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haircuts for fluffy hair

Features of fluffy hair

Let’s be clear: frizzy, especially wavy or curly hair is a nightmare. Everything seems to be simple: you need to develop a special approach, assuming that something will definitely go wrong during the day. Provide for rain, snow, wind, heat, sleeping on the subway, running a short distance behind a departing tram, an unexpected date or, even worse, a sudden interview. And all will be well!

From a hairdryer they become dry, without a hairdryer they turn into an indistinct it is not clear what. It is worth overdoing it with styling, at the end we get an “iron” structure. We will do without styling – the very first gust of wind will break the delicate balance of any styling.

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What other signs can you use to determine if your hair is too fluffy?

  • hair is thin and light, most often curled,

  • easy to lay,
  • instantly lose volume without styling,
  • after drying with a hot hair dryer, they resemble a “nest”
  • fluff from the minimum amount of moisture in the atmosphere.

Living with such curls is not very convenient, especially if the haircut is chosen incorrectly. It is very important for owners of fluffy hair to contact an experienced hairdresser who will be able to cut it correctly, removing most of these problems.

Haircut for short fluffy hair – the most interesting options

Short fluffy hair is a challenge! To pacify them, it is important to choose a multi-layered haircut that will allow you to manage the styling, and not obey the will of wayward curls.

Cascading square


Due to the difference in length between the upper and lower strands (the upper ones are shorter), the correct haircut geometry is created, giving an evenly distributed volume. After the work of the salon master, it’s up to you. It is important to learn how to style this hairstyle.

Bob car

bob caret

Raised back of the head is half the battle! The main thing is for the master to work properly with thinning scissors, removing excess volume at the ends and lightening the silhouette of the haircut. It will be easy to take care of such a hairstyle.



A properly executed pixie haircut, with torn strands and asymmetrical lines, perfectly solves the problem of too fluffy hair, removing volume and easily coping with chaos. She’s also incredibly fashionable – seize the moment!



Careful thinning and torn edges – and now you have become the owner of a dynamic and refreshing short haircut that will not allow your fluffy curls to behave at random.

Chaos Control: Hairstyles for Medium Length Curly Hair

Too fluffy curls of medium length are a little more difficult to give in to “pacifying” measures, however, for them there are solutions, time-tested and stylists.

Graduated square

graduated square

Graduation is our everything! It helps to avoid the “house” – such a strange geometry of the haircut, in which the bulk is obtained at the ends, and the crown remains flat. This problem is most often common with fluffy hair. The graded square works with the length of each layer, achieving volume at the roots and neatness at the tips.

Elongated bob

elongated bob

Thinning is also required here, but in general, the hairstyle works independently, muffling the degree of chaos on a single head. In addition, the elongated version of the bob allows you to experiment with the parting, offsetting it in such a way that the hairstyle looks as neat as possible.

Pixie bob

A long or a bob with torn strands also does an excellent job of pacifying fluffy curls: milled and torn ends remove excess volume and give the hairstyle the restraint and dignity of the English queen.


On very curly hair, the haircut will lie with a charming hat – as in the photo.

Asymmetrical square


Another way to distract attention from excessive fluffiness is to use asymmetrical fog! Here it is shorter, here it is more authentic, there it is more subtle, here it is raised … Behind all this complex architecture, the structure of the hair is somehow lost, and the impression of a haircut makes an indelible!

How to cut long fluffy hair: photo ideas

Do you wear long fluffy hair and are not ready to part with this luxury? Then take on board these ideas that will help tame the indomitable.



Tiny differences in length from layer to layer – what a benefit! The volume decreases from the crown to the ends, and that’s all we need. Stylists note that the thinned ladder is especially suitable for thick and medium-dense hair.



Soft, but more noticeable differences in the length of the strands will not remove the volume, but will increase it even more! However, the volume will be distributed correctly, and if you have a naturally thin hair type, this is your option.



Unlike a cascade and a ladder, rhapsody involves a very noticeable difference in length between the top and bottom strands. It’s beautiful and voluminous! And looks great on both straight and curly hair.


Mandatory torn strands, length differences, ideally bangs. Aurora has long been recognized as a classic for the owners of long fluffy hair, because this haircut is accent, bright, really unique.

How to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of your face?

Instead of lamenting over the complex structure of hair, we suggest taking advantage of fluffy curls in order to harmoniously highlight the merits of the face shape and gracefully mask its imperfections.

to whom
  • Round face: it is better to give up short hair in favor of medium or long hair, distribute the volume evenly over the entire length.
  • Triangular face: we can recommend haircuts just below the earlobes or to the shoulders, leaving the volume at the tips.
  • Square face: Opt for accent haircuts with strands that frame the cheekbones.
  • Oval face: any length, the bulk of the curls should be located at the roots.

Styling tips for fluffy hair

So, you’ve returned from the beauty salon with a new haircut – congratulations! But it is not enough to do it – it is equally important to learn how to maintain this beauty under the condition of the most disobedient and wayward curls in the world. We asked SalonSecret stylists for some basic tips for owners of fluffy hair.

  • Set the hair dryer to a cool setting: hot air makes already porous hair very light, turning it into real fluff.
  • Your hair dryer attachment is a diffuser: It is suitable not only for curly but also for all fluffy hair. The diffuser separates the strands and makes styling more structured.
  • Grooming is important! Be sure to use a conditioner balm or mask after each shampoo – it will smooth the tousled hair scales and tame the curls. This will help, for example, a disciplining balm. Frizz Dismiss from Redken
  • Never do not rub wet curls a towel – this negates all your efforts to soften and smooth them. Blot your hair and then let the remaining moisture evaporate on its own.
  • Do not comb wet curls – light and fluffy hair is very vulnerable, especially after washing. Let them dry about 80 percent before going over with the comb.
  • If the tips bristle, if you are caught in rain or snow, any texturing wax or paste will help you out, for example Over Achiever from Matrix… Unlike most styling products, wax does not stick the hair, but only removes unnecessary frizz.
  • Powder for root volume does not work well on hair that is too fluffy. If you are lacking volume at the roots, apply a drop of finishing spray, such as Fashion work from Redken, which will slightly lift the curls.
  • If your hair is very loose, and there is nothing at all at hand, wet your palms with plain water and walk over the curls. When they dry, the hairstyle will look significantly neater.

Fluffy hair gives its owners a lot of trouble, but, you see, with the right haircut and proper styling, they look luxurious! Who else can boast of such a chic volume and perky curls? In short, don’t worry – just find your perfect hairstyle!

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