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Which square is suitable for a round face

The bob is a universal haircut, which means that there is a suitable variation for a round face! Today we’ll talk about how to visually stretch the proportions of the face and make it harmonious with the help of a square.

Features of women’s haircut bob

Features of women's haircut bob

Everybody recognizes the square: in the classic version, this women’s haircut has clear forms – an even lower cut and a straight parting. It is thanks to its geometric shape that the square is able to actively influence the proportions of the face, visually stretching them. That is why this hairstyle may well make the list of the best haircuts for chubby girls!

Is a square suitable for a round face?

Is a square suitable for a round face
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Yes, yes and yes again! Let’s see why the pair “square + round face” is considered ideal?

Round face features:

  • the height and width of the face are approximately the same;
  • cheekbones are not pronounced;
  • the main focus is on the cheeks.

All three of the above parameters can be transformed by a square in an instant, because:

  • the square helps to visually stretch the proportions due to the pronounced vertical of the haircut;
  • correctly designed side strands hide part of the cheeks and move the emphasis to the cheekbones;
  • the raised crown also plays on the harmonization of proportions.

In short, a square is the key to solving all problems with framing a round face. The main thing is to choose the right type of haircut! Short bob, with bangs for lengthening, straight or graduated? We suggest exploring the most popular ideas.

Types of squares suitable for a round face

Types of square

Oddly enough, it is the classic square – with a straight cut, right parting and without a hint of bangs, especially on thin hair – that will not work for a round face. Why? After all, there are a lot of straight verticals? The answer is simple: such a haircut can solve only one problem – to visually stretch the face. But it is better to entrust the solution of other problems to variations of a square with a more complex geometry!

Elongated bob

Elongated bob

An elongated square does not just add one more vertical (far from superfluous!) To the face – it makes the face proportionally correct. Long strands on the sides mask the cheeks, distracting attention to themselves. And if you add a side parting and a torn, also elongated bang to this haircut, it will turn out perfect!

Asymmetrical square

Asymmetrical square

Asymmetric haircuts are a real find for chubby girls: due to the pronounced difference in the length of the strands on the right and left, the attention of those around them deftly switches from the oval of the face to an amusing hairstyle. Yes, the face does not seem so round in the frame of stylish torn curls!

Graduated square

Graduated square

Graduation solves a very important task: it gives the hair a delicate volume and allows you to distribute it so as not to overload the already heavy facial features. And the volume in the case of a round face should be just delicate – too lush styling not only does not hide the disproportion, but also emphasizes it!

Square on a leg

Square on a leg

A square on a leg allows you to run the lower cut along an oblique line – from top to bottom, from the back of the head to the chin. This technique is incredibly useful for those looking to move the emphasis from the cheeks to the lower cheekbone line. A raised back of the head will complete the idea and help to visually stretch the proportions of the face!

Bob car

Bob car

A haircut for those who cannot decide which hairstyle they prefer: a square or a bob! Everyone’s favorite bob-bob has inherited only the best features from his “parents”: from bob – geometric shapes, from bob – beautiful volume.

Photo with options for bangs for a bob hairstyle

Bangs for a bob hairstyle

In the case of a round face, bangs play a really important role, as they help to work with proportions and mask what should not be conspicuous. This is why most chubby celebrities have already tried all the bangs that fit – and continue to experiment for the perfect bang!

Almost all types of bangs are combined with a square, but today we will talk only about those that can help us in harmonizing the proportions of a round face.

Oblique bangs

Oblique bangs

We will start with the most expressive element of haircuts for a round face – oblique bangs. Why is she perfect? Everything is very simple: the oblique line actively works to stretch the proportions, complementing the functions of, say, an elongated square. Just remember: it is better not to make such bangs too thick, so as not to overload the upper part of the face.

Torn bangs

Torn bangs work in much the same way as oblique ones: individual strands of different lengths visually stretch the proportions of the face, and also distract attention from the cheeks, moving the accents to the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones.

Bangs on two sides

Torn bangs

If you do not like the option with bangs, which constantly “interferes” and closes your eyes, or if you are thinking about bangs for the first time in your life, take a closer look at the incredibly fashionable in 2020 option with bangs on two sides. It looks natural and is great for a round face as it adds two additional verticals to the proportions.

For more ideas for a wide variety of round-faced bangs, check out this SalonSecret article.

Round face styling ideas

Bangs on two sides

In the case of a round face, it is important not only to choose the right haircut and shape your bangs, but also to find the perfect way to style your hair! Styling can either enhance the positive effect of a haircut or completely neutralize it, so we must definitely consider styling options for a bob that will help chubby beauties look their best.


Hair styling ideas

Sometimes we all want a change – well, at least curl straight hair into luxurious curls. So: chubby girls should avoid small curls! Unfortunately, such a curling will only emphasize the imperfect proportions of the face. It is better to choose a large curl and make soft curls that will not give too much styling volume. For perfect curls, apply to the strands before styling mousse volume Redken Full Effect

Grunge style


This styling method helps to easily and gracefully displace accents with asymmetrical strands locked in a well-thought-out mess. Light waves or feathers – depending on your preference and hair type – will not add extra volume to the hairstyle, but will enhance the effect of the haircut due to the sharp lines. Make stylish styling help Constructor texturizing spray from L’Oréal Professionnel

Side parting

Grunge style

It is possible to radically change the geometry of the haircut. This is how the parting shift works to the right or left. The square instantly becomes, firstly, asymmetric, and secondly, more voluminous at the crown – due to the throwing of the strands to the other side. You can add more volume to the hair at the roots using Redken Powder Grip

Feather strands

A favorite technique of all chubby fashionistas has become the styling of the strands that frame the face in such a way that they lie textured on the cheeks. Obviously, with this styling, the volume of the cheeks is concealed due to the small “feathers”, and the main accents are transferred to the eyes and cheekbones. To make this hairstyle look harmonious, use wax Matrix Over Achieverto be applied to your fingertips, and then delicately process the tip of each strand.

Curly parting

Curly parting

Another way to distract others from the round face and visually extend the proportions is to make a curly parting. This is not at all difficult: you only need a comb with a fine tip in the form of a knitting needle. With this very tip, you need to move along the parting from the forehead to the back of the head, as if drawing an English letter Z. Each strand that you pick up in this way needs to be thrown to the opposite side. Just don’t forget to record the result, for example, finishing spray Matrix Style Fixerthat will give your hair a natural shine. If you don’t use varnish, your new stylish parting won’t last long enough.

So, we are convinced: the square is ideal for a round face! And this is great news, because most girls like this haircut. Have you ever worn a square? Which variation of the above would you choose for your new look?

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