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hair care for blondes

Headache pain: why do blondes need special hair care?

coloring hair care for blondes

According to statistics, more than half of all stains in the world are blond of various tones. First, it’s beautiful. Secondly, it is very beautiful. And the point.

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But lightening causes much more serious problems than switching to dark tones, and here’s why:

  1. Hair dries out noticeably due to the complicated dyeing process.
  2. As a consequence of point # 1, the hair begins to split at the ends and break off along the length.
  3. The strands lose their softness and become unpleasant to the touch.
  4. The desired shade of blond is gradually turning gray, begins to go into yellowness (and with an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances – into distinct green) within a week or two after staining!

Because of these features, hair care for blondes should be the best possible, and products for blonde should be selected from a number of professional products, as recommended by experienced hairdressers.

And still we have to choose: either we take care of, or we maintain the chosen shade … As a result, blondes have to spend on average 30% more on jars of magic shampoos and masks than brunettes or brown-haired women!

And, despite all the efforts, the unique light tone turns into an average blond that you have to face everywhere: at work, in queues at the supermarket and, most sadly, in the mirror. How to deal with this? Only comprehensively – this is what our experts say!

Blondes forever: top 10 “yes” to prolong the brightness of the shade after lightening

hair care for bright blondes

Do you want to know what to do to prolong the brightness of your new blonde for a long time? Read our stylists’ tips on hair care for blondes and strictly follow their recommendations!

  • Protect hair from ultraviolet radiation

    Provided that you do not have a goal to achieve exactly the effect of burnt hair (anything can happen!).

  • Wear hats in winter

    When curls are damaged, they are least encouraged by temperature extremes and icy winds, especially for hair that tends to split ends.

  • Nourishing masks should be your regular skincare routine

    Coming back to a nutritious, oily form of vitamins and antioxidants once a week is a healthy habit.

  • Leave-in serums and fluids are now your best friends

    They will create a protective film around each hair and enhance the shine.

  • Never Forget Thermal Protection

    And ideally, give up ironing and tongs for at least a couple of weeks after staining.

  • Practice gentle washing

    The pigment will inevitably wash off, but this process will be significantly slowed down if in the first two to three weeks after staining, you opt for delicate cleansing formulas (for example, with gentle sulfate analogues or SLES in the company of emollient botanical surfactants).

  • Buy silicone and carbon combs

    Professionals love them for their anti-static talents and their ability to delicately handle brittle and split strands.

  • Brush your hair regularly

    Thanks to this everyday ritual, the lipid protection is evenly distributed from the roots throughout the hair, increasing its elasticity.

  • Blow dry your hair at low temperatures
    This trick will help smooth the cuticles and keep the hair moist.
  • Switch to specialized care products

    It is advisable to choose hair care products for blondes, rather than formulated for colored hair in general.

All about the Blondifier line – professional hair care for blondes

Blondifier line of hair care for blondes

Home care Blondifier – this is the basis of the line. It is these basic products that professionals work on when adjusting shades of blonde hair in salons. But first things first.

What’s in the composition?

acai berries hair care for blondes

All Blondifier hair care products are enriched with acai polyphenols – plant antioxidants. They are responsible for maintaining color after staining.

How it works?

hair care after dyeing for blondes

In short, the means Blondifier prolong the brightness of shades of light and highlighted hair, add shine, moisturize and nourish.

Of course, one bottle cannot cope with such a set of functions, therefore the line includes two shampoos of different directions, a regenerating nourishing mask and a spray. In addition, fluids have been developed in the format of 15 ml shots each with different pigments to correct the tone. Shots return hair to the perfect shade, as on the day of dyeing: cold, neutral or warm blond.

How to use the Blondifier line correctly?

Introduce product line Blondifier in your hair care for blondes you need immediately after dyeing.

It is better to alternate shampoos: Blondifier Cool keeps a cool blond, and for a healthy shine, go to shampoo Blondifier Gloss suitable for any light shade.

Mask Blondifier is versatile and is responsible for enhancing radiance and “heavy” nutrition. To avoid weighing the strands and start the process of their restoration, it is enough to return to it once a week.

And if you add a shot fluid with a concentrated pigment content to the mask, you get 250 ml of a product that restores both the structure of the hair and the brightness of its tone.

The last resort in the line Blondifier – Lightweight in texture, leave-in spray Blonde Bestie, which can be translated as “The best friend of the blonde.” In the family Blondifier it is responsible for the daily nutrition, smoothness and shine of the hair.

How to turn mask Blondifier into a color corrector?

Everything is seductively simple: take a mask with Blondifier antioxidants, add (one!) Shot to it PowerMix and mix thoroughly. The pigment treatment is ready, you can use it as a regular mask or more often when an unwanted undertone begins to appear or your favorite shade begins to fade.

How to choose a shot? If you have a cool blonde, PowerMix Irisé with a concentrated purple pigment will do. The saturation of warm sunny blond colors is enhanced by PowerMix Doré with golden pigment. For red-haired blondes, we recommend PowerMix Cuivré.

Cabin Blond Tone Correction – Heavy Artillery Blondifier

Home care is just a small part of what this line can do. The real magic happens in the salon!

Tone correction service on Blondifier cosmetics – this is the same individual approach for blondes, which is done in the third or fourth week after dyeing, when the color begins to lose brightness or go into an unwanted tone.

For the correction of blond shades based on the Blondifier range, we compose cocktails with the addition of highly pigmented boosters. The combination of boosters in different dosages allows you to achieve almost any light tone. Now you can freshen up the blond with an increase in the desired undertone – from golden to platinum. Or, if soon after staining the shade did not like it, with the help of boosters in skillful hands, it can be corrected without re-staining. It is not recommended to mix such effective cocktails at home, because it is easy to make a mistake, and the result can be unpredictable.

Mikhail Zolotarev
L’Oréal Professionnel stylist

The Blondifier scheme is simple: coloring – shade correction in the salon with intensive restoration of the hair structure – maintaining the effect at home. Just three steps to say goodbye to a dull, faceless blond. And judging by the impressions of our stylists, it’s worth it!

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