25 photos of hairstyle ideas for short, medium and long hair

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haircut italian

Haircut features Italian

Why do we love Italians? For their spontaneity and emotionality, for their love of delicious food and kisses, and also for their hot southern beauty. We can take a piece of this national magic for ourselves right now: just go to the salon and ask the master to choose a suitable variation of the Italian haircut for you!


The Italian woman is often confused with the standard cascading haircut, and this is not surprising, because they are close relatives! The Italian woman also cascades her hair, but the main difference between this haircut and all the others is that, regardless of the length of the hair, the top layer always remains fairly short.

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Why did Italian fashionistas like this hairstyle? Everything is very simple: firstly, the Italian has a truly feminine character – she is both soft and a little eccentric, and secondly, she allows you to solve almost any task: too thick hair – to thin out and discipline, too thin – to make it visually more voluminous.

Advantages and disadvantages of haircuts


No matter how we tried to find the flaws in this revolutionary haircut, we failed!

But she has a whole legion of merits:

  • suitable for any hair type;
  • looks good with any type of face;
  • can be worn with or without bangs;
  • combined with any shade of curls;
  • you can recreate a haircut on any hair length;
  • a well-chosen version of the haircut emphasizes the dignity of the appearance and masks minor imperfections (for example, large facial features).

Who is an Italian woman for?

who suits

An Italian woman suits everyone without exception – you just need to choose the right haircut configuration!

  • For a round face: it is better to choose the elongated variation with the elongated side bangs
  • For an oval face: medium hair length, any bangs.
  • For a square face: Long or medium hair, long or torn bangs.
  • For a triangular face: the length of the bottom layer just below the cheekbone line, short bangs or no bangs.

Hairstyles in Italian style for long hair

The Italian woman on long curls looks just magical: she helps to correctly distribute the volume of the hair to balance the facial features. Take a look at how great this haircut looks in different variations.

On curly hair:

On straight hair:

straight hair

With a bang:

With a bang

Without bangs:

italian without bangs

With torn strands:

Italian haircut options for medium length hair

Medium hair length is the most practical option: you can leave it loose without getting in the way, or you can put it into a beautiful hairstyle with accessories. However, with the Italian haircut technique, even a hairstyle will not be needed – the curls look great on their own!

You can choose the option with oblique bangs:

You can increase the length difference between layers:

Or increase the volume by styling the strands with the tips out:


Italian hairstyle ideas for short hair

If you like short haircuts, but do not like to style curls for a long time, your option is Italian! Determine the length of the strands based on the parameters of the face: taking them into account, any version of the hairstyle will look amazing.

Italian with long bangs:

with long bangs

Italian short bangs:

Short Italian for curly curls:


Haircut Italian with bangs

The classic version of the haircut involves bangs. If, in principle, you are not against this hairstyle element, take a look at what options we have selected.

Short bangs

Suitable for those who do not have a very high forehead and need to visually open their face.

Long bangs

It will help balance the proportions of the face and visually stretch them. Read more about the specifics of this type of bangs here.

Torn bangs

Ragged bangs add boldness to the image, and lightness to the proportions of the face.

Straight bangs

straight bangs

The choice of the bold and thick-haired! It is difficult to install, but it looks very interesting.

Do not repeat at home: how to make an Italian haircut?

An Italian, like any cascading haircut, is difficult to perform. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to seek help from a salon master, who can not only cut you, but also recommend the most suitable option. However, if you still want to do this haircut yourself, we have prepared a short master class for you.

at home
  • Wet hair comb and divide into a parted part.
  • Separate the control strand at the forehead line and trim it to the desired length.
  • Cut the rest of the strands front of the head, focusing on the control strand – each next strand must be thrown forward to the control.
  • Move to the back of the head: Separate it with a parting from ear to ear.
  • Align bottom edge to desired length.
  • Check the geometry of the haircut and clean up the contours.
  • Comb your hair again and proceed to the final stage.
  • Roll up each strand into the tourniquet and make three light cuts: just above the base, in the middle and at the tip. The goal is to carefully thin out the hair and add air to it.

Haircut care

Grooming an Italian is easy – just give your strands enough attention and care to look great in your new hairstyle!

  • Remember to moisturize and nourish your curls regularly. This is perfect for this All Soft mask from Redken
  • After washing, do not towel dry your hair too vigorously – this will cause frizz and poor shape holding. Blot the curls lightly and let them dry a little on their own before styling.
  • To prevent the hair dryer from harming the curls, be sure to use reliable thermal protection: for example, Diamond Oil Glow Dry from Redken, which will not only save the strands from drying out, but also give them an amazing shine.

TOP 3 ways to style Italian haircuts

Choose the styling method you like best!

With a hairdryer


Italian – voluminous and airy haircut. It is easy to style with a hair dryer and a round brush – brush. Wrap the strands on the brush away from the face so as not to disturb the geometry of the hairstyle.

By ironing


If your haircut requires a strict geometry, use an iron: start styling from the lower strands, moving away from the face. In order not to lose the volume created by the master, dry the hair roots with a hairdryer before styling.

Natural styling


An Italian woman will look great even if you do nothing with her! After shampooing, apply some moisturizing oil and a volumizing foam to your curls, then let your hair dry on its own. Shake your head – your styling is ready!

Styling product overview

With Italian styling products, selected based on the recommendations of our experts, you will always be ready for any eventuality.

High Amplify Mousse by Matrix

In the case of the Italian, it is impossible to overdo it with volume! Therefore, feel free to add some mousse to the strands along the entire length. This will help keep the styling in shape until the evening.

L’Oréal Professionnel Morning After Dust Dry Shampoo

If your hair gets dirty quickly, always carry a professional dry shampoo with you. It will instantly give your curls a clean look, extending styling life up to 96 hours. Another plus – there is absolutely no alcohol in it.

Redken Power Grip Powder

Not enough root volume? Use a special powder that will help lift the curls at the roots in a matter of moments. In addition, this powder is useful for texturing individual strands.

All Soft Argan Oil by Redken

The convenient spray format helps to distribute argan oil evenly over the entire length of the strands. Designed for those who lack the natural shine of their hair: simply spray onto curls before final setting.

Redken Triple Take Finishing Spray

The unique application technology allows the spray to work through all the strands, creating a reliable but incredibly flexible hold. Now you don’t have to worry about your hairstyle – it will be perfect until late at night.

An Italian woman is a great solution in any situation! This haircut instantly lifts the spirits and makes beautiful not only its owner, but everyone around. Isn’t that a miracle?

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