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cognac hair color

Features of cognac hair color

Cognac color is a noble rich reddish-brown hue, which acquires a wine distillate after long aging. The longer the aging, the darker and more expensive the drink. The same with hair color: the darkest shades of cognac look as refined as possible. Such tones are practically not found on natural hair, however, hair dyed in cognac looks, paradoxically, natural. It’s all about the elegant combination of browns and reds mixed in perfect proportions.

Features of cognac hair color

Of course, as in the case of the drink, the cognac color on the hair can be of different saturation and different degrees of redness. Choose wisely – depending on your skin tone, eye color and the desired look. We will help!

Who is it suitable for?

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Bad news: cognac hair color is not suitable for everyone. Firstly, it is an “adult” color. This does not mean that he is aging, it means that he looks rather strange on very young girls. By the way, all about the most youthful shades can be found here.

Secondly, it is combined only with a “warm” appearance: a dark or yellowish skin tone is a prerequisite if you want the cognac hair color in your image to look harmonious.

For brown eyes

cognac hair color with brown eyes

Cognac hair color looks especially good with brown eyes. Why, they are just made for each other! Cognac strands brighten brown eyes, making them shine.

For gray eyes

cognac shades with gray eyes

With gray eyes, cognac shades look somewhat alien. However, for warm gray-green eyes, when notes of green dilute the coldness of the look, such coloring may be suitable.

For blue eyes

Cognac hair color with blue eyes

Cognac hair color does not go well with blue eyes. If you have just such, then it is better to pay attention to calmer shades of brown, or, on the contrary, to brighter, with active red nuances.

For green eyes

Green eyes

Green eyes, like brown, look great framed by a cognac-colored hairstyle. Particularly cool strands of this noble shade are combined with dark green eyes.

Photo with shades of hair color cognac

Cognac hair dyes, like the drink itself, have a lot of shades and nuances. This is a whole range of colors of varying degrees of saturation. The only known way to find your tone is to watch, watch and watch again! Around yourself, on models of fashion shows – and on our photo selections.


cognac shade

The most expensive aged cognac is dark. And this noble cognac shade looks really luxurious on the hair. A femme fatale, otherwise the owner of this shade cannot be called.


There is more coldness and less redness in the chocolate nuance of cognac. This color can suit even girls of a cold color type.


The reddish copper cognac shade looks perky and refreshes the warm appearance. Most of all this color suits girls with natural red hair color.


Golden cognac color is the lightest of cognacs. It is in harmony with gray-green eyes and is very suitable for tanned girls. And our experts say that golden nuances are stylish and fashionable hits of 2021. Perhaps we will listen.

Hair color review

The widest palette of cognac shades can be found in the scales L’Oréal ProfessionnelMajirel and Inoa… The first is a classic ammonia dye. It produces graceful deep and rich shades with excellent durability. The second is an innovative dye without ammonia. It helps to achieve the most natural result.

The numbering in these scales is similar, but the nuances are slightly different.

  • Majirel 6.32 – fairly neutral cognac, without pronounced redness or cold.
  • Inoa 6.32 – dark golden cognac shade.
  • Inoa 6.34 – light copper.
  • Majirel 6.34 – cognac with a slight touch of red.
  • Inoa 7.35 – cognac shade with mahogany leaving.
  • Majirel 7.35 – noble mahogany.
  • Majirel 5.42 – red copper.
  • Inoa 5.42 – a similar shade, but slightly paler than its counterpart from the Majirel range.
  • Inoa 7.42 – cognac chestnut with light reddish color.
  • Majirel 7.42 – a shade of young light cognac.

Photo with ideas for haircuts with cognac hair color

Almost any hairstyle looks good in shades of cognac – no limits! You can simply refresh your favorite haircut with cognac coloring or be inspired by our options:

Cognac hair color looks great on hairstyles with Hollywood bangs: strands on the face emphasize the noble shade.

A short square in bright cognac shade looks bold enough, but within the bounds of decency.

Any nuance of cognac color looks very beautiful on curly hair

Haircut cascade highlights play on hairpainted in cognac colors.

Colored hair care

The main thing that care for hair dyed in cognac shades is aimed at is maintaining the brightness of the color. And also, if the strands were previously discolored (if, for example, you were originally a burning brunette), – to restore the hair structure.

Products that prolong the brightness of the color

  • Tint care Touche chromatique from Kérastase helps to enhance the red nuances of cognac-colored hair. This product must be mixed with a mask Chromatique immediately before use and keep on hair for about five minutes. While the mask strengthens the hair, saturating it with vitamin E and rice bran oil, direct pigments saturate the strands with color.
  • Shampoo Vitamino Color from L’Oréal Professionnel it is no coincidence that it became a hit of sales of the brand (you can learn more about this here). It contains resveratrol, a naturally occurring polyphenol derived from grape skin. Thanks to this protective element, the product gently cleanses the hair, keeping the color result unchanged for eight weeks.
  • Shampoo Redken Color Extend Magnetics does not just gently cleanse hair: it contains a unique CE Magnetics system with charged amino ions that are attracted to the hair, creating a protective barrier. With this shampoo, the color remains bright longer, which means that you can tint the roots and refresh the shade less often.
  • In general, washing your hair affects the color retention the most. You’ve probably yourself sometimes noticed how it literally floats away when rinsing. Therefore, sometimes alternate between regular shampoo and dry: for example, with Redken triple drywhich is actually designed to create a chic texture, but works like a dry shampoo too.

Restoring agents

Modern professional paints cause minimal harm to the hair, however, after dyeing, you can still notice some dryness of the strands. It can be easily removed with special nutrients. It is especially important to pay attention to them for those who lightened their hair for the sake of cognac color. The bleaching procedure traumatizes the hair and it definitely needs special care.

  • Milk Kérastase Vital Will appeal to those who appreciate light, but extremely effective care for normal hair that is prone to dryness – your strands after dyeing can become such. This product contains proteins, glucose and lipids that nourish the strands, making them soft, and also protect from harmful effects.
  • In oil Redken All Soft Argan-6 contains keratin, healthy omega-6 fatty acid and argan oil. These three ingredients work to strengthen, nourish and protect hair from negative factors. In order for the oil to work to the maximum, it must be applied either a couple of hours before washing your hair, or immediately after using the shampoo – before using the mask.
  • Spray Vitamino Color by L’Oréal Professionnel Is one of the best products for colored hair. It gives ten instant effects: it makes it easier to comb and style, makes hair soft, shiny and smooth, moisturizes, reduces breakage and split ends, and also acts as a thermal protection and antistatic. It can be applied to both damp and dry hair.

Cognac shades are very in the spirit of the times: they correspond to modern trends for maximum naturalness. Despite the fact that the top of the fashionable Olympus has passed to cold brown-haired women, warm cognac is still relevant thanks to the author’s mixes of coloring pigments from the best stylists in the world. What do you like more: cold or warm brown-haired?

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