22 hairstyles for short, medium and long hair

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trash haircut

Features of trash haircut

extravagant haircut

As you probably already guessed, trash is the most extravagant haircut of all time. Ideal for those looking to stand out from the crowd. All creative techniques were collected in it at once:

  • Iroquois;
  • bangs;
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  • length differences;
  • extended (or laid in this form) strands;
  • bouffant;
  • bright coloring as an additional option.

Pros and cons of trash haircuts


This hairstyle is incredibly complex and multifaceted, and therefore controversial, not every girl will be able to appreciate it. Here are the pros and cons of haircuts.


  • requires regular long-term styling;
  • looks catchy, does not match the classic wardrobe;
  • not a single office dress control will pass;
  • not always suitable for those over 25-30 years old.


  • allows you to instantly change the image and style;
  • due to its variability, it is combined with any type of face;
  • suggests complex bright coloration;
  • suitable for any length and type of hair;
  • cheers up!

Who is it suitable for?

who is suitable for a trash haircut

The trash haircut is as ambiguous as possible! It combines all the most daring elements that make the hairstyle catchy and bright.

Who is trash for?

  • those who want to attract attention to themselves;
  • those who are used to dress bright and unusual;
  • those under 25.

Let’s dwell separately on the age: of course, you can experiment even after 25! However, trash is too youthful a trend that will look simply inappropriate on an adult solid lady.

For whom trash is not suitable:

  • those who are forced to comply with the office dress code;
  • those who prefer the classic style of clothing;
  • those who do not like the attention of strangers.

Trash haircut options for long hair

The trash is performed on any hair length, despite the obligatory “short crown” rule. Take a look at several options for this hairstyle for long curls!

Torn edges

torn haircut

The lower strands are made torn to emphasize the dynamism of the hairstyle and its extravagance. As a rule, in this case, the bangs are also torn – short or elongated.

Mega volume

Mega volume

The crown can be made as voluminous as possible, using either bouffant and styling, or artificial strands.

Photo with ideas for trash haircuts for medium length hair

At medium hair lengths, maximum volume is achieved most easily, and other elements are added as desired. So, if you are tired of the trendy ragged bob, then you can try these options.



A small mohawk is cut right on top of the head, laid with an ultra-resistant gel and fixed with a lot of varnish.

Short bangs


Short bangs are often combined with medium-length trash, which adds to the image of infantilism and dynamics. The bangs are usually made thick and dense – in contrast to the chaos in the rest of the hair mass.

Short hair trash

Short hair, oddly enough, suits this hairstyle best!

Torn bangs

torn bangs

Overgrown strands on the crown plus a torn slightly elongated bangs – and the most daring trash is ready! The mohawk is optional.

Extended lower tier

You can make strands on the crown of the minimum length, but do not cut the lower tier so short. Due to the difference in length and extravagant styling, such a haircut variation will look very daring.

Trash haircut technique

Trash – the haircut is not easy, you will need to recreate several elements of the hairstyle at once: mohawk, cascade, ladder, bangs, torn strands. If you are not confident in your abilities, seek help from a salon master who will not only professionally perform a haircut, but also offer interesting coloring options.

If you want to try it yourself and you have nothing to lose, let’s “look” for the pros.

What you need:

what is needed for a haircut
  • comb;
  • hair clips;
  • hairdressing scissors;
  • clipper or thinning scissors.

Step-by-step technique for performing a trash haircut

First of all, the master will offer you to go to the sink, the so-called wet area of ​​the cabin. Almost all haircuts begin with this.

execution technique
  • Wet hair you need to blot with a towel and comb.
  • The master divides the hair with a horizontal parting from ear to ear through the back of the head.
  • The bottom of the hair secures with a clip.
  • A control strand is selected at the crown, the desired length is determined and cut.
  • The rest of the strands cut along the length of the control layers – this is how a cascade is formed.
  • Here and there you can deviate from the lengthby making the strand shorter or longer – the asymmetry of the trash will not hurt.
  • Lower hair tier trimmed in such a way that the strands are torn – with this haircut we do not strive for straight lines.
  • Then it is issued bang.
  • When the main work is completed, the master takes a clipper or thinning scissors to go over each strand, twisted into a flagellum – this is how the hairstyle is given the necessary randomness.

Hair care trash

The main thing in trash is the mega-volume, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve! We asked SalonSecret stylists to share tips and tricks and recommend proven hair care products that will give your curls a shiny look.

  • Choose products that tighten curls, Is the best way to achieve the volume you want (try shampoo L’Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl for a visible increase in hair density).
  • Don’t forget about nutrition and hair care – use balms and masks regularly so that curls look good even with daily aggressive styling (for example, conditioner Redken frizz dismiss for the discipline of unruly hair).
  • Use reliable thermal protection before every styleto protect your hair from blow dryers and straighteners. Try a spray Redken extreme play safe, which will not only protect the curls, but also tighten them.

Laying methods

There are dozens of stacking options for trash! We have selected for you the most popular ways to style curls in an extravagant hairstyle.

By ironing


A straightener can help differentiate strands and style them in any direction – a great tool for creating a well-crafted mess. The mohawk will work too – be sure to try it!

Drying with a hairdryer

how to dry your hair

A hair dryer will help to add maximum volume: it is better to dry the upper strands with your head down, this will add volume at the roots. It is important to fix the result with a very persistent finishing spray.



If you don’t have a hair dryer at hand, a fine comb will help! Comb the top strands and bangs for impressive volume. After combing, it is not necessary to smooth the styling, as we usually do – on the contrary, you can increase the chaos by blotting individual strands with your fingers, which have been previously applied with a little styling agent – wax or gel.

Styling product overview

Since trash requires daily styling, prepare in advance – with the list our experts have prepared for you!

L’Oréal Professionnel Full Volume Extra mousse

Volume is the most important part of a trash hairstyle, so don’t spare the mousse: spread it over the entire length of the strands before you start styling! Full Volume Extra will help to make the hairstyle quite chaotic, but at the same time natural – as if the curls were disheveled from the wind.

Gel mousse L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Transformer

It is very important to create good volume at the roots, otherwise the haircut will lose all its charm! Apply to the roots of the strands gel mousse Transformer and dry them lightly with a hairdryer, then continue styling as usual.

Redken Mess Around Texturizing Cream Paste

Highlight individual strands, make a high-quality mohawk or emphasize the torn texture of the bangs will help cream paste Mess Around, which is created especially for the most daring styling!

L’Oréal Professionnel Anti-Frizz Strong Hold Spray

To fix such a complex installation, you will need “heavy artillery” – for example, Anti-Frizz spray, able to negotiate even with the most naughty strands! Thanks to him, the conceived hairstyle will last until late at night.

Thresh is the choice for the brave in spirit! Would you dare to have such a haircut?

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