TOP 24 trendy hair coloring ideas for blondes

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Fashionable blond handsome

Fashionable beautiful blond: trends and novelties

Fashionable blonde novelties

There are so many actual varieties of a beautiful blonde that a girl with any color type will be able to choose a suitable shade for herself. Cold platinum blondes are still relevant, both in a radically white version and in a softer milky “Scandinavian” form – this is one of the main nuances of the season.

Cold blondes ruled the show at both the spring-summer (Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Oscar de la Renta) and the autumn-winter season (Etro, Ashley Williams, Rochas), which means that the trend will continue in 2021.

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If you like warmer shades, then the stylists meet halfway: there were enough honey blondes on the spring-summer catwalks. Fendi, Louis Vuitton are just a few shows where models with golden hair have been spotted.

A variety of fantasies on the theme of blond are also very relevant: a combination of warm and cold tones in one hairstyle, creative highlights and colored accents. But first things first!

What warm and cold shades of blond are in fashion

As we already mentioned, both cold and warm blondes are in trend. Both ultra-light and dark. There is where to roam!


The main beauty news of the year is the triumphant return of the “yellow” blondes. Honey, wheat, gold – natural and fairly dark blondes are now in favor. These colors blend wonderfully with the warm undertones of the skin and are much easier to care for than the cold varieties of blond.


Among the very light blondes, the most fashionable is Scandinavian. Colorists drew attention to him by looking at street style reports from the local fashion week. This shade is similar to icy or ashy, but less gray and more creamy milky. In general, both cold and warm at the same time.


If you are looking for something different, it’s time to try pink blond. This is ideal for creative people. The trend is a barely noticeable marshmallow pink on a very light base. You can tint your blonde hair entirely in this delicate shade, or you can limit yourself to the ends (the main color should still be very light).


Ash blondes are still in vogue, however, they are getting lighter. There should only be a hint of a gray undertone. However, even a hint is washed off very easily, so do not forget about special tools. Color Extend Graydiant Redken Conditioner contains a silvery pigment that brightens the ashy hair color time after time, making it shine with new facets. This color suits girls with a cold color type, blue or black eyes.


Platinum blond is also not losing ground, but this year it is important to combine it with dark roots (not regrown, but correctly colored) and volumetric coloring. Flat colors are not held in high esteem these days. And do not forget about the eyebrows – whichever blond you choose, they should be much darker than it.


An iridescent pearlescent blonde will shine brightest in combination with other shades: colorists propose to boldly combine it with light tones. This coloration is called “fried coconut” – imagine its slightly smoked snow-white pulp.


Blond with light golden and red notes is the very thing for owners of a warm color type and green eyes. It also goes well with freckles!


Icy blond – like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones – a bold but justified choice for owners of perfect skin (no redness – they will be visible at a glance) and bright blue eyes. This one requires special care: a shampoo that neutralizes yellowness should be your best friend. For example, the Ultra-Violet Kérastase Bath Shampoo instantly neutralizes yellow tones and strengthens the hair thanks to its hyaluronic acid and edelweiss extract.

Topical techniques for dyeing hair in a beautiful blond

Flat light shades are a thing of the past: trendy blondes are multifaceted and voluminous. Many people prefer not to dye in light entirely, but to use one of the current highlighting techniques, which helps to achieve a natural result. Our experts tell us what techniques for dyeing blond hair are in fashion!


Fashionable blonde ombre

The ends of the blonde’s hair should be noticeably lighter than the roots. This allows the color to look more natural, because your hair usually fade in the sun, and as the strands grow, the light areas are deployed at the ends. One way to achieve the same effect with a hairdresser is to do ombre highlights. This technique involves lightening the ends and a smooth transition between their color and the main shade of the hair. The main thing is that both colors are of the same temperature orientation – warm or cold.


Balayage, like ombre, involves a smooth transition of color from dark to light, but the border between the tones is less noticeable here and can go much higher. Working in this technique, the master applies the clarifier to the strands in the form of a tick, working only on the surface of the curl. Thanks to this, the effect is light and natural. Balayazh is a great way to make friends with dark roots and light ends and not register in a beauty salon – you need to update such coloring less often than the classic one.

American highlights

This method involves dyeing the strands in different, similar shades. It looks best in a warm version: a mix of caramel, honey and wheat tones on the hair looks as natural and very Hollywood-like as possible.


A technique designed to make your hair look like you’ve been at a spa all summer. Light accents are placed chaotically, at the exit they are like “sun-kissed” strands. This season, you should definitely concentrate on the face: let the curls framing it be lighter than the bulk of the hair.

Stylish options for dyeing in a fashionable blond for short hair

It is easier to dye very short hair light, especially if it was dyed before: the longer the curl, the more it absorbed the dyes and the stronger it sits in it. So don’t be afraid of any experimentation!

  • Cold platinum blondes look cool on very short hair.
Fashionable blond for short hair
  • Dark roots + icy blond = new classic for short haircuts.
  • A pixie haircut in a light shade will look fuller with a light highlight.
Fashionable blond pixie
  • A honey pixie with side bangs is both feminine and daring at the same time.

Shades of dyeing for blondes for medium length hair

Medium-length hair provides plenty of room for experimentation. Try a blonde with one of the trendy highlights and don’t forget about light waves: this is how wearing blonde hair is most relevant now.

  • The combination of dark roots with light strands of cold and warm shades in the West is called “fried coconut”. One of the biggest hits of the season!
  • Light ash gray color is perfect for long bob haircut.
Fashionable blonde medium hair
  • Warm honey nuances along with light highlights look cool on medium length hair.

Fashionable shades of blonde on long hair

It may not be possible to bring long hair into blond at one time. But if your base is light enough, then bolder: the lightening process has become as safe as possible and practically does not harm your hair.

  • Milky Scandinavian blond looks both modest and chic on long strands.

  • To make the light color on the curls look as natural as possible, do not neglect modern dyeing techniques: a honey blonde, coupled with American highlights, looks like a gift from nature, and not the fruit of the labors of a colorist.
  • Light pink nuances on blond hair – the squeak of both summer and winter seasons.
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