to use varnish and invisibility. Comb your hair behind your ear and secure with invisible behind, hiding the curls under the rest of the shock. And if you want to shave off, then we will not dissuade you, because it is stylish and incredibly fashionable!

How to turn a regular hairstyle into grunge yourself?

We got to the most important thing: any haircut can be easily styled in a grunge style. Add a touch of casualness, a dash of creativity and see the most popular styling options.



Gather the strands at the crown of your head with an elastic band, and then release the curls at the sides. You can make an option with a tail to one side and comb your hair, this option will also look impressive. The tail can be done on previously created careless curls. To do this, when styling on damp hair, apply a sea salt spray Redken Fashion Waves

A loop

Pull your hair into a bun, but leave a loop. The tips should also hang loosely. Release the strands on the sides at the temples for a subtle tousled effect. For volume, can be pre-used at the roots powder Redken Powder Grip


On wet hair, use Redken Guts mousse, then blow dry with a brush. Then start combing: take a comb and comb the strands on both sides. Fix your hairstyle with nail polish – now it will withstand any party!

On the side

grunge side

Any female and male hairstyle will sparkle with new daring facets if you put your hair to one side. If the length allows, then you can also braid the braids at the temples or the back of the head. For final fixation and texture use spray Matrix Texture Builder


mohawk for men

This styling option is suitable for owners of short haircuts, such as pixies. From men in a mohawk, it is easy to put a Canadian, a British woman and a Sagittarius haircut, which we wrote about above. Use cream wax Matrix Over Achiever and lift your hair from the roots.

Tips and life hacks for creating a “careless” hairstyle from professionals

It’s not all that difficult if you have two hands – and professional styling products.

  • For tousled and torn hairstyles there is no better satellite than clay Redken Rough Clay 20… With its help, it is easy to set the direction and shape by applying a little product to damp or dry hair. No combs, enough hands! Cool effect will come out with Mess around 10This paste is ideal for bob and shaggy trims.
  • The bouffant will turn out easy if you first spray your hair with varnish or texturizing spray, and then treat the strands with a comb. For any volumetric styling, there is another secret remedy – spray wax Redken Wax Blast 10
  • A grunge look cannot be imagined without a wet hair effect. Stylish styling can be done with a texturizing salt spray such as Redken Fashion Waves… It is applied from root to tip and works best on curly and wavy hair. A reliable alternative is toffee paste WEB from L’Oréal Professionnel or Super Fixer gel from Matrix

Truly stylish and bold unisex is grunge. It can be sharp and cozy, bright and calm. Which one do you prefer?

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